Chevy Dealer Explains Why Chevy Volt Is Better Than Nissan LEAF – Video


We got a kick out of this.

"not only better than the leaf…" It really depends on what you want and need.

“not only better than the LEAF…”

In the video above, an Ohio Chevrolet dealership shows us a 2014 Chevrolet Volt to compare to the 2014 Nissan LEAF, but the comparison is one-sided, as you’d expect.

This “comparison” sounded more like a bashing towards a competitor in an attempt to attract sales to the dealership to buy the Volt over the LEAF.

Both vehicles have a lot to compare and contrast regardless of the Volt’s standard 17″ alloy wheels and available options.

So, if you are in the market for either a Nissan LEAF or a Chevrolet Volt, here are just a few of the many things to consider:

  • Your daily commute – How often do you drive more than the rated range of 84 miles of the LEAF?
  • Initial cost – The LEAF starts off ~$5,000 less and works its way up to the Volt’s price point with available options.
  • Maintenance costs – The LEAF has very little to maintain, while the Volt still needs most of the maintenance a normal ICE vehicle needs.
  • Practicality- Cargo space, room for driver and passengers.

Differences aside, the Volt and LEAF each have their upsides and downside, so it all comes down to what you like, need, and want.

To those who own an all-electric vehicle or a plug in hybrid: What vehicle did you purchase and why did you buy it over one of the competitive plug-in vehicles?

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Man, I could make a better argument for purchasing the Volt over the Leaf, and I drive a Leaf!


I own a Leaf and I always recommend the Volt to anybody that asks.

+1 Their bashing towards the LEAF was lacking at best!

Plus 2 volt or leaf , just good electric.

But hey, with the Volt the 17″ alloys are standard and not an option! No competition man!

I suggest to GM sales people, to focus their efforts on convincing customers to get a Volt rather than a Cruze or an Impala – rather than embarrass themselves by trying to diss the Leaf.

Whoever is already considering a Leaf, might come out of a meeting with ignorant Chevy dealers more convinced to go get one (a Leaf), rather than trust people who don’t get EVs at all, to take care of her/his car needs.

There is a certain gentleman that few have heard of, by the name of Elon Musk, who has said on many occasions how terrible dealerships would be at selling EVs. Seems he may have been right.


My commute is 102 miles each day. Sometimes, I do not have an available charging port; therefore, I bought a Volt. I average about 250 MPG when I can charge, and I average about 80 when I do not.

Wow, what a commute. From where to where, if I may ask?

“It has 2 rear seats” … the leaf has 3… lol

“It has 17 inch rims” ….okay? rofl horrible reasons

Sounded more like a lame stale comedy bit than actual valid reasons but regardless its still true

If he wants to sell Volt over LEAF, then he should mention the main difference in performance, safety and lack of range anxiety.

Or battery degradation experiences to date in all states and all weather conditions.

I own a Volt. I only own one car and, like most people, I sometimes drive farther than the Leaf’s range. If you have two cars in your family it might make sense for one of them to be a Leaf, especially if the new battery works as promised.

I own a Leaf and some days, I drive farther than the Leaf’s range too…

They’re called charging stations. There’s a couple of places (including one embedded in the car’s dashboard) where you can easily look up where they’re located.

Yes, and if you can find one within walking distance of your destination, AND it’s not in use, AND it’s not ICEd, and it’s in working condition, AND you have the proper account activation card, then it is most certainly either charging by the hour (unacceptable), charging so much that burning gas is cheaper, or both. That’s why only AER double the Leaf or more is going to work in the long term.

+1 I have also “experienced” most of the conditions you mentioned and also don’t forget “Decommissioned”. That is why we will get ride of our Leaf and get a Volt after the 2016 models come out and yes we want to increase the number of all electric miles we drive per year so we will need to upgrade to the Volt.
And yes some of those D.C. fast chargers charge MORE than gasoline.

We are a two plugin car family: We have a 2012 Leaf and a 2013 Volt. We love both of these cars. Kudos to the Chevy dealership for doing the advertising job GM isn’t doing. I don’t care if you think the comparison is unfair. Comparing your product to the competition is an advertising strategy that dates back to prehistoric times!

In the St. Louis area, Weber Chevrolet has done the most to promote the Chevy Volt and they have by far the highest number of Volt sales. George Weber has a long history of encouraging people to buy American. George Weber passed away in March of this year. RIP George Weber.


Thanks for the insight and great to hear there are Chevy dealerships out there in Middle America that have figured out how to sell Volts.

Or perhaps we shouldn’t hear about them, lest Chevy marketing manager (see today’s insideevs post) punish them for trying to sell Volt outside of the regions he defined.

