China Looks To Capture Top Spot In Electric Car Sales


This year, China aims to become the world leader in electric car sales by surpassing the U.S.

According to Green Car Congress, China’s e-mobility subsidies are unmatched.  Those subsidies will help China to jump to the top spot:

“China is currently subsidizing the development of e-mobility, making just under €7.7 billion (US$8.4 billion) available in the period to 2016, and is the global frontrunner in e-mobility subsidies by far, according to the Q1 2015 E-Mobility Index published by consultancy Roland Berger. The report also found that while Japan increased its subsidies slightly to €171 million (US$187 million) through 2016, most of the major automotive nations have seen the public subsidization of e-mobility decline dramatically. The US and Italy offer the least subsidization.”

With major subsidies in place, we suspect China will indeed pass the U.S. this year to become the world’s #1 in electric car sales.

Green Car Congress adds:

“The index, prepared by Roland Berger and fka experts, compares the relative competitive standings of the top seven automotive nations (Germany, France, Italy, the USA, Japan, China and South Korea) in the electromobility segment. The outcome is based on analysis of three indicators: technology, industry and market.”

“China. Although China still lags behind other leading automotive nations in terms of the share of xEVs in total vehicle sales, in 2014 it became the second-biggest global market for xEVs in absolute terms. Sales of xEVs doubled in China in Q1 2015 from Q1 2014. China has also widened its network of charging stations and established a cooperation network for public sector companies engaged with e-mobility solutions.”

The index discussed above includes a couple of graphics, which we’ve posted below:




Battery cell production

In terms of technology, the index states that Japan is in the lead again, with France in second place. Korea is in third and Germany is fourth.

As far as industry goes, Japan, the US and China are the top 3 nations, in that order.

Meanwhile, in the market category (total annual sales), the U.S. still leads, but China is gaining quickly.

You’ll find additional information from the index at the source link below.

Source: Green Car Congress

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electric car sales number in China is Joke

More than 60 percent are golf carts


You are wrong, at least according to EV sales blog:

Pl Model
YTD ’15
1 BYD Qin 6.319
2 BAIC E-Series EV 1.950
3 Zotye E20 1.927
4 Zotye Z100 EV 1.526

… and so forth. All these are real EVs at least as large as the Smart ED, most of them 4-seaters or larger with the undisputed leader, BYD Qin being a rather large PHEV.


“All these are real EVs at least as large as the Smart ED…”

Definitely not. The Zotye E20 is clearly smaller than a Smart car, and its top speed is optimistically listed as “80 KPH”, which according to the source below “is just enough to be allowed on the highway”.

It’s certainly small enough to be classed as a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV), even if it’s slightly faster than that class. By comparison, the Smart ED has a top speed of 78 MPH (125 KPH).


I am currently in China on a two week work assignment and yesterday I saw one Leaf, the first standard size EV I noticed. I saw one micro car (4 wheels) plugged in and I have seen TONS of EV 3 wheel tuk-tuks and scooters. The scooters will scare the bejesus out of you because they ride on the sidewalks and you don’t hear them coming.


I’d be more interested in market share by each country. The US is only at hovers less than 1%. I think China is worse because they sell ~33% more cars than the US.


This too is tracked by Jose on his EV sales blog.

His latest number was 0.38%, which is about half the US, but ages better than China a year ago (when it was 1% club. Latest arrivals are Denmark and the UK.

Micke Larsson

Then it would be France first and Japan second out of those countries.

China is almost leveled with the US on the number of sales. Still a bit behind the US on percentage, but it’s just a matter of time until they are in front in both ways to measure.

In percentage both China and the US are trailing behind a number of countries.


Yet another market that the US will end up being a follower rather than a leader….


A Chinese mouthpiece says “The US and Italy offer the least subsidization.”

Hmmm… perhaps the truth, but not the whole truth? :-/

I rather suspect that refers to only the Federal subsidy. The rather large California State subsidy makes an enormous difference; California is far and away the leader in plug-in EV sales. Even with significant subsidies now in Georgia and other States, California still accounts for nearly half of plug-in EV sales.

And not all PEVs are created equal. It may be an exaggeration to say that most PEVs sold in China are low-speed Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs), but certainly a significant portion of them are, and others are going to be small short-range EVs, even if they can travel at highway speed.

I have no doubt that China can easily surpass the U.S. in annual PEV sales, if you count every PEV as being equal. But if you count kWh of batteries, I expect China will have some way to go to catch up, even with the Chinese central government buying EVs for government fleets.

Micke Larsson

99,9% of PEVs in China are bicycles/mopeds/MCs

Martin Tesar

Chinese leaders say it will be so and it will be.

Meanwhile in the West we are too stupid arguing with each out to see the wood for the trees.

They will do it right while we languish, just have patience and watch this space they will do it better than us.