Chicago Joins Electric Vehicle Revolution – Charges Up DriveElectricChicago Website


Drive Electric Chicago

Drive Electric Chicago

Drive Electric Chicago

Drive Electric Chicago

The city of Chicago is now putting forth a strong effort to promote the uptake of electric vehicles.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced a website ( that he says is a “one-stop-shop” for all information on electric vehicles.

The site include info on rebates, how electric vehicles save the environment, how EVs save money and it discusses how to get charging stations in multi-unit dwellings.  Of course, the website covers much more than just this.  Check it out here.

In a statement, Emanuel remarked that driving an electric vehicle is a “smart choice,” adding:

 “The City of Chicago is committed to an environment in which energy efficient vehicles are the norm, not the exception.”

Chicago is actively working with various organizations in an effort to get more public charging stations installed to further promote the uptake of electric vehicles.

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Affordable leases? Level 3 charging? Not in this town.

Yeah, if Chicago is so committed, why are there no usable charging stations at O’Hare, none in long term, none in cell phone lot, none in employee parking, etc.

Midway has a L2 in long term parking for the low price of $2/hour of your trip.

Right. That’s why I specified O’Hare. But Midway at $2/hr? So if I’m gone for a single day (24 hrs) my $1 worth of electricity costs me $48!? That’s what I call “unusable”.

Talk is cheap. Actually doing what you say isn’t, though perhaps since this was just announced one should cut the city of Chicago some slack. Perhaps not.

Plugshare shows several Level 3 chargers in the area, and really, how often do you expect to actually use a L3 charger. I bought my EV in part to get away from having to go some place to refuel. There are a reasonable amount of L2 stations now, this will increase as EV’s increase in popularity. Things don’t happen by themselves. If you want charging stations at O’Hare, find out who makes those decisions and make your needs known to them.

If you need to rely on public charging, it will take a bit of effort to make an EV work. Not just in Chicago, but anywhere. If you want guaranteed access to a reliable charging station, install your own where you park, just like everyone else who gets an EV.

As for no affordable leases, I see the Linconwood dealer shows having a Smart FourTwo available. I don’t think EV leases get any less expensive than that. Sorry but a Cadillac ELR for $0 down and $50 per month is just not going to happen.

SparkEVDriver: I’m sorry I wasn’t clear. Manufacturers have the same lease deals in Chicago as anywhere else. But anywhere else does not have 8% lease payment tax after you’ve already paid 10.25% sales tax on the full purchase price of the car, just to have to pay sales tax again on the residual if you want to buy at the end of lease.

This makes leasing entirely unappealing in Chicago.

And those L3’s on plugshare? 90% of them are out of order.

My first reaction was pretty negative. Web site? that’s commitment! And then I looked at web site and realized it was actually worse than I thought. One competent web developer could have thrown this together in a few days.

But what really capped it off for me was the link on how to put a charger in an apartment building. Step 1: Get permission. No official support to get reluctant owners to agree.

Yeah maybe a tax break or less of a corruption charge, if you prefer, if you install a charging station. As the rather mundane though perfectly appropriate: “Money talks BS walks.” Says.

This makes no sense, perhaps they can help with the seeming complete lack of working quickchargers.