China Electric Car Sales Soar To Almost 160,000 In December

JAN 15 2019 BY GASGOO 19

Sales are in for December

According to data released by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA), China’s new energy passenger vehicle (PV) wholesale volume in December hit a record high of 159,751 units, leaping 62% over a year ago. From January to December, a total of 1,016,002 new energy PVs were sold in the world’s largest automotive market with a splendid year-on-year (YoY) growth of 83%.

In December, the sales of A00-class BEVs amounted to 48,819 units, dropping 5% month on month and 7% from a year earlier. Meanwhile, the A00-class made up 38% of all-electric PV sales, which was 26 percentage points lower than that of the same period a year ago.

The A-class segment gained the best performance in BEV sector with its Dec. sales skyrocketing 139% to 52,919 units thanks to the increased demands from private consumers and car rental companies.

The A0-class segment also presented a strong rising momentum. Last month, it obtained MoM growth and YoY growth up to 53% and 262% respectively.

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As to the Dec. sales of specific models, the BAIC EU Series took the sales crown with an aggressive MoM surge of over 300%. The runner-up EC Series also came from BAIC BJEV, yet its sales significantly declined 36.2% from the previous year.

Another major NEV maker BYD has three models included the top 10 list by Dec. sales. Particularly, the sales of the BYD e5 and the BYD Tang Hybrid showed tremendous YoY leap of 618.3% and 352.2% respectively. In addition, the sales of the BYD Yuan EV jumped 23.1% over the previous month.

China new energy PV sales 2018, China NEV December 2018 sales, China auto sales

Five models developed by BYD entered the top 10 list, among which two of them are BEVs and the other three models are PHEV models.Speaking of full-year sales, the BAIC EC Series was the hottest-selling model, followed by another A00-class model—the Chery eQ.

Moreover, SAIC-owned Roewe ei6 ranked tenth with its cumulative sales reaching 33,347 units.

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It is no secret the primary reason China government is pushing hard for wide EV adoption is military national security related; China wants to become much less dependent on foreign oil imports which dependency has historically time and again proven to be a military liability during times of military conflict. Very smart and strategic on China’s part.

The environmental benefits for China are a secondary motivator but also a reason in particular to clean up the smog in high density cities. The “Globa Warming” benefits are residual benefits but not the primary or secondary driver for China.

The same EV transition approach should be adopted by United States government as national security and cleaner air in our cities takes away the Global Warming politics and would garner more universal support.

Pushing EV adoption helps all militaries worldwide though, or at least it does as long as all militaries take advantage of it.

At the same time, it reduces scarcity worldwide. Reducing dependence on fossil fuels means there’s one fewer justification for going to war, and reduces the odds that we ever actually have a war again (right? I like to think the trends of the past seven decades of each one being less violent than the one before will continue…)

@Taylor Marks said: “Pushing EV adoption helps all militaries worldwide though, or at least it does as long as all militaries take advantage of it…”

Correct but keep in mind the wider military benefits… for example less dependence on imported oil for citizen population transportation (cars, motorcycle, & public transportation) means workers during a period of military conflict are more assured to be able to get to the factories that make the re-supply bombs, tanks, planes/drones needed to defend the country.

… continued

To me it seems that too often those with high passion to address Global Warming are more committed to wear the GW label largely on their sleeve and vilify those in disagreement (the stup*d “GW Deniers”) than to strategically think about how best to accomplish the end-point goal: lowering anthropogenic carbon dioxide.

Divide-and-conquer… the hard truth is that those that promote EV adoption as a political GW us-vs-them topic are in actual fact aiding and abetting the enemy if the enemy are those that wish to stall the transition to EV. The enemy benefits from EV transition to be framed as a divisive political hot topic.

Tesla is an example of smart strategy: Rather than shaming people for driving a high performance ICE offer an alternative higher performance EV.

It’s about winning the larger war… rather than winning the GW political battle debate.

The US military says Global Warming is a threat to national security.

Ron M said: “The US military says Global Warming is a threat to national security.”

Yup… and within the military because it’s an abstract GW topic there is debate what that means and what to do about it… meaning further time needed for debate, study, special committees formed… giving those wanting to stifle EV adoption exactly what they want… to keep EV adoption framed as a GW politicized topic… divide-and-conquer.

… or more accurately divide-and-delay.

Interesting that the EC series has stumbled so much and that the EU series is surging to replace it.

I know nothing about either of these vehicles, besides that they come from the same company and that they seem to do quite well in China. I’d be interested in seeing an article that talks about them a lot more, I think. What’s appealing about them? How do they have such demand? How do they manage such production? Surely there’s some interesting stories to be told… no?

So, can the total number of pev car sales exceed 2 million mark in 2018? I think China should exceed 1,70,000 units for exceeding 2 million mark of worldwide.

Does anyone know how the above term “by wholesale volume” is being qualified (i.e. only corp fleet owned/lease & fleet consumer rentals) in the above Top 10 lists? Also, are EV imports excluded from the lists? Are direct consumer sales being excluded?

Will be interesting to see for FY2019 how high up the list of Top 10 EVs Sold In China the Telsa Model 3 will place if it makes it on the list.

Certainly glad Tesla is barreling into the Chinese market now.

China is leapfrogging the petroleum-dependency mistake.

@David323343said: “
China is leapfrogging the petroleum-dependency mistake”

China is currently highly dependent on petroleum & coal imports as is most of the industrialized world.

China’s very agressive policy for transition to EVs is primarily driven by China’s desire to be energy secure which is a stated high national security objective for China… smart.

While in America the topic of EV transition is a polarizing GW political debate… each side eager on scoring a point over the other… dumb.

China imports much more oil than the US these days. Their imports are growing while ours have been shrinking.

China is very smart. Their oil supplies are very limited. So by going heavy into EVs, they won’t become so dependent on oil as other places have.

China sales
Electric vehicle sales in 2018
Passenger vehicles: 788,000
Commercial vehicles: 196,000
Total: 984,000

Plugin hybrid vehicles sales
Passenger vehicles: 196,000
Commercial vehicles: 6,000
Total: 202,000

Grand total: 1,186,000
Also 1,527 fuel cell vehicles were sold as per another website. So FCVs are also gaining.
And the ultimate LOSERs are Gasoline/Diesel vehicles which has suffered more than 4% dip in annual sales.
Will the Chinese be able to freeze any increase in regular vehicle sales in just keep increasing the electric+plugin sales.

This will take the Worldwide total to well past 2 million mark if the heavy vehicles are included, otherwise it will miss that mark narrowly.
The 202,000 electric+plugin commercial vehicles sold will go a long way in reducing diesel consumption and pollution. These vehicls travel 200 – 400 km / day and will consume at least 50-100 liters of diesel.

This is 1 area where other countries have not taken much effort. Hope Tesla launches their semi sooner.

Correct me if I am wrong, but at the same time EV sales in China are going up, it is my understanding that total sales of all cars in China are going down. That means EV sales are becoming a more and more important portion of Chinese sales and any car company that does not have EVs for sales will be in trouble.

Anyone else notice the 5000 Buick Velite 6 cars in the table? Must have finally gotten decent batteries.

The Chevy Volt is dead! Long live the Chevy Volt!