Chevy Spark EV Priced at $19,995 After Federal Incentive; 36-Month Lease is $199 Per Month With $999 Down


It's Certainly Cheaper Than Expected

It’s Certainly Cheaper Than Expected

Here’s the news we’ve all been eagerly waiting for:

2014 Chevrolet Spark EV - Setting "the benchmark for most efficient car" and it's cheap!

2014 Chevrolet Spark EV – Setting “the benchmark for most efficient car” and it’s cheap!

“Chevrolet announced today a low-mileage lease on the new 2014 Spark EV 1LT for as low as $199 per month* for 36 months, with $999 due at lease signing including security deposit (tax, title, license dealer fees extra), making the vehicle one of the most affordable EVs on the market.  Spark EV’s Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price starts at $27,495 – as low as $19,995 net of the full federal tax credit which ranges from $0 to $7,500 – and includes $810 destination freight charge.”

Yes, that’s cheap.  And we can’t help but notice, lower than the new 2013 entry level Nissan Leaf at $28,800.

General Motors further points out that some California residents will be able to buy the Spark EV for as low as $17,495 after the state’s $2,500 incentive.

“The Chevrolet Spark EV is the most efficient – and now one of the most affordable – EVs you can buy” said Chris Perry, vice president, Chevrolet Marketing. “Combined with outstanding infotainment and great design, the fun-to-drive Spark EV is engineered to impress.”

Some of the finer details on the lease deal include that it’s a so-called low-mileage lease (12,000 miles per yer) and that exceeded that mark will cost you $0.25 per mile.

Regardless, Chevy hit the mark here by dropping the Spark EV’s MSRP well below the “under $25,000 with tax incentives” it had been telling us for quite some time now.

With a price this low, don’t you wish GM would commit to selling it nationwide?

2014 Chevy Spark EV Window Sticker

2014 Chevy Spark EV Window Sticker

The Spark EV will launch in mid-June in California and Oregon.

Additional details on the 2014 Spark EV are listed below:

Spark EV Gallery: (double click)

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Bam! The gauntlet has been dropped. Think about this. $17k after State and Federal rebates in CA. A mere $5k premium over the base model Spark.


Agreed. I did not expect GM to come this aggressive. This will put a little dent on the CA LEAF sales, if they get some inventory out there.

They can’t be making money at these prices. They must be going after the ZEV credits. This car will be a steal for those that can get their hands on it.

I wish this had a 6.6 kW charger. I would totally get this to replace my Volt (when the lease ends in 18 months) if it had that.

My biggest complaint is that the Volt takes way too long to charge based on my 2-3x a week commute at 100 miles per day. There are dozens of charging stations along my commute that I could use and charge at the 6.6 kW rate if the vehicle had it…I think 3.3 is just way too low for a pure EV.

I wonder if they will bring them to Australia?
GMH have only the Volt at there selected Volt Outlets.

Lets hope they don’t fully option it up and put some crazy high price on it – like they did to the Volt.

Well, this is the 1LT trim level. This presumes a 2LT trim level will be offered; however, it seems to be only paint, leather, and different rims on the ICE Spark. I believe that the Spark EV will already have the heated seats/steering wheel.

That said, with two big manufacturers in the non-compliance EV game, things can ONLY get better for the consumer.

2LT may be where the SAE Standard Fast Charging option ends up. It would be smart to include a 6.6kW on-board charging option somewhere as well. It is the only glaring omission from an otherwise attractive EV offering at an excellent price.

GM seems to have standardized world wide on 3.3 kw chargers, even for the very expensive upcoming Cadillac ELR.

The VIAMOTORS derived GM trucks and SUV’s with similarly sized battery to the Spark (but used on HUGE Plug-in Hybrids), also only have 3.3 kw chargers, as well as several other manufacturers.

For people who insist on only buying one brand of products, for these certain brands, there is really no sense in purchasing or running wiring for any larger than a 16 AMP EVSE. (Unless you’re a TWO EV family and you install TWO EVSE’s).

Who in their right mind would buy an i-Miev now?

And depending how how you use the vehicle, this blows the Leaf out of the water as a commuter vehicle / grocery-getter.

Leaf advantages
6.6kw charger
Larger interior

Spark EV advantages
Longer range

You forgot battery temperature management system for the SparkEV.


That’s the biggest deal of all.

You’re right. I think I forgot some other things too. Lots of nitty gritty details to compare. (need sleep or coffee).

