Chevy Spark EV Deemed Ugliest Car Of 2014


Deemed Ugliest Car of 2014

Deemed Ugliest Car of 2014

The BMW i3 Made The Ugliest List Too

The BMW i3 Made The Ugliest List Too

And the ugliest “redesigned or new 2014 car model” is…the 2014 Chevrolet Spark EV.

That’s according to a survey released recently, in which respondents ranked a car’s ugliness.  Per

We asked Kelsey Mays, consumer affairs editor at, to identify the new and redesigned 2014 vehicles that seem to cause the most negative reaction. We then surveyed 2,000 drivers and asked them to rank the cars by ugliness.

Most of the “ugliest” cars on the Top 10 list are small, fuel-efficient hatchbacks.

Here’s the ranking (note: a score of 10 if uglier than a score of 1):

1. Chevrolet Spark EV (7.25)
2. Kia Soul (6.74)
3. Fiat 500L (6.48)
4. BMW i3 (6.14)
5. Mitsubishi Mirage (5.72)
6. Toyota 4Runner (5.13)
7. Mitsubishi Outlander (4.95)
8. Jeep Cherokee (4.82)
9. Honda Accord Plug-in Hybrid (4.1)
10. BMW i8 (3.59)

Editor’s Note:  InsideEVs polled its writers and compiled a “top 10” best looking EVs list recently and the BMW i8 fared much better.

BMW i8 - Photo Credit: Mags McKay , CKCommunications

BMW i8 – Photo Credit: Mags McKay , CKCommunications

CNBC reports:

“Spark EV owners seemed to care little about the vehicle’s appearance, as 42 percent of buyers said they want to “be different.” Another 25 percent claimed they bought the car for its price.”

“Other Spark EV buyers seemed oblivious to the car’s appearance, as 19 percent said they simply “didn’t know” the car was ugly.”

Annalisa Bluhm, Chevrolet’s communication representative for plug-in vehicles, stated:

“We’re still very proud of this product.”

Bluhm says that looks are “subjective” and notes that the Spark EV has one of the lowest costs of ownerships of any model on the market today.

We all expected the BMW i3 to be on the list.  Its polarizing design is love/hate, but why the heck is the BMW i8 listed?  It’s arguably one of the best-looking cars on the planet.

Ugly Cars Infographic

Ugly Cars Infographic

Source: (link removed by request), CNBC via Yahoo Autos

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Beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder.

IMO, loud engine noise and exhaust are “ugly”.

“We all expected the BMW i3 to be on the list. It’s polarizing design is love/hate, but why the heck is the BMW i8 listed? ”

Because CarInsurance made the list up. They only gave the 2000 people it polled a list of 10 to choose from. So apparently it’s not the people so much that think these cars are ugly but people who created the poll.

Can we make up a poll only allowing people to vote on full-blown gassers?

I agree but ugly is ugly for most people

If you have normal functioning eyes we all perceive objects and people (excluding emotional affectionate relation) the same way

Spark is a design mess and ugly, no discussion

Yeah – this list lost all credibility with me when I saw the i8 on it. I have never met anyone who thought that car was ugly. I’ve never even seen a troll post online that it was ugly. And where’s the Prius? I don’t find the Prius to be ugly, but it is the car I always hear people making jokes about its appearance. So I would think it would be there. (Oh nevermind.. only new for 2014 cars on the list) Still… The Kia Soul? It can’t be that ugly considering how many of them I see on the road.

Prius is out of this list bc it compete in appliance category. 😉

Best comment today. 🙂

I think the i8 is very ugly. So, there’s one anyway. I do like the i3 for some reason though….

Agreed. The i8 is completely gaudy and very ugly. Not as bad a most of the others on the list but ugly none the less.

My guess is that people saw i8 on the survey and thought i3. I don’t know how else it could be on the list.

I’m not a fan of the trash-bin, I mean air intake, on the hood of the i8.

I dont think its an intake, air flows up under the front and out the hole in the hood…

The I-Miev is far uglier. Did it not make the list because they couldn’t sell any in 2014?

Love the Imiev, wish I still had mine but yes it was ugly as heII

All the women so saw my old i-MiEV said it was cute. Guys, however, hated its looks. Very polarizing.

I always had the impression that the “cute” comment from women was a bit of a consolation, like, “Ah, isn’t that cute, but “I” wouldn’t be caught driving it”. I love our iMiev and it definitely should have been on this list for ugly looking; it just doesn’t have enough sales to be noticed.

“Voters voted on 10 cars that were new or redesigned for 2014”.
So why is the Spark EV on this list? It was selling in 2013 and there was no redesign for 2014.

Same with the Honda Accord plug-in.

But thinking Accord PHEV, for a minute. Didn’t they change the lights, or something? It doesn’t look that different from a regular Accord.

Any chance the Accord PHEV breaks 100/month, with $2 gas?

