China To Ban 553 Gas Cars Starting Tomorrow

DEC 31 2017 BY STAFF 57

The electric push is on.

The Chinese government is set to ban production of 553 passenger vehicles in the country on 1 January 2018. The move is because of new fuel consumption limits that have been introduced in the country.

The list of models set to be prohibited by the Chinese authorities include a number of recognisable western models that are build in the country by joint venture companies set up between car manufacturers and local Chinese organisations to get past punitive import tariffs intended to exclude non-native car makers. Models include FAW VW’s Audi FV7145LCDBG sedan, Beijing Benz’s Benz BJ7302ETAL2 sedan and Shanghai GM’s Chevrolet SGM7161DAA2 sedan.

China is trying to improve air quality after years of worsening toxic smog problems in the capital city Beijing and industrial hubs around the country. Chinese leaders recently announced a ban on imports of certain types of rubbish from foreign countries that were burned or sent to landfill in the country to raise money.

The country has also imposed restrictions on use of coal in power stations and factories as well as on levels of energy used by heavy industrial facilities.

Models on the list include the Audi A3 saloon, which meets old China 5 emissions regulations that are set to be superseded in 2017 and the Chevrolet Cruze saloon, whose engine is built to Euro 4 emissions standards, which were in place from 2005-2009.

China has been among countries flirting with the prospect of banning internal combustion engines in favour of electric power, but the idea has received criticism from some quarters of the global car industry.

GM CEO Mary Barra said recently: ‘We’ve encouraged the Chinese government to work with us and work with the industry to make sure we’re creating the excitement and demand for electric vehicles as opposed to it just being mandated.’

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love it
want to make business think about the impact it will have
about time

Prad Bitt

Well done China! We should have done the same.
Cut taxes on EVs, and increase those of the gas guzzlers. Ban the 10% worse each year.

Elooney Muskey

Great news! Time to fire up them ol’ coal plants.

Even if Trump wants to he can’t make coal great again. (I am assuming your comment was a dig at the US)


Nope, it was an attempt at the same long debunked thinking that EVs are worse due to coal fired power generation.

1994 called they want their bad argument back. 😀


“now debunked”

Show me the proof. Closing coal fired power plants is the lowest hanging fruit in the battle against global warming. Electric cars that source their electricity 100% from coal ARE worse for the environment than their equivalent gas hybrids.

The Woodster

Ayyy! Please Prsnep, don’t be so lazy. Can’t you just do a simple search before posting your mental diarrhea? There are zero states that get 100% of their electricity from coal.

Here is a link for you:

Coal accounts for about 30% of the electricity in the US.

It’s so intellectually irresponsible post a comment like yours. We have to take a test to drive… why not one to post? Just a basic “I’m not a moron” test would suffice.

Elooney Muskey

Oh brother! Me no Prsnep, but me thinks you are even lazier. We are talking China here, not the fancy pansy USA. In China, 65% electricity was from Coal in 2016. It is getting better, but not fast enough.


You’ve defeated your own argument.

1. You’ve admitted that the Chinese grid is getting greener. Therefore every car connected to the grid regardless of age is getting greener too.

2. China’s grid is cleaner today than the US MRO-East grid was in 2015. According to to the UCS well-to-wheel analysis from 2015 ( ) which would suggest a typical chinese EV already has better overall emmissions than a 40MPG car. And improving every day.

3. By the end of the 13th five year plan (2020) China plans to reduce coal’s slice of the grid mix to 55% and falling. Quarterly data suggests they are ahead of schedule with this.

Just posting for the benefit of others, and on the off chance you’ve had a change of heart with the whole thing.


Nothing lazy in what I wrote. The link you provided very clearly shows that there are a few states where electric cars would fare worse than hybrids.

Look, I’m not an opponent of electric cars. My next car will plug in. But I also live in Ontario that has 0 coal-fired power plants. Tesla excitement has created an environment where people think that if they just buy an electric car, they can sleep easy at night. This is far from true. Coal fired-plants must close. And they won’t close by themselves, someone has to take that seriously. And in a democracy, voting public has to take it seriously.


