Chevy Volt Maintains Top Plug-In Sales Spot in Canada for 13th Consecutive Month


13 Months and Counting....

13 Months and Counting….

It’s now been over one year since a vehicle without the Chevy Volt name has stood atop Canada’s monthly plug-in sales chart.  That’s what we’d call domination.

82 Units Isn't a Lot, But It's Enough to Keep Chevy Volt in Canada's Number One Spot.

82 Units Isn’t a Lot, But It’s Enough to Keep Chevy Volt in Canada’s Number One Spot.

March 2013 sales of the Chevy Volt in Canada checked in at 82 units, which matches the LEAF, but still means the Volt is the 13-time reigning champion.

Sales of the Chevy Volt in February were 51 units, so the bump up to 82 is rather significant.  Yes, the LEAF witnessed a sharp rise in sales in Canada for the month of March too, but it can’t claim the 13-consecutive-month title.

Other notable mentions for March 2013 plug-in vehicle sales include:

  • Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid: 28
  • Mitsubishi i-MiEV: 26
  • Tesla Model S: Unknown, but low

With the 2013 LEAF set to launch in Canada soon, will the Volt retain its number one spot, or will the LEAF climb to the top?

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Wow, that amazingly great considering the higher $45K starting price plus the 8.49% leasing rate from At least the provincial rebates are still in effect until March 2014 now. Hopefully GM will offer an incentive on the 2013 MY when the 2014 Volt is announced so as to get the base model price below $40, 000.

Orders are piling up though for the 2013 Leaf since I’m way down on the list at my local dealer and they don’t arrive until May/June.

Really? Is there already a waiting list for the 2013 Leaf?