Chevy Volt Plunges Down 100-Foot Ravine – Driver Not Seriously Injured


Chevy Volt

Chevy Volt

In Santa Clarita, California, a driver of a Chevy Volt reportedly was not seriously injured after plunging more than 100 feet down a ravine.

As SignalSCV reports:

“Shortly before 2:30 p.m. Sunday, firefighters were dispatched to a precipice near the intersection of Davenport Road and Summit Knoll Road for reports of a car over the side and the possibility that someone was trapped inside.”

“Firefighters found a white Chevy Volt at the bottom of a ravine.”

We have no images of the wrecked Chevy Volt, but we figured this Google Street View of the intersection (link to Google Maps of area here) mentioned would provide some additional context to the story:

Google Street View Of Intersection

Google Street View Of Intersection

Fire Department Supervisor Melanie Flores stated:

โ€œA patient was extricated and paramedics were heading uphill.”

A California Highway Patrol officer commented:

โ€œThe car was still on its wheels.ย  The motorist was not transported to the hospital.โ€

So, apparently the injuries were very minor.

The damaged vehicle was retrieved by tow truck operates who were advised they’d need 300 feet of cable to get the vehicle out of the ravine.

Source: SignalSCV via HybridCars

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Hopefully some photos will surface.

Charlie Sheen’s Volt?

An obvious failure of Darwin’s law…

Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Glad the driver wasn’t hurt, and glad I haven’t heard anything about fires. Don’t need that again. (I wonder if a gas car would have caught fire?)

* 15gal tank, fully gas I mean ๐Ÿ™‚

Stupid electric cars… they’re clearly prone to plunging off cliffs.

I going to stick to my gasoline car. I don’t want to plunge off a cliff.


Good one Foo.+1
Unless of course you let your cat drive:

If it was on its wheels, maybe it didn’t “plunge” down the ravine. Maybe it was slowly rolled down.

Until there is a picture, we just don’t know…

I would tend to agree that the Volt probably did not plunge. I also think that Volt’s lower center of gravity probably would help prevent rolling over.

…and at least it probably regenerated some charge on the way down. (Take that, gasoline cars slowly rolling down a ravine!)

The last time I saw a car off a ravine like that it was a mercedes sedan driven straight off a sharp curve by a guy that had a heart attack after only 40 or 50 such sharp curves. I did see a lot of drag marks on Monday mornings on the road down the mountain I used to live on. Locals learned to stay off the road on weekends. One Friday evening a drunk passed me on a tiny straight, only to go around the next corner straight into an oncoming car…