Chevy Volt Sales Surpass 50,000 in US


It’s official.  With 2,022 Chevy Volts sold in October, US sales of the extended range Chevy have now surpassed the 50,000-unit milestone.

Chevy Volt

Chevy Volt

Our scorecard puts US Volt sales at a cumulative mark of 50,240, as of the end of October.

The Volt officially launched in the US way back in December 2010.  Only 326 units were sold that first month, but sales started heating up for the Volt by the end of 2011.

Sales in late 2011 exceeded 1,000 units in a single month for the first time (October 2011 – 1,108 units sold) in Volt history.

2012 saw Volt sales really take off with the 2,000-unit mark being surpassed for the first time by any plug-in vehicle in a single month in March (2,289).

Then, in 2013, Volt sales knocked down one more milestone by eclipsing the 3,000-unit mark and becoming the first plug-in ever to post sales in excess of 3,000 in a single month (3,351 August 2013).

So, this 50,000-unit milestone becomes one more in the books for the Chevy Volt.

There will be more milestones set by the Chevy Volt.  That we guarantee.

Note: Our unofficial tally of worldwide Chevy Volt + Ampera sales is at 61,000-plus units.  So, if you’re looking for one more milestone, then we could say that Voltec sales now exceed 60,000 units!!!

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great news, populate the roads with good looking green cars

Maybe they should rename it the Trailblazer 🙂

If Ya’ll remember GM was all set to crank out 50000 Volts/ year when the program began. So 50000 total after 3 years isn’t that great. Plus year over year growth has been stagnant. I own one and I think it is a nice car and the idea of putting in a battery just big enough to cover the drivers average daily distance is a good concept.

However, in order to get any big increases in sales we need Gen 2 and gen 2 ain’t happining too soon. GM has proven that they are not too interested in expanding sales of the Volt. When Akerson has his big wigs in to talk about future sales you can bet they don’t spend much time on the Volt….but gettin’ them big pick ups out the door has a high priority.

Can you blame them? They have to MAKE MONEY….and they don’t make much of any on the Volt.

Yes, I remember GM’s forecasts when the Volt was launched. Thanks for bringing some reality back to this particular website. It is badly in need of it.

The recent announcement by GM’s CEO confirming that GM loses money on every Volt is a stark reminder of the predicament GM is in with the Volt.

Accounting is a funny thing. For example, the smartest minds in business say that if you want to be as successful as possible, you don’t evaluate profitability simply on the net profit of a product earned, you evaluate it across the board.

Example: Do you think Home Depot makes money when you ask an associate to help you choose some 50 cent part? Of course not! But their model strives for customer attention, and overall, that brings people there for more expensive items too.

Similarly, the Volt has brought many people into GM dealerships, adding sales and revenue that aren’t directly tied to a Volt sale. Eventually, the Volt will also become more profitable as costs go down.

“Success” isn’t always measured by a single product’s gross margin.

I recall back in the day, iTunes was a loss leader.
Didn’t make much money.
But it did bring people in to buy more expensive iPods.
Eventually it did make money, in the billions of dollars for music, not to mention apps now.
And surpasses WalMart, Amazon, etc as the #1 music seller.
No bad considering all the music pirating.

I think the Volt will eventually make money.
The breakthrough will be better and cheaper battery and electronics and mindset change at GM to push it.

The electronics industry re-vitalized itself when everything changed from tubes to LCD/LED.
Getting rid of or minimizing gas consumption should be just as revolutionary for the auto industry and not be beholden to the oil companies.

The nearly non-existence sales of the Opel Ampera have hit them hard.

You know.. the bad news is that they are now 1/4th the way through their tax credits. I think the limit is 200,000.

Yes I believe the number is 200,000 EV sales. So when the Volt and Spark in combination sell 200K, no more federal tax breaks. But, no big deal if you’re into buying one used.

Whoo Hoo! Man, I am just the happiest Voltster EREVer In The Whole USA!

That be 60,000 + world wide!

I do remember the dark days….

Best- 50,000 Volts! Ya Hoo!

Thomas J. Thias

Excellent……. Still great news.

As an Australian customer , wish more US customers would purchase as it’s a great PHEV vehicle.

Suspect it would have been way more successful except for some negative political point scoring.
I bet many there are plenty of cashed up smart republicans who secretly desire a Volt…… 🙂

You know you want a Volt or an ELR …. go on buy one and support your countries driving future.

Hey 11 months here with no “gas” bill ………and NO range anxiety 🙂

Considering all the “bashing” that Volt has received from both the “LEFT” and the “RIGHT”, it is a pretty amazing mark.

No other car in the market today has received so much bash as the Volt did in the last 3 years. Partially thank to the bankruptcy and election year…

The fact is that the extreme conservatives, hardcore BEV fans and GM haters all hate the Volt for various reasons. Volt is holding its own with the current sales.

Volt needs Gen 2 redesign with 5th seat and slightly longer EV range and larger interior. Drop the price to $30K pre-incentives and it will sell like hot cakes…

The gen 2 Volt should focus on slightly larger battery density, use on of GM’s lean burn HCCI engine that they’ve been working on forever (or just Atkinson at least), some weight loss because 3,700 pounds is quite heavy (though makes for a very safe car).

A heatpump for battery and cabin heat.

An option to NEVER EVER have the engine come on no matter how cold it is outside. The setting in the late 2012 and newer models of “cold” (35 degrees F) and “very cold (15 degrees F) is not to have the engine help heat the battery, but just to help heat the cabin. Engine coolant heat doesn’t go into the battery coolant loop AFAIK. So it’s stupid to force the user to endure engine noise when they don’t even have the heat on, on a cold morning.
The 2011 to mid 2012 (unknown time when changed over) is stuck at 25 degrees F in which th engine comes on.

The Dolt is a commercial failure by any and all objective standards! Back in the day that car would have caused a lot of heads to roll in Detroit but in Washington DC it’s a success story! Get politicians out of the auto manufacturing business!

You are so right. The Infamous EDSEL was claimed to be one of the biggest failures in automotive history with U.S. sales of 103,437 in the abbreviated 2 production years of 1958/59.

Patrick looks at his gas car and sees a shining example of how the private sector works, independently of the nation (gubment) . He ignores the fact that the gas he burns needs 2 carrier groups stationed in the gulf to guarantee the flow, and that Big Oil receives huge subsidies and pays little tax despite being the most profitable companies on the planet. He sees nothing wrong with our nation bowing down and holding hands with dictators. He ignores the pollution and probably sides with the tiny clan of bought-and-paid-for scientists that claim global warming isn’t real.
Patrick ignores reality and lets others do all his thinkin’.
By any truly objective measure, the Volt is the most successful (and disruptive) thing this country has done in a long time. Buy one- you too can be part of the solution!

I tried to contact Chevy and told them to put an intergrated Photo Cell on the hood and top which would charge a separate battery setup, with an charging inverter for charging the Volts battery when parked for long periods of time. This would recharge the volt while parked and increase EV mileage by double. Rather than dropping the price simply add Photo cells, inverter, and you have a fully sell rechargeable vehicle. with additional distance capability.