Chevy Volt Event Scheduled For November 19 At LA Auto Show


Something BIG Is Scheduled For November 19 At The LA Auto Show

Something BIG Is Scheduled For November 19 At The LA Auto Show

 2016 Chevrolet Volt

2016 Chevrolet Volt

“Consider this your official invitation to an exclusive owners event in L.A. Interested? DM us.”

Tweets the official Chevrolet Volt Twitter account.

Some of us on staff received this notification in late October.  General Motors is sending it out to current (possibly only LA region) Volt owners, but we’re still a bit perplexed.

What’s scheduled for November 19 in LA during the 2014 LA Auto Show?

Will there be a next-gen 2016 Chevy Volt reveal?

We’ll find out soon enough, but until then, we wonder what do you think General Motors has in store for Volt owners who make the trek to LA?

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Probably they will show the gen 2 Volt but keep all the technical details for the Detroit show.

This, no doubt will be GM’s first foray into gathering the Volt Faithful together to encourage them to teach others how Volt works. We read that GM has announced gen II Volt’s advertising focus will be to use current owners to educate the masses as to how the car works. This is nuts though – because there are millions of Prius owners worldwide and how many of them truly are engineering geeks, or people who even care how the car works?! They want to save money, use far less gas, and are EV 101 early experiencers of driving at least some miles on pure electricity. GM still has it all wrong merchandising Volt. Sell to those Prius owners, and Prius upgraders who only look to hybrids or Toyota as their sensei to fuel savings. GM should stop this “How Volt Works” nonsense and we Volt owners should tell them so. K.I.S.S. GM – Show the world how Volt outperforms Prius. Show them MPG numbers. Gen I’s only ads that struck any chord with potential buyers were the eventual customer testimonial ads. One woman tells the camera: “You’ll save a crapload on gas!”. THAT is what people care about. In today’s… Read more »

Free bumper stickers 🙂

With the reveal of the 2016 ELR I would imagine that will lead the the release of some more details on the Volt (but not a full reveal)

Jeff Cobb from will be there, so we can read his comments soon. I read elsewhere that the reveal will be the 2016 Cadillac ELR.

We’ll be there too and yes the 2016 ELR will be shown for sure, but we think something Volt will debut too.

We probably know most of the key technical details by now based on what has been leaked: About 50 miles AER from a revised battery configuration, 40-42 mpg, new 1.5L non-turbo engine, regular fuel, dual motor-generator configuration with only 2 clutches, morse chain final drive, integrated controller/drive unit for cost reduction….

What has not been revealed is the interior and exterior styling. Perhaps this is an opportunity for GM to reveal that to Volt owners, who they know will then happily become an invaluable corp of brand ambassadors/advocates.

It appears that GM will go big with the gen 2 Volt, now that enough cost reduction has been applied to make it viable. And that’s a good thing for electrification.

“dual motor-generator configuration with only 2 clutches”

Hey QCO,
Do you have any links on the details of new tranny?

How do you know they reduced the number of clutches from 3 to 2?


I thought you knew – There’s a thread on gm-volt where Jeff N may have found the GM Voltec 2.0 transmission conceptual patent. It looks a whole lot like what the Gen 2 Voltec transmission has been described as doing. Two clutches, two planetary gear sets, two M/G’s. Just one engine:) A whole bunch of possible modes.

here’s the forum thread link:

Here’s the patent link:

2 PG sets?
What does Walter and WOT say about this?
I really doubt it.

Thx for the link.
I’ll check it out.

The 2 planetary gear sets comes from a detailed MotorTrend article. They’re usually accurate about that kind of detail.

“…Two planetary gearsets now manage the five different operating modes (up from four, as reflected by the transmission’s official nomenclature: 5ET50, replacing 4ET50)….”

GM released an animation of the Gen 2 drive which reveals sod of the operation (was posted here recently).

It’s not completely clear, but the key points were made, including 2 motors that can both share the traction and generating functions, plus an engine isolating clutch and clutch/brake on either the ring or planet carrier (not entirely clear which).

Some people believe there is a second gearset, although not clearly seen on the animation, which is used only for reduction, not power splitting.

Technically the gen 2 drive is closer to a PHEV since there is no pure serial mode per se, but it functionally supports all the gen 1 modes, and with more flexibility.

It better f’ing be the reveal of the PHEV Equinox!

I am thinking they will show the form of the car. But then again, if they do that, what is left to reveal in January?

They’ll reveal one headlight…

An optimist…

A taillight, maybe. 😉

11.09.14? Oh, you silly Americans with your silly date notations 🙂

Looking forward though.

Any update on what was shared?

This specific Volt event mentioned on Twitter above is happening Wednesday night so nothing is known about it yet.

There was supposed to be a 2016 Cadillac ELR vehicle debut Wednesday morning that should have ended an hour ago but I haven’t seen any news about yet. There is also a new vehicle debut for Chevrolet scheduled for around 4pm Wednesday afternoon but I’m doubting that they will show anything about the 2016 Volt then.

I’ll be at this event in a couple of hours. I think they are showing something new but they have one of these events every year during the LA Car Show. I think the press comfrence for Chevy is on right now at the actual car show.