Chevy Volt Cuddles Close to Nissan LEAF in 18 Inches of Snow


As the Northeast continues to get pounded by winter storm PAX, a Chevy Volt and a Nissan LEAF cuddle close under 18 inches of snow.

In 10 hours of time, 18 inches of the fluffy white stuff was delivered via Mother Nature on top of these two “EV brothers” in Westminster, Maryland.

As Volt/LEAF owner Raza Khan says, these two EVs enjoy keeping each other company and are always (even in 18 inches of snow) waiting to be fired up and driven around.

It’s now time to pre-condition these electric machines and to ready them for the road ahead.

That's Gotta Be an EV Hug, Right?

That’s Gotta Be an EV Hug, Right?

The Calm Before the Storm - Still Cuddled Close

The Calm Before the Storm – Still Cuddled Close – It’s Brotherly Love

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Why are they parked so far down the driveway?

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Less to shovel out.

So they can get to the plowed road easier (less shoveling)

Murphy’s law states if you shovel too much snow on the road, the plow trucks will ensure to plow all of the snow and block your driveway. They will do that even if you do not plow any snow (some natural law of Plowing) 🙂

But yes, it is correct, we park all the way down on the driveway as it is much easier for us to deal with the snow on top of the driveway!


Ok, good to know. I hardly get any snow where I live so I didn’t know the proper etiquette. Thanks.

It’s not exactly etiquette, its called do I want to shovel for 20 mihutes or an hour and a half? Where I live, all these pictures don’t seem to indicate relatively much snow at all. So everything’s relative.

I dunno.. I’d be more worried about damage from the plow or other passing cars, parking that close to the end of the driveway.

The only people who park that close to the end of the driveway here are those with no choice, in their postage stamp lots that only fit one car anyway..
Though I suppose on a cul-de-sac you’re probably not as concerned?

My driveway is like 4 car length’s long, but shovelling the whole thing is worth it if it means I can use the carport 😉
(but sadly my only plug right now is a block heater, so the only benefit is not having to clear snow/ice)

Even though it is not a consideration, we do have 36 solar panels (28 solar panels on the front facing of the house) and as soon as the temp warms up, we get to hear an avalanche. For example, we heard the avalanche around 11:30 am while other homes still have snow on their roof. The snow from our solar panels never fall on our driveway (just on our walkway to our home) but we never take anything for granted 🙂 I have learnt never to test Mother Nature’s plan. So the 99.9% of the reasoning is for less shoveling and we park all the way down to the driveway.


“Fired up” isn’t probably the best choice of words to describe an EV.


With all due to respect to Tesla, my VOLT and LEAF are not afraid to be fired up. 🙂 They are truly fired up every morning. We had driven our cars in Maryland as low as minus 12 oF wind chill with ambient temperature of about minus 2 oF and it was amazing to start and drive these cars compared to my previous Lexus LS 430.


P.S. I do love Tesla!!!!

I think if I owned a EV I would make sure it is a garage kept car in that I would be worried about the charging station and the charger on the side of the car getting damaged in some thing like this especially with the freezing rain that we are getting during this storm.

I believe some will live in fallacy if they believe that VOLT or LEAF is a CA or FL car. It is true that Westminster, MD is south of Mason-Dixon line, but we have had really good amount of snow, nice ice storm and really cold temperatures, we have had zero issues. We had an ice storm and we even had a day where the temp. went down to minus 2 with much colder wind chill and zero issues charging either of the cars!!!With two years of ownership on LEAF and more than a year on VOLT, no issues of any damage…. and by the way, I do have two young and active boys (under 10 years of age) who play soccer, football and bike….. yes on the driveway…..

I hope that helps.

The LEAF Is a big spoon because it’s a midsize car…

Call us lucky. I am 5’6, my wife is 5’5 and we have two young boys (about 10 years of age) who are about 4 feet and something tall). We enjoy driving in both of the cars. I know of several friends who are over six feet tall and have no issues. I do consider both of the cars to be midsize cars as you pointed out 🙂


What an amazing coincidence. We also have a White Volt and a Blue Leaf. But ours are garaged.

David – Smart people think alike? 🙂


Fox recently made a big deal about EV’s losing range in the cold, and asked what would happen if you had an EV and there was a huge snow storm.

Down south, the answer seems to be the same as for a gas car. You stay home and keep the heck off of the roads. *grin*

I do not like to dedicate time to Fox, ABC, CNN, CBS, and their likes where you have “experts” who are totally clueless. You have reports form those who have never owned an EV. I like to rely views from real owners!


Nice taste of Americana: it’s a cul-de-sac.
Plus weirdly/illegally parked as people have mentioned, since it’s blocking the sidewalk.
Even here in Mn. we don’t laugh at over a foot of snow. At least down South it will be gone soon. We had a month or so when it never got above 20 f, so around 38″ of snow on the ground.

ffbj….. perhaps, you were not aware, the reason we park it that way is it helps in clearing the sidewalk. So it is one of the reasons we park down the driveway so that it clears and then we move the cars up the driveway after shoveling. We parked down around midnight and at that time we are not expecting people walking on our sidewalk 🙂 I hope that helps!! btw, Maryland is not really “down South” even though it is true that we are just few miles from the Mason Dixon line 🙂 I too lived in NE where we got hammered with much more snow ( I remember four feet of snow dump) but it is the not about the amount of snow that is an issue but the infrastructure. I know people joke about how an inch of snow shuts down DC but after living there for 20 years, I realize and know that when you do not have an infrastructure for snow, it is an issue. So I would say 18 inches of snow dump in 9 hours in Maryland is like perhaps MN getting 5 – 6 feet of snow dumped in 9 hours. Just… Read more »

Does anyone other than the Weather Channel and its properties actually use those winter storm names they invent?