It really should be Spark not just Spark EV since they look exactly the same. Picking on just the EV smacks of anti-EV prejudice.

Here’s what they said in those regards. (again the Spark EV should not have even been a candidate for this survey).

“Mays said he was a bit surprised the Spark EV, which is an electric model sold only in a few states such as California and Oregon, topped the list because it looks similar to the standard Spark model, which has sold well. “They did things like close up the grill, because on electric vehicles that improves aerodynamics, which improves efficiency, so it makes sense it looks the way it does, but it didn’t sit well with the eyes of survey respondents,” he said.”

They don’t look EXACTLY the same. But pretty much the same.

But it seems actual car buyers disagree…

Spark now outsells the Audi A4, all Golf models combined, Leaf, Juke, etc.

Funny, the list is heavily weighted on small cars and advanced technology. I’m guessing Exxon Funded the “Survey”.

And yet not one Pickup Truck on the list?
No Chevy Tahoe?

All I know is there’s no way some lizard, or pig, funds “car insurance . com”.

“We’re still very proud of this product.”

Kind of like how a parent never thinks of their child as ugly.

The ugliest car by far is the Toyota Mirai but since they haven’t started selling it yet I guess it won’t qualify until next year.

Why do people need to be told what is ugly?
Why is the insurance institute concerned with that?
Do they give a discount to people driving “ugly” cars because they feel sorry for them, or do they jack up their rates to discourage from driving “ugly”?

I liken these body styles to a bathtub turned upside down. Small wonder that the perceived ugliest cars all have this boxy shape in common.

I hate the way aero wheels look, and in my mind it makes the EV version of an ICE car look much worse. For example, I think the higher models of the ICE Kia Soul look pretty good–like these for example:

Compare that to the Kia Soul EV, with aero wheels and tupperware grill treatment; all of which makes the same vehicle look hideous.

If I had a Kia Soul EV, the wheels would have to go immediately, regardless of the impact on range.

It depends on the angle of the picture 😉

The white and blue is indeed ugly.I would choose the black and red color.

I have a joke for cars like the Sparkle EV it’s a pregnant roller skate on wheels

Where is the funny part? And don’t roller-skates already have wheels?

Why are they picking on the Spark EV and not Sparks in general? It is not like the Spark EV looks significantly different from the gas model.

There is very very little difference between both models. Strange..

The Accord PHEV is on the list but the Leaf isn’t? I know looks are subjective, but I think the Accord is a sharp looking car. The Leaf is just weird if not ugly. But I drive one despite its looks.

If the list selected by Kelsey mays was only 10 long, then the i8 is in fact the prettiest car. Appears to be a bogus survey commpiled by an EV hater.

This survey is pretty bogus since Accord PHEV is on the list while rest of Accord lineup is NOT?

Completely BS.


4runner and new Cherokee will grow on people. I haven’t like the exterior as much the last couple times they redesign the 4runner as the previous gen, but over time as I see more examples they start to look better than the previous. If they did the survey the first year the Prius was out (regardless of the generation you showed people) it would be on the list.

Odyssey and Sienna aren’t exactly lookers. Sure no vans are, but the new Sedona exterior isn’t nearly as bad (though it it still probably isn’t as good of a product). Guess the vans got a pass on this survey for whatever reason.

Like others have said though, this list is suspect how they put the Spark EV but not Spark, and the Accord PHEV and not Accord.

I have owned every generation of 4Runner (still have one), but HATE HATE HATE the fang-treatment on the new ones. It wholeheartedly deserves to be on the list. And Toyota is now carrying that fang treatment over to the Lexus line including the IS, NX, GX and LX, with the Toyota Mirai getting the most fang-like since it’s the newest.

Oh well, Toyota had a good run, now they only make ugly GAS cars because “nobody asked them to make an EV.”

You all need to read the article. Real people did not come up with the list, the insurance website made it up. Then they asked the people to rank the 10 cars. So the i8 isn’t on this list because of people, but because of the website editors.

“Here’s the ranking (note: a score of 10 if uglier than a score of 1):”

Then how did the Spark EV (#1) get listed as the ugliest car. Doesn’t make any sense.

The Spark EV
“We’re still very proud of this product.”

That’s why they only sell it in two states!!!
Give me a break!!!!

The I-Miev, I3, and the Leaf should number 1 2 and 3. The Spark is OK looking.. much better than these three.. geez…

Any ‘ugliest car’ list that doesn’t include the Nissan Juke and lists the EV versions of main stream cars only is suspect. Whoever wrote this sounds like a plug for big oil.

Nissan *Puke

There’s an old saying which ends “…in the eye of the beholder.”

I bought a Spark EV not because it looks good, but because it produces no exhaust. People that think it is ugly don’t have to worry, because when the light turns green I’ll be 10 car lengths ahead of them.

400 ft lbs of torque does not need to be pretty.