Chevy Spark EV Priced at $29,995 in Canada; GM Confirms Public Sales Will Start in 2014 UPDATE: Will Continue To Be Fleet Only

NOV 5 2013 BY SURDASM 16

The Chevrolet Spark EV.

The SEMA Chevrolet Spark EV.

There’s been a bit of back-and-forth on this, but here’s the latest intel: GM Canada has confirmed with l’Association de Véhicules Électriques du Québec that the 2015 Chevrolet Spark EV will be made available to Canadian consumers in 2014.

Update (November 7th, 2013): George Saratlic, who is Product Communications Manager at GM Canada informs us that the source of this story (AVEQ) is incorrect; and they will be working with them to correct the error.

Mr. Saratilc tells Inside EVs – “The 2014 Spark EV is available in Canada ONLY as a Fleet vehicle.  There are no current plans for retail customer sales.”

The display on a 2014 Chevrolet Spark EV

The display on a 2014 Chevrolet Spark EV.

The Spark’s Canadian MSRP will be $29,995 with transportation charges of $1,550. The SAE Combo quick-charge port will cost an extra $800.

Currently, the Spark EV is only available in South Korea, California, and Oregon, and as a fleet-only offering in Canada. There has been much speculation about whether and when it will expand into the wider market.

So, that’s the latest – we’ll only know for certain when it actually goes on sale.

Source: AVEQ

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I wonder if the 2015 Spark EV will be any different from the 2014?

That’s great for Canada, but what about the rest of the US?
And is this in all of Canada or only certain provinces?

I’m only 1.5 hours from Windsor Ontario. Can we buy in Ontario and register in Michigan, I wonder?

You could probably buy from Oregon or California and ship it to Michigan just as easily.

As for the selling in the rest of the US do you really think that makes sense? Though I like this car, and actually looked at into getting one, I think this car has limited appeal due to the size and the range. I honestly don’t think a nationwide role-out makes sense. The appeal would be concentrated to certain markets. The profit, if any, is probably not high.

CARB compliance may be a factor, but I wonder if the purpose of this car has more to do with research and development. People cry about it being only for compliance purposes, yet if that is the case why would they sell it in Canada?

Boo-yah! So it is not JUST CA and OR any more. They have made good on their word and added South Korea and Canada. Now let’s hope they add more states eventually. I don’t think they will though because they want to keep the low price in the ZEV states and people would get real mad if it is sold for a few thousand less in California & OR than in other states.

I think GM should add GA to the list of states since GA offers a heavy state incentives on it, it would easily sell the car there…

Selling this car in Canada before the rest of the US makes a lot of sense for severals reasons.

– The most importants provinces of Canada are offering generous price reduction for EVs. I guess GM wants his part of that money.
– Gas is pricey in Canada, more than 5$/gal.
– Electricity, on the other side, is really cheap.
– Canadians like small cars, especially in Quebec.

The can also sell at a higher price without attracting so much negative attention.

Good point. In Canada, we are use to pay higher for cars than in the US, even when our dollars were equals.

As others have posed, I wonder if GM will now open up the offering to all of the US as well?

If SAE quick charge is just $800, what would it probably cost to improve the Chevy Volt charge rate from 3.3 kW to 6.6 kW? I would love to be able to pick up an additional 22 miles of AER over an hour long lunchbreak. Right now I am lucky to get 11 more miles at the current charge rate in my 2013MY Volt.
That simple option would have been a VERY nice upgrade for a substantial portion of the potential Volt buyers/leasers. It wouldn’t help every Volt buyer, but those it would help it would help a lot.

Well, we are the 11th of November, and Mr Saratlic did not get in touch with us to “correct the mistake” made by another GM Canada director.

This is getting pretty interesting. GM needs to get their story straight. First they had us remove the price (which you can easily find on websites of Canadian dealers), and now I find out via insideEVs that our source, Robert Page who works for GM Canada and with whom we confirmed 3 times the information, is wrong…

Hope Mr Saratlic is wrong. Many interested buyers this side of the border!

Actually, he is mentioning that the 2014 Spark is fleet-only. Our source is talking about the 2015 Spark EV. Either way, their PR department needs to get their act together on this one.

Hey Simon,

There is often some confusion when a product crosses the border and has different roll-out parameters. Sometimes one rep says/intimates this, another one that. No worries, it happens…and we get it straightened out in the end.

I will send over the note that GM sent to me asking us to “urgent”ly change the story to reflect no plans for retial sales, and you can follow up or do with it what you will, (=

All the best!

Well Mr. Page is listed on GM PeopleFinder as a non-GM resource (not a GM employee let alone a “director” ) and answers to Mr.Saratlic who is GMCL Manager of Product Communications & Public Relations. In any case I’m pretty certain it is premature to discuss marketing plans for the 2015 model year.

Guess that leaves the Nissan and Mitsubishi the main purchases for us here in Quebec who have the greenest Hydro energy in the world.

Funny! I discussed this vehicle with GM reps at Toronto Autoshow Saturday and was told there are about 50 in the GTA or Southern Ontario! None yet listed on Autotrader site yet. Guess I have to go dealer to dealer!