China Association Of Automobile Manufacturers: Plug-In Electric Car Sales Up 320% In 2014



BYD Qin And All-Electric e6

BYD Qin And All-Electric e6

China’s Association of Automobile Manufacturers has finally released official production and sales figures for plug-in electric cars in 2014:

“The sales and production of new energy vehicles boomed”

“According to the statistics made by CAAM, the production of new energy vehicles in China in 2014 reached 78,499 units, 3.5 times of such figure in last year. Among the total, BEV was 48,605 units and PHEV was 29,894 units, 2.4 times and 8.1 times from the previous year respectively. As for the sales, the total volume reached 74,763 units, 3.2 times from a year earlier, of which BEV was 45,048 units and PHEV was 29,715 units, 2.1 times and 8.8 times of that of last year.”

The number tell a story of massive growth, but we must remember that small, low-range neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) are included in the BEV figures.  How much do the NEVs account for out of the BEV total?  Likely more than half, though we aren’t sure of the precise figures.

Kandi's Current EV/NEV Lineup

Kandi’s Current EV/NEV Lineup

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Fantastic, especially the growth in nev small efficient cheap it’s what the world needs most


Agreed. Shouldn’t discriminate. Hell, if I lived close enough and could I would take a friggin’ golf cart to work. 😉


Even Toronto’s new Mayor is talking of reducing speed limits on a number of streets, and if they took it to enough streets, they could then have a City plan to allow LSV’s in Toronto!

Micke Larsson

It’s worth nothing that an vehicle capable of a speed of 80 km/h like the Kandi EV will be used like any other car in most chinese cities.
It’s not like in the US were such a vehicle would limit you and not work the same way as your regular car.

Not to mention that most western BEV’s except Tesla are basically just neighborhood EV’s too because of their limited range (and often limited high speed infrastructure).


Over 300 % increase in EV sales and mainly BEV should be possible for Tesla to jump on the growth wagon, of course when you look at the type of car it’s not luxury cars, maybe it’s just not prestige yet in China to drive in electric cars, so question is how to make it Prestige!


We “EVangelists” shouldn’t dismiss NEVs as being unworthy of recognition as true EVs. Heck, even e-bikes (electric bicycles) are a type of EV, and e-bikes far outsell full-sized cars (all cars, not just EV cars) in many third-world countries.

I seriously doubt there will ever be much penetration of the U.S. or Canada markets by NEVs or e-bikes, but if those will serve the transportation needs of many Chinese citizens, then we EV supporters should be every bit as enthusiastic about that. After all, if your concern is the environment and/or or resource depletion, manufacturing an e-bike generates far less pollution (and CO2), and uses far less resources, than making any full-sized EV, and disposing of it at the end of its life cycle takes up a lot less space in the landfill or junkyard.

Rob Nelson

Great news for the environment.


Nice BYD Qin !


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