China Getting It Done: Public Charging Stations Up 65% (30,000+) In Last 6 Months

SEP 27 2016 BY MARK KANE 14

Denza EV

Denza EV

Sometimes political will can be a good thing; and China is having some great progress of late in terms of expanding its charging infrastructure.

From Auto China 2014 - Anyone For Residential 20 kW Charging?

From Its Debut At Auto China 2014 – Denza’s Public Or Residential 20 kW Charging System

The number of public charging stations in the country has increased by 65% over the first half of the year – for a total of 81,000 locations at the end of June (compared to less than 50,000 at the end of December 2015).

That’s 31,000 public charging points in ~180 days, or 170+ per day.

But apparently, that is still not good enough. 

The Chinese government is now seeking ways to further accelerate the pace of installations to satisfy current demand and leverage plug-ins sales to 5 million by 2020.

The latest initiative concerns residential areas:

“More electric vehicle charging stations will be built in pilot cities in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei Province, Shandong Province, and major cities in the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta, according to a document jointly released by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and three other central departments.

Electric power companies are asked to help construction of charging stations, said the document.”

source: Xinhua NEWS

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With a Managed Economy they manage to get things done.

“That’s 31,000 public charging points in ~180 days, or 170+ per day.”

Damn. When China wants something done, it gets done. It may be shoddy and fall apart sometimes but it gets done.

You obviously have not visited China. I have. Your perceptions are wrong. Please, get a passport and go. You shall be amazed. I was.

Well, when local plug-in sales are up 130% YoY, you’d better do something regarding infrastructure…

For those that are interested, the companies installing the chargers all have websites with map locations.

For example echargenet is the website of the State Grid. Even if it doesn’t have the most chargers by number, it is responsible for (almost) all fast chargers on the highways. Good to check the progress of the highway network.

teld (dot cn) is another one, focusing on destination chargers and city fast charging. It has a counter on the homepage with total number of stalls, total kilowatt hours dispensed, etc. Pretty cool.

China is not playing games when it comes to green energy and cars because leaders lead by doing the work…

Abusing the environment to the point that human health and lifespans are negatively affected has a way of making people wake up.

Unfortunately 50% of Americans (Republican) are asleep

I really wish the US government would get in the game of installing some reliable fast chargers along interstate highways. They could privatize them after 10 years or so, once there would be enough traffic using them to make them viable.

How many are DCFC, and what charge rates?

They need many more as the usual suspect, charging at home, are not all that available.

Not surprising we could never do that here in the United States in our current climate all we’re concerned about his party A vs. Party B and who’s going to come out on top. We can’t even build a bridge anymore.

It’s gone beyond party rivalries. One party is under the influence of a hardline faction who condemn the very concept of “public goods” as being a form of communism. Whereas a more pragmatic faction has a vested interest in paralyzing maintenance on public goods by holding spending hostage, until those goods are handed over to private operators with guarantees of tax-funded income.

We need to get back into the business of nation building in the United States so we can get something done for the good of all of us