Chevy Volt Blasts Down A Flooded Street


Ever done this to your Chevy Volt?

“Someone is testing the water fording capability of a Volt in Alexandria, VA.”

While we wouldn’t recommend this sort of driving in the Chevy Volt (or any vehicle, for that matter), it’s reassuring to know that the Volt (as well as all of the other electric vehicles out there) is tested in situations similar to this, so out in the real world, fording some standing water shouldn’t be a problem for any plug-in vehicle.

Hat tip to Timothy Storf!!!

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I try to avoid even the smallest of puddles because I don’t like my car getting dirty.

A puddle of this size is a thorough wash 😉

With that brown water? Ugh!

lol same always having to wipe the fenders

I managed an even deeper puddle in my Volt. There was a recent storm in NY and I was driving back from JFK on the 678. There was some flooding at one part and I was able to push through it just fine. It was about halfway up the wheels.

I was forced to ford about 12″ of water in my 2011 Volt when it was new. I was driving on a three lane wide interstate through a construction zone. All three lanes had running water across them. All the other cars were fording through it slowly and traffic was backed up about 1-2 miles. I hated to drive my new car through the muddy water, but I knew it could do it because I had seen GM’s video of the Volt passing their standard fording tests, and all the other cars were making it through.

No problem, but I did take it to the car wash and have an underbody wash afterward.


I’ve been wondering whether pure EVs are designed to be even safer (um, their power train, that is, not the cabin or ventilation systems) than ICEs (including hybrids, EREVs, etc) because they are completely enclosed systems. There is no combustion of air, so no air intake for water to enter. Can anyone confirm or comment on this?