Don’t forget the base leaf only has the 3.3kw charger standard ($1300 option for 6KW). Although granted, I’d want that option on the Spark (alone with SAE combo).

Longer range? I don’t think so.

If GM can build an EV with an 82 mile range and sell it for $27,500, what can they sell a purpose-built EV with a 200 mile range for? If you add another ~26kwh of battery, say increasing the cost by $7000, that would be a total of $34,500 before credits. Or only $27,000 after credits!

I’d buy that! 200 mile range is perfect for my wifes commute (90 miles round trip).


I doubt that GM will make 200 mile EV. You forget that Spark EV is a compliance vehicle. They lose money on this. (See Fiat EV loses 10K on each)

If 26kWh battery weighed 10 pounds and fit in 1 cu. ft. space, I’d agree.

LOL. 😀

Reality slam!

Thx Eric, You made my day.

We try!!!

Of course I’ll admit being skeptical of that EPA range estimate until some real life people take one for a drive and do a full test on that.

Well, the EPA range is on the money for the Volt, so I’d guess this would also be accurate. I wonder what the extremes are though. +- 50% ?

In my part of California, we also get a $4500 rebate from the Air Quality board, so this is only $12,995, a real bargain.

The advantage of the Mitsubishi i is that you can still get them for $19,900 before rebates from the dealer down in San Diego, so thats a full $7500 cheaper.

As many have mentioned; THIS IS HUGE. The bar is now under $20K; I am sure the Spark has no NAV system, or fancy standard features; and that’s just fine (and what was needed). The early adopters are all in already (Leaf); now it is time to compete on price.

Basically, the $4K cost premium over a similar size compact car, will be recoup in about 2 years of gas savings.

There must have been some new legislation that states all new electric cars entering the US market this year must also offer a $199 lease deal.

That being said, very happy GM priced the Spark EV at $27,495…I think that is exactly where it needs to be slotted to make sense given all the other choices.

+1 to GM today

I am very pleasantly surprised at this. I was fully expecting it to come in above the entry-level Leaf. Of course, we are comparing entry-level prices of cars with different features, but having a low-cost entry point to EVs is a big win.

Now about that CCS quick-charge option…

CCS quick-charge option? I don’t think we will see any CCS quick-charge option any time soon. Who will committ to install? GM? Others will not install it because only Spark EV use this? Spark EV is a compliance car with limited production. Nissan and Mitsu use the DC quick charge. Does anyone have any idea on the roll out plan of CCS? Thx

The BMW i3 will have CCS and it is coming out this Fall/Winter. The CCS standard is being finalized this year. Rollout TBD. There are already CHAdeMO EVSE makers that have conversions planned to add CCS plugs.

Your comment regarding “compliance cars” ignores statements from GM that the Spark EV is NOT a compliance car. In addition to the roll out in California and Oregon, GM will also sell the Spark EV in South Korea, Europe and Canada.

“Last month, Paul Pebbles, General Motors global manager of OnStar electric vehicle services, defended the seriousness of the company’s intent to make the Chevy Spark EV a legitimate player. In an interview with, Pebbles said, “It’s not a compliance car. We’re planning a global launch of this vehicle.” She added, “It will be in a lot of markets,” without providing specifics. Now we know, at least for Canada, what General Motors has in mind for its global roll out.”

Actions speak louder than PR.

Only releasing in CA (and OR) = Compliance car. They aren’t even releasing in the second largest EV market, Seattle.

Toyota and Honda don’t say their EV are compliance cars either. Honda even made a few Fit EV available for lease in the East Coast to boost PR. But both Rav4 EV and Fit EV are compliance car. At least Fiat was honest about the Fiat EV.
BTW, is OR has similar rule like in CA zero emission rule?


Yes, Oregon is one of the ARB states.

“Yes, that’s cheap. And we can’t help but notice, lower than the new 2013 entry level Nissan Leaf at $28,800.”

Also bear in mind the $27,495 includes the destination fee where the Leaf’s $28,000 price does not. So that’s actually a price difference of $2,115.

Hmmm…maybe this sign that the 2014 Volt will also see a price reduction? Notice no word on the price of the 2014 Volt …yet. Maybe around mid-June for late July deliveries, since the U.S. battery plant will be operational by then. Pass the savings on to the consumer.

The hidden win for GM here, is they can get people in the door just to check out the Spark EV with this new low price. If they have hesitations about range, they can up-sell them to a Volt.

Very Nice! Mid June is in just 3 weeks.

