China Issues Green License Plates For Electric Cars – Preferential Treatment Included With Plate


When It's This Bad, Something Has to be Done

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Green Car With Green Plate

Green Car With Green Plate

China’s traffic management authority has announced that new-energy vehicles (mostly plug-in electric cars) will get a special green license plate so that police officers are aware of the vehicle’s preferential treatment.

As China Daily reports:

“The Traffic Management Bureau under the Ministry of Public Security said on Monday that the new plates will be green in color compared to the standard blue. They will include a Chinese character short for the provincial region where they are issued, and seven numbers and letters, compared to six on standard plates.”

Why must police officers be made aware that the car is electric? Well, only electric cars are allowed to operate in certain city centers without restrictions, so the green plate makes it obvious to law enforcement that the vehicle is electric and that it’s being used as allowed under the law.

China Daily adds:

“For example, conventional vehicles are banned from central Beijing for one day of each week, but there are no limits on electric vehicles.”

Through the end of 2015, China had 332,000 pure electric cars registered.

Source: China Daily

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That picture of China is like LA when I was young, except LA air had brownish tint. Even with all the gas cars in LA today, air is lot cleaner now (you can see the mountains). It would seem that if they adopt SMOG law like LA, they’d to lot better. Of course, EVs are best.

So for China, how much of that is from cars and how much from other sources (eg. coal home heating)?

Someone in the Chinese government claims 70% comes from auto emissions.

Great thought on California style mandates to regulate emissions.

… which China Is about to address:

The brown/yellow-tinged smog that hung over LA was related to SOx (Sulfur oxides) which where reduce with clean fuel / refining mandates. China already has similar sulfur restrictions; but few limits on micro-partial emissions (black-carbon compounds).

Its a good point, and tends to say that they are lying about the emissions of cars, the real source of the pollution, or likely both.

Yeah, I remember LA back in the early 1980’s and it was not a pretty picture. And people whined about the more expensive gasoline in California . . . but guess what . . . IT WORKED! It really did clean parts of California up.

But it is time to do the next step and move to EVs to clean it up even further. California suffers from bad air in many places just due to the bowl geography that trap in pollution.

Yes, more expensive gas + strict SMOG check laws worked. But I HATE (all caps!) SMOG check laws. Somehow, my cars tend to fail them, even my Prius! Now with SparkEV, I never have to deal with them again. That alone is worth the price of admission to SparkEV.

I don’t know what fraction is from automobile and truck exhausts; I’ve seen widely varying estimates/guesses.

One thing making smog worse in Chinese cities is that their industry burns mostly dirty “soft”, “brown” coal from Chinese coal mines, unlike the harder “black” coal which is produced by most American coal mines. Brown coal has a higher moisture content and a lower energy content per pound than black coal, meaning that more of it must be burned to produce the same energy… which means more pollution per BTU.

They do it all bad. Bad coal. Coal plants not located far enough away from cities. Old inefficient coal plants. Coal burning for building heating. Weak scrubbers (if any) on the smokestacks. And like 70% of their electricity is from coal.

But they are changing . . . more solar PV, wind, and nuclear. And they are building a pipeline to get natural gas from Russia. If they combine all those, they can start closing down their terrible coal disaster.

“And they are building a pipeline to get natural gas from Russia”

That is highly depending on political environment which is something that can’t be counted on.

What we can count on is the green energy industry policy in China…

It can’t come soon enough.

On a related note, every diesel in UK fail emissions test! “On average, road-tested vehicles emitted five times the legal limit of nitrogen oxide”

I currently have two cars I use on the road. A 1996 Land Rover Discovery 300TDi and a 2005 Seat Ibiza 1.9 Tdi, plus three more in reserve. The Disco I’ve had for about six years and does about 2000-3000 miles per year. The Ibiza I’ve had since last November. Every year the Disco fails on welding but passes on emissions. Is the government suggesting that my engine passes the MOT emission test but fails out on the road?

If the article is true, then yes, you can assume your diesels are 5X more polluting when driven on road than what the test recorded.

Oops, actually worse since the article says 5 times more than limit. So what it spews out may be even more than 5 times what it recorded in test.

In California, instead of white HOV stickers, how about green plants? In all states electric vehicles should have green plates, this way a police officer can quickly identify any car that’s parked next to a electric charging station legally and those that are there illegally. Another idea is just to show your support for the the environment. This plate would indicates that you’re part of the solution. I like this idea.


Yeah green plants are a great thing!

Back to the roots!

Not that it gets me any benefits, but MA offer an EV plate. Even if just to ensure that any potential fire rescue team realize the car is electric should I be in an accident, it seemed like a no brainer to get one.

First responders are already trained on how to identify cars that have batteries. That’s why they will never cut into a car’s frame – they will take the top off where there are no high current wires. Same holds true for ICE cars – you never know where a gas line might be routed.

12v lines are also a huge problem in ICE vehicles. If you short that line, it can weld to your tools, cause burns or generate sparks which can ignite fuel vapors.

If China wants to clean up, they need to STOP BURNING SO MUCH COAL. Industry, power plants, and even homes burn coal. It is a dirty disgusting 18th century technology. They need to install wind turbines, solar PV, build nukes, build hydro, and import natural gas.

We can therefore conclude, that China *does* want to clean up, since that is exactly what they are doing.

“They need to install wind turbines, solar PV, build nukes, build hydro, and import natural gas.” China is doing exactly what you are saying… They are top 3 in wind and solar energy growth and installed capacity. Close to #1 in both by end of 2016. They are building more nukes and hydro than anyone else. They have the biggest hydro plant in the world. They are trying to import natural gas. But LNG market is tight and China lacks shipping ports that can handle LNG and US isn’t equipped in selling lots of LNG at the port (That can significantly wipe out our trade deficit with China). Russia hasn’t exactly been very cooperative in that aspect either. The talk in building the pipeline has been as old as the days of fall of Soviet Union. But nothing has happened yet. Lot of “understanding” has been signed but Russian sides is pretty slow… Of course, China is also looking for oil in Middle East, Africa and South China Sea for sure… China is just energy hungry. A country that is transforming from a nation of 800 million farmers to an industrial nation with 1.4 Billion takes a lot of energy…

Talking about biggest hydropower, I still can’t understand why Congo keeps sleeping on the billion dollars per year bonanza that a 60000 MW Inga falls dam would be. All that renewable energy is being wasted for nothing.

Good info, MMF – wish we could do the LNG in a Hurry, we could use that income! (one o’ those world-largest container ships Returning with US LNG sounds tempting, lol)

I’d never travel to China.

Pass !