Anyway, the dissing of that video was not because of “unfair” comparisons to the Leaf, but because of their stupidity. I wager to guess that your favorite St. Louis dealership doesn’t use dissing-the-Leaf as their first Volt selling point.

People hesitating between Volt and Leaf are 1. a much smaller target market than people looking to buy any compact Chevy, so it’s not really worth targeting those and 2. Usually far too informed to be swayed by such jibberish.

Great, now the law requires him to pass his dealership down to his children whether it makes sense to do so or not…

“while the Volt still needs most of the maintenance a normal ICE vehicle needs.”

Doesn’t the Volt’s ICE get Some benefits from a lighter duty cycle, ignoring that Many owners charge-up and Avoid using the ICE as much as possible. Seems an unfair statement to me, but I don’t know the service intervals for the ICE, I’m wrong regularly.

It’s been over 2 years in my Volt, and I still haven’t changed the oil. But I need to.. 1% oil life left.

We have two Leafs in our family and no other car. It feels great!

The past two years we have done many road trips where we have gone further than the regular range; using fast charging several times on the same day for several days straight…
– The hobby of geocaching is perfect with respect to this 🙂

Our view of hybrids is for people that need longer range and don’t (yet) have fast charging infrastructure available or need to go between A and B faster; the all electric cars are the future for so many reasons (no need to explain that here), but not all can nowadays afford a Tesla (or have the X available just yet to pull their big boat or caravan).
– but to get rid of the dealers, with their twisted view of what you need in order for they too get more work (in their service depots), is really what I want 🙂 … I call it freedom!

We are saving to a Tesla… Hopefully it will be an S, perhaps it will be a III, I do not know. But I am totally and utterly convinced that BEVs are the future.

I drive an EV, a Mitsu I-MiEV, the car will be coming off its lease in the end of this year. Naturally, I have been investigating the various EV’s plus the Hybrid EV’s(Volt and Ford’s offerings). It’s true that there are advantages to both the LEAF and the Volt, obviously it all depends on your needs and financial situation(to some degree anyway). The Volt has the range to go anywhere without any concern for charging stations, etc. The LEAF, as a pure EV,offers a great ride, is very cheap to drive and maintain…just have to be able to fit the EV range into your lifestyle. In our case, the I-MiEV, even with the lowest rated range has still done a great job for us. But we have 2 cars(one an ICE),and the ICE is getting very long in the tooth, has been a source of considerable repair bills. If we have to get by on just one car, it may come down to us buying a low mileage used Volt. We’ll see. Ideally, I’d love a Volt _and_ a LEAF, to be perfectly honest.


My i-MiEV is coming off lease in January, so I have also been investigating vehicles. The Volt isn’t even in consideration because of its ICE. I don’t want the extra maintenance, weight, and complexity. Part of the beauty of EVs is the simplicity.

The LEAF SV is currently the front-runner for my consideration, but I will miss the rear-wheel drive of the i-MiEV. Why the hell can’t other EVs be rear-wheel drive too? (Yes, I know, the BMW i3, Smart ED, and Tesla are rear-wheel drive, but the rest aren’t.)


Your response sounds like a defense counter-attack against the Volt.

If this guy REALLY wants to sell the Volt, he shouldn’t compare it to the Leaf at all. He SHOULD compare it to the de-facto “green” car, the Toyota Prius! There are a ton of great reasons why the Volt blows the Prius out of the water!

Right you are….

This is not a super big deal, since almost every dealership tries to cannibleize others. I’m not sure picking on the Leaf is the best way to increase his sales since the cars are for different markets.

I’ve test driven the Leaf, and while very nice, the kicker with me was the low battery range. I don’t vacation often, but when I do I simply don’t care to rent a car. Others may have no problem doing a rental. But then we are all different. Also, there are times when it is simply inconvenient to recharge all the way, or sometimes even to recharge at all. THe large battery in the roadster and the engine in the volt gives me this added flexibility which I value. Others may not so much.

A Volt costs a little over twice as much to drive on my 56 mile commute, plus it has more to maintain. The Volt is a good car, but the Leaf works better for me.

But…. I never drive “country to country”…. LOL

I’m kind of amused in that this article claims that Leaf bashing was taking place (didn’t watch the video) but then in “comparing” the Volt vs. Leaf, lists only 3 bullets that are all pro-Leaf. 😉

I watched the video (really an ad). I agree that the Volt is a great car. The problem I have with it, though, is that is uses some gas. (I really hate it when I have to buy gas.) They only thing I hate more than gas is diesel. I can’t believe that diesel is still legal. It fouls the air so much!