What great news! I hope this downward pricing effects every brand out there including the upcoming BMW i3!

This is good news, indeed! I am hoping they will sell the Spark EV everywhere very soon.

I’m curious to hear how they have designed the regen – I hope there is a way to have free-wheel coasting when you lift your right foot off of the accelerator, and that the regen is integrated into the brake pedal, or possibly have the regen on a hand paddle(s) on the steering wheel or something similar.

Has anyone driven a Spark EV? What is the backseat like? I like that they have improved the aero drag, and I hope that they continue to improve the Cd of all GM cars; especially the electric cars, to extend the range by reducing the drag.


“I hope there is a way to have free-wheel coasting when you lift your right foot off of the accelerator, and that the regen is integrated into the brake pedal ”

Hoping for just the opposite (maximum lift throttle regen). And, best of all worlds, it’s possible to have both. Also waiting to hear test drive feedback.

Bravo, GM!

Under $20,000 for an 80-mile range EV after rebate. Impressive. I’m inclined to think that at this point in time, the problem with the batteries (and therefore range) isn’t a matter of price, but rather volume. If GM could increase the range of the car they would, but they’re limited by battery volume inside the car, not price. As batteries get more energy dense, EVs will be able to go further without any change to the amount of space the batteries take up in the car. This is also a big endorsement for the purpose-built EV, from chassis on up; by having a purpose-built frame you can increase the battery storage area (see Tesla’s skateboard model for battery storage) and still provide a normal looking car without all these carved out areas for battery storage (see the trunk in the Ford C-MAX Energi).

My only issue is the 3.3kW charger! Either it should be 6.6kW, or DC fast charging standard.

I like it too … wish I could have bought one last year when I bought my iMiev. But, it’s still vapor-ware as far as I’m concerned out here on the East Coast. If we see it in 2014 anytime I’d be surprised (but perhaps pleasantly enough to buy one ;).

I read on their website that the 0-60 time is “under” 7.6 seconds. I’m sure the 0-30 time is way better than almost any gasoline car, sounds like a fun ride.

I also like the back storage area for the charger integrated into the floor, assuming the picture is accurate. Does anybody know what is next to the charge in the back? Maybe a tire inflation kit?

I found this info on Chevy’s web site:

There is no standard jack or spare tire in the 2013 Chevrolet Spark. Your vehicle has a
tire sealant and compressor kit that uses a liquid tire sealant to temporarily seal up to a one-quarter-inch puncture in the tread area of the tire.

I’m pretty sure that’s what you see along the right side of the trunk.

Personally, I’m just as jazzed about the revised acceleration figures as I am about the price. I’m guessing 0-40 MPH in about 4 seconds … maybe less! This thing will eat little Fiat’s for lunch! 😉

Well the price seems about right. But if they will only be available in 2 states, they probably won’t sell many anyway. The Spark would be too small of a car for my situation. I’ve seen only a few of these Sparks driving around, and they are sufficient for 1 or 2 people but then it’s about all said. Don’t want to be the wet blanket, because this is really good news today for the EV world. It shows GM is willing to keep striving for better and better EV’s, something we can’t say about some of the other big manufacturers out there. I would chalk this up as a small victory for GM (pun intended).

I wonder what Ford will do now with their Focus EV?

Strategically, The FFE made no sense from the beginning. Even less so with the improvements to the Leaf and now the Spark both much cheaper. (FFE owners don’t flame me … I’m sure it’s a very nice vehicle … I just don’t agree with the business decisions done with it.) Ford must be hoping that the PHEV Energi will take off for those really needing that format but also wanting to go semi-EV. I think the car market is big enough for a lot of these options to actually work and in 5-10 years we’ll have some really interesting efficient vehicles out there to choose from.

FFE is a compliance so they have to sell to meet their quote. If you wait you can get one for very cheap.
No one want to spend 40K for an EV with no trunk. At that price, Tesla is much better value.

What happened to “Late 2013”? All of a sudden its available. Apparently felt the pressure of Fiat and Smart. Just goes to show how they drag their feet, but are always ready to bring something out quickly. The competition is good for all of us.

CHOICE, many don’t esp. like the style of the Leaf or cost of the Tesla EV.

With leases under $7/day, many people pay more than that on gas already.

Add the fact that Russia is crying they can’t buy Putin another $billion of
personal aircraft without $110/brl oil.

Then 400 lb of Spark EV torque embarrasses some expensive ICE cars and sales fly.