Good China now send those cars to America, Trump has not problem taking them back, they should be sold in coal country.

Don Zenga

VW, MB, GM are the 3 top automakers who are opposed to any type of electrification. Now they will feel the heat.

I hope they start banning the diesel light duty vehicles as well. Diesel is more suitable for heavy duty and not for cars and crossovers.

At least all automakers should sell the micro hybrid (Start/Stop) as standard because in a few years, their government may ban the regular gasmobiles or start taxing them heavily.

It would seem that even the old 2004 Prius Drivetrain would be a step up for use in those vehicles, and the latest Prius Drivetrain, even better!

Time for GM to start expanding the number of Vehicles they make with the Voltec Powertrains, too! And same for Bolt EV Drivetrain & Battery! Voltec Drivetrain should also be able to use this flat battery style design, too! Looks like they will have to commit bigger future support to LG!


GM is opposed to all forms of electrification? My Volt begs to differ. They are currently in the lead for offering a fully usable and affordable electric car in the US, although hopefully Tesla will take over soon with the Model 3. Even then, being in second is a far cry from being opposed to all forms of electrification. It takes all sorts of mental gymnastics to maintain an irrational hatred of GM after all they’ve done to advance EVs.


The legacy makers, especially the U.S. makers, will continue to build dirty obsolete internal explosion engine as long as you let them. ‘As long as you let them’ becomes a health issue between your people and the greedy car makers. China would do well to ban ICEVs ASAP.

Meanwhile, Trump and the Republicans continue looting the U.S. Treasury and forcing fossil fuel usage on the American people, regardless of the health implications.

Elooney Muskey

When Model 3 will sell for $12000 post credit, I will get one. It has less amenities that a cheap Mitsu Mirage, and has less range.
Paying 50g for this is crazy.


Can you pls go somewhere else to play?






I remember when Ford used to try to sell Granadas back in the ’70s by doing a point-by-point comparison on features versus a Mercedes 280 which cost several times as much. Apparently, this was not a convincing argument against what Mercedes brought to the table.


Enjoy your Mitsu Mirage. ?

Sounds like that’s all you’ll be able to afford after taking it in the shorts. ?


You can ride a carbon fiber electric bike for less than 12g Mr. Snob.


Ask yourself, of someone gave you the free choice between Mirage and Model 3 which would you choose? I’d take the Model 3.
Now Model 3 is aimed at BMW 3 market, so what would the answer be then? If still take the Model 3 just because it is an EV and I hope to never drive an ICE again.


it’s almost Unbelievable 553 different brands of Gasmobiles will banned from China starting tomorrow ? Hope I’m reading this right because it’s a Break through. Fantastic News ! If true , this should shake up & Wake Up Big Auto.

This # is Not sounding like that many brands, but rather, that many ‘Models!’

Quite obvious, to get a better understanding of this, a complete list of the available Chinese Vehicles, would put this into better perspective!

Basically, is 553, just 1% of total available models? 5% of the total? 10%? We need more info to really get a grip on this challenge!

If 1%: it is just a verbal warning flare! If 5%, it is a live round ‘Shot Across their Bow!’ If 10% of all available models, it is like a hit on their ship, likely to be followed up by more rounds!


Thx., It sounds like a good way to start 2018!


More important than the percent of models 553 represent is the percent of sales it represents. If almost nobody is buying them it won’t make much difference, positive or negative.

Although, it’s still an indication of intent going forward. I wouldn’t ignore it.

It seems to be a nuclear bomb to me if 500+ models being banned is correct.

There are something like ~78 car brands and if you look at the top 413 models being sold they account for ~99% of the sales and at ranking position 400 you are down to around 1000 sales per year, which is barely nothing.

Unless there are a ****load of numbers of registered models that are latent or sell in very very small quantities this seems like an extremely tough sweep.

