Chevy Bolt EV Test Drive Makes Food Critic A BeliEVer

Chevy Bolt EV


Have you heard the good news? The electric car is here.

It should probably go without saying: almost every person currently driving electric was once driving on fossil fuels. At some point, something has to click. Something to trigger that interest. A friend or family member might pick up a Nissan Leaf. Maybe a neighbor’s Tesla catches the eye of a Prius driver. The more electric cars hit the streets, the more non-enthusiasts will be drawn to EV ownership.

Recently, journalist/food critic Gail Ciampa got the EV itch. To scratch that itch and get a feel for driving electric, she took a 2019 Chevy Bolt EV for a spin.

So what appealed to her most about her first time driving electric? The usual stuff of course. Quick off the line. Powerful but nearly silent. No oil changes. Lower maintenance costs. Filling up the tank with gas every week is a thing of the past. In fact a Chevrolet representative told her that a driver in New England can save $13k in fuel costs over the life of the vehicle.

On the Chevy Bolt specifically, Ciampa loves the long range of the vehicle. With 238 miles at her disposal, she can “leave Providence and drive to mid-coast Maine or central Vermont and still have miles to spare. Or you can commute to work for days.” Like most owners, she also enjoyed the one pedal driving and the infotainment center that gives tips on improving efficiency.

Her takeaway: “an electric car is not something to fear but a new way of driving.”

Several features caught her eye that EV fanatics might not even think about. “My Android phone synced up easily with the infotainment center. That’s not something I take for granted.” She writes, praising the 4G LTE and myChevrolet Mobile App for the amount of commands available to her with the Bolt.

Most of us enthusiasts focus on battery pack size, charging rates, efficiency and OTA updates. But the average driver likely has very different needs. It is always good to see someone experiencing and embracing electric driving for the first time. Hopefully her enthusiasm will trigger the EV curiosity in some of her readers as well.

Check out the full article below!

Source: Providence Journal

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too bad the car is not better looking — maybe more people would buy it….

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder…. l o l

I once Held a Bee! It Stung Me!

I positively can’t imagine what could to be done for the Bolt to be “better looking”, given it’s a microvan and not a sports car. It’s stylish and modern-looking, in the same vein as the small CUV’s like Escape, RAV4, HRV etc.

Why so much emphasis on looks. Some folks prize other things like reliability, utility and durability and ease of use.

Well, “looks”, seem to be part of the whole ‘Car Vanity’ thing, but other than that: Aerodynamics! The Bolts Designer said it has Awfull Aerodynamics!

No, he was talking about CUVs in general as being aero disasters, not the Bolt. With a COD of .308, the Bolt is far from a disaster”.

Hey, it’s been some time since I saw an “electric cars are just like real cars, but better!” article from a newbie.

Golly, I missed those.

(Yes, this is sarcasm. And enduring those articles is part of the price we plugheads have to pay as we see EVs become ever more mainstream. So it’s progress, but progress I’m eager to move beyond…)

Still a lot of people out there that do not know about EV’s. Have a sibling that is a computer programmer doing stuff I can’t understand. I asked him what he knew about EV’s. He said that Teslas were expensive and that Chevy had a car called the Bolt although he had never seen either of them.

We have our work cut out for us.

This is the real world. 99% of people do not hang out on EV sites. They only look at cars when they are ready to get a new car. Then the look at new versions of what they have or what the same brand offers.

Where did the author find a Bolt with a large sunroof? Also, $1,750 for a level 2 charger in your garage? They can be installed for a lot less.