China Has Passed 500,000 New Energy Vehicle Sold (Excluding Imports)

JUN 14 2016 BY MARK KANE 13

China sales of New Energy Vehicles – April 2016

China sales of New Energy Vehicles – April 2016



One of our readers (Hat Tip to Emc2!!!) compiled the total number of New Energy Vehicles (plug-in vehicles) sales in China (not including imports) to find out that the 500,000 milestone was reached sometime in March of 2016.

Looking back, we also recently noted that 2015 alone closed at 331,092 plug-ins sold, add in the 74,763 sold in 2014, and you are already up to 405,855 over just two years.

For this year, CAAM data shows 58,757 PEVs sold in Q1 2016 ,and with over 37,000 in 2011-2013 (2011: 8,159, 2012: 12,791, 2013: 17,642) a total of some 502,000 EVs have been tallied through March 2016.

By the end of April, cumulative numbers have already exceed 530,000.  Breaking out just all-electric vehicles, BEVs make up well over two-thirds.

New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) in China not only include both all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, but of all types – from small cars to electric buses/trucks.

At this point China is ahead of U.S. and Europe (which are both also approaching 500,000), but sales in China is now growing much faster thanks to the heavy hand of the government applying pressure to “go green”.

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I really feel China is a critical part of vehicle electrification, they will keep the rest of the market honest. It’s great to see them pass the half a million mark.

China can green up their fleet much faster than the U.S. because of all the older cars here. Their percentage of new cars that are plug-in can be much higher because of new mid-class people buying their first car.

BS!! The only reason China can green up faster is that there’s a political will to do so (obviously much aided by local pollution being an in-your-face problem, instead of a subtle killer as it is in the west).

US buyers have far greater purchasing power and can much more easily require vehicles to be clean with much smaller social inequality consequences. The typical Chinese would individually want to buy cheap, fifteen year old western vehicle technology… without regulation it would be the worst outcome for all!

Good for China, but I’d like to know what the market share % is.

0.9% in May, according to ev sales blogspot.

That’s better than the US too.

Just over 1% for all NEV segments, about 0.8% for passenger NEVs.

Why the huge decline from 2015 to 2016?

Since some won’t see it unless it’s spelled out: 90k by the end of April implies 22,500 per month, so extrapolated we would expect about 22.5k * 12 = 270k.

Unless there’s some huge seasonal component (is there?) it seems clear 16 is on track to be a big step back from 15, rather than a huge increase (sa, 50% or more) as we’d expect at this stage of the game.

Yes, there is a pretty large seasonal component…specifically in the first quarter.

For the first 4 months 94k total NEVs were sold, ~90k passenger plug-ins…this represents a 127% increase over the first 4 months of 2015.

Just to demonstrate the ramp, in April some total of 31,772 NEVs were sold, which was up 191% over April 2015. China should pass 500k this year without breaking a sweat. The question is how long (and how high) the boom can go.

What an odd phenomenon. Any idea what causes it?

In any case, glad to hear it looks like 16 will be another record and with very fast-paced growth once again. Let’s hope it continues that way 🙂

People don’t seem to like to buy new cars during the winter. It’s a worldwide phenomenon.

are you serious? perhaps because its 2016…. the figures should go up by december 31st. sheesh.