It would be interesting to see the models list to compare it to the general ranking.


It’s not really a nuclear bomb. The limits were published in 2014 and took effect for new models in 2016 and today for models that were already in production back in 2014. So this is not exactly news to the manufacturers.

As far as I can tell, models get a new designation for each tiny change in production. It’s not like “all Mercedes C-Class are now banned”, more like “the Mercedes C-Class that was produced in configuration X in factory Y from the 1.3.2013 until the 1.9.2013 is now banned”.

What happens now is these 553 models may not be produced or registered anymore. If someone owns such a car, presumably it can be driven until the next emmisions check, though I am not sure. So at least, this should get plenty of gas guzzlers off the streets in due course.

Interestingly, James (see below) found some new models from 2017 on the list…


My mom used to tell me that “if I can’t hear, you will feel.”

Guess they’ll start feeling it now.


Should be “if you can’t hear, you will feel”


Now we are talking. Things are getting serious. Hopefully this is a honest effort to remove the most polluting cars and not an excuse to favour domestic automakers

Another idea is that a Warm or Hot Catalytic Converter does a better job than a cold one, so having the ability to ‘PreHeat’ the Catalytic Converter, Before the Enging starts, would make them more effective, more immediately after engine start up.

Mandatory Block Heaters in vehicles, and a massive expansion of available plugs for cars to plug in their Block Heaters, would be another step. Combine that with a control to require preheat of the block before engine start, would be another!

All such power plugs could be done with EV Charging Planned in as a simple future ‘last foot’ wiring change, too!

My 2008 Dodge Dakota pickup, with the V6, ran 4.5 Litres per Hour consumption when cold, but just 1.5 L/Hr when warmed up, when Idling! So when doing short runs, it was basically 3X as dirty, and I would think that likely goes for All ICE Vehicles!


You Sir, are thinking too small; the idea is to remove the internal engine completely. Any device that burns fossil fuels in the air pollutes the air,period.

Rid yourself of the entire problem! Scrap the thing!


I have been even more Draconian coming out of China, as things aren’t really getting any better. Also non-compliance, corruption is rampant, but eventually they will turn things around.
As far Mary Barra is concerned with the same old song and dance of lets not mandate it, lets let it happen naturally. Right, like that might work. Plus the Chinese love to mandate things, in and out of existence.
I guess there really is no demand except for the Model 3, they have lots of demand.


If GM would a REAL EV they might Generate Demand .CAN”T DO THAT!.So instead they build these “Expensive” Mickey Mouse Compliance Puddle Jumpers that very few people want., So that they can say there is no demand for Ev’s . YEA! No Demand for that type of a Diminished Excuse of an EV’s !

I’m not convinced China will turn things around. I honestly think they might be too far gone. They have been polluting on an unprecedented scale for two plus decades now. Other countries went through this severe pollution phase, but it happened at a time when technology was significantly less and we simply couldn’t do as much damage. Everyone in the comments here praises China like what they are doing is so forward this in, but in reality they’re starting from a massive hole. Their pollution is many times worse than that of any developed country. They’re still not actually implementing policies that are aggressive enough to turn things around. These mandates would be aggressive if Germany or the United States implemented them, but they’re not nearly enough to fix China’s problems. And that’s not going into the absolute stupidity of promoting the car as a transportation method in a country of over 1 billion people, clustered in cities with populations numbering 10 or 20 million. It’s simply not going to work. My prediction is that within a decade car sales will have peaked and declined dramatically in China because the car transportation model will have dramatically failed there.

But those cars would still be sold if they had better mileage and pollution numbers, right?
So is this more of a ban on old motor designs?

It sure looks like that! Maybe these automakers will get the hint: ‘Dirty Be Gone!’




But those cars would still be sold if they had better mileage and pollution numbers, right?
So is this more of a ban on old motor designs?
It’s a serious signal, I’m all for it!


