Chevy Pitches Bolt In Mexico As Gas Shortage Hits


Other brands make electric plans.

Could the Chevy Bolt be big in Mexico? The automaker is definitely making a marketing effort south of the U.S. border in the face of renewed interest in more efficient vehicles. That interest jumped dramatically starting in December after the country’s newly-elected president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, decided to close state-owned pipelines in favor of distribution by trucks. That not-well-executed move caused bottlenecks, resulting in fuel shortages.

According to Automotive News, the scarcity of gasoline in some regions has sparked a couple hashtags: #ReporteGas (gas report) and #DondeHayGas (Where is there gas?). Chevrolet smartly jumped on the opportunity by launching a media campaign for its all-electric hatchback. It leverages the hashtags, see the image from a tweet above for an example, and promotes its Chevy Bolt, the third plug-in vehicle the automaker has offered in the country. It sells the Volt there, and previously sold the Spark EV as well.

The situation caused a huge rise in the number of efficient vehicle inquiries at other dealerships as well. According to the director of operations for Toyota Motor Sales de México, Guillermo Díaz, the number of people coming in to ask about hybrid models has almost doubled. Said he, “People who might not have been thinking about buying a hybrid are at least asking about the various models.”

There are currently not many plug-in options available in Mexico, but more are coming. In addition to the Nissan LEAF being available, the country’s own Zacua brand is offering a light city car with about 100 miles of range. Chinese automaker BAIC is said to be bringing some models later this year. On the upper end of things, Jaguar has introduced its I-Pace and Mercedes has committed to selling an all-electric. The German automaker will also bring back its Smart brand to the country with “an electric focus.”


Source: Automotive News

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The charging infrastructure in Mexico is in a very bad state and is at least five years behind the USA. Mexico doesn’t even have RV Parks to help fill in the gaps between commercial chargers. I would not expect EV adoption to advance very fast in Mexico until EVs are about the only vehicles you can buy or until the Mexican government makes a very serious effort to promote electric vehicles. I will be able to travel practically anywhere in the USA in my 2018 Leaf traveling from fast charger to fast charger once Cycle One the Electrify America charging network is finished in June of this year. Mazatlan, Mexico is about the same distance from DFW as Denver and I would really like to drive my Leaf there but three 160 mile charger voids along Mexican Highway 40D (not to mention an 8,000 elevation change a few miles from the Mazatlan coast) would make it an impossible trip for my Leaf. Even with places I can go in Mexico (Monterrey, Mexico City, etc.) the lack of fast chargers would make most trips impractical. Mexico has many reasons to promote electric vehicles and to build out a fast charging infrastructure.… Read more »

Most people charge in their home and with 240 miles of range there may be little need to rely on public chargers. Smart move on GM’s part and several other manufacturers. Where there are EVs, EV chargers will follow.

As with EV drivers here, the majority of charging will occur at people’s homes. It’s good to see that at least GM is aware of that marketing opportunity. The interesting thing is that now, in contrast to prior oil crises, all the pieces are in place as far as EV’s at dealers, ready for purchase, that people really will have an alternative when the next ’emergency’ hits.

Due to people siphoning gas from pipelines, which then explode, killing people.
Not sure if the medicine is not worse than the disease, using trucks to deliver fuel,
but at least people aren’t dying.
Leave it to GM to try to make some positive press out of a really dire situation.

So, now that GM is marketing the Bolt, you still whine like a pig (year of the pig)?

I guess haters will always turn even a shred of positive news for EV instead something negative.

BEVs consume no gas and more is left for ICEs. Win – win

Any idea how the Bolt EV is priced, if there are incentives, and how many people could actually afford it in Mexico?

Just go to the website. The link to the twitter account above which also gives the website.

Ok so Chevy have some incentives on the Volt (Mex$127,100 (US$6,600) off, 18 month interest free, no fee loan) and on the Bolt EV (18 month interest free):
What about incentives from “de los estados y los gobiernos federales”?

Even funnier is that Ford builds the Fusion Energi PHEV in Hermosillo, Mexico. But they don’t offer it for sale in Mexico. Missed opportunity.

Detroit in a nutshell, they almost never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity!

Fiat 500e is built in Mexico, too.

I say it’s alot easier to steal electricity than gas….win win!

The obligatory monthly protection fee for the local gang is included.

Well maybe if they put EV chargers on the Mexico side of the “wall” Mexico really could pay for the wall LOL

EV chargers, taco and burrito trucks near by for 30 minute break, seems workable to me lol

Another case of green tech filling in for fossil failures.

Is Tesla selling in Mexico?

Do Not Read Between The Lines