“GM CEO Mary Barra said recently: ‘We’ve encouraged the Chinese government to work with us and work with the industry to make sure we’re creating the excitement and demand for electric vehicles as opposed to it just being mandated.’”

I don’t think they will listen to you Mary. You are asking them to wait until the market shifts, they need a solution now, not in 5 years.

Michael Will

Asking to socialize advertisement cost ? Lol

Mary, GM needs to make a 180 degree Attitude Shift! 1st, to publicly announce and admit, that they were wrong to ‘Wait for Others’ to instal EV Charging Infrastructure, and starting Now (OK, January 1st, 2018 would be OK, too!), they will Initiate a DC Inter City Quick Charging Plan, and they will consult with Their Own EV and EREV owners, as well as All Other OEM EV Owners, including those with Tesla’s, to see how to do this right! They should start off with a commitment of DC QC’s that are multi-standard, covering CCS & CHAdeMO, placed at sites with not less than 4 units, co-locating as many L2 J1772 Charging Stations together with them, for flexibility and backup. Such sites must be Publicly Accessable 24 x 7 x 365; Lighted well and Monitored for Service and Failure issues. As to intercity applications, such sites should be planed for approximately intervals of distance not greater than 50% of their Bolt EV Highway Range, ideally not more than 90-110 miles between such Freeway Sites! This should be step 1, in China & In North America ( both USA & Canada, at least, but maybe including Mexico, too!). Step 2, should… Read more »

GM has already announced that they plan to support and/or build out EV charging infrastructure.


How do you know this is for emissions reasons? Sounds like protectionism thinly disguised as an emissions law.

If that were the case, the affected parties would be howling, and pointing fingers at More Polluting Chinese Models, that Are Not on this (Rather Large) list, if not already, then within the 1st week of 2018!

To me, saying that 553 got banned, without a summary of how many exist, what % of the total this is, and what % are Chinese National products and what % are Foreign Joint Venture Products, if they are Gas or Diesel models, etc., tells me just the vapor of the full story! Just a jump the gun, easy headline grabbing bit!

Still interesting, but incomplete picture!


Given that
a) there’s only a few big car conglomerates outside of China
b) only some of those are trying to sell cars in China
c) only some of their models are appropriate for the Chinese market, and
d) China still has many dozens of automakers

it seems likely that banning 553 models is mostly going to hit Chinese automakers.


All cars satisfying the following two conditions are affected:
– model was already in production in 2014
– the model does not satisfy the consumption limits defined in GB19578-2014.

If you don’t believe these were the criteria to assemble the list, you may try to find a counterexample.

You can download the complete list of affected models as a Word document


It’s all based on fuel economy (mpg).

some models are older models and already replaced by newer models (maybe with few inventory left). However some are newer models, like GTM6490HSW (2017 Toyota Highlander 3456ml AWD)


What is the fuel economy limit they have set? Is there a timetable for the future values for this limit? When was it announced?

It would be good to get a few facts and not JUST your interpretation of what they mean. Here the key facts are missing.


The limits are spelled out in the National Standard GB19578-2014. Google it and the first result should be the official PDF document. It’s in Chinese, but the consumption limits in Chapter 6 are just numbers anyway.
The allowed maximum consumption is listed according to gross vehicle weight. For example, a 4-seat car that weighs between 1540 and 1660kg is allowed to consume no more than 8.4l/100km.


8.4L / 100km is very senseable.


> Is there a timetable for the future values for this limit?

I was wondering too and did a quick search. I cannot find follow-up Standards to the one mentioned above. Maybe one is in the works, but nothing seems to have been published yet, not even draft version.


A question and an observation…

How many units of these 533 models were sold per year? That will indicate the true effect of the prohibition.


This is what can happen when a government doesn’t have to listen to lobbyists.


This will affect Russia’s oil industry.

Mister G

China needs to do more on cleaning up air quality, a colleague was in China last month and was taken aback by the copious amounts of cigarette smoke in public areas and restaurants, you come home smelling like an ashtray LOL even if you’re a non-smoker.