Chevrolet Volt With “Transparent Dash” Saves Front Air Dam From Scraping – Video


Camera Mounted

Camera Mounted

Now here’s a clever solution to prevent scraping the low front air dam on the Chevrolet Volt.

As you’ll see in the video, a downward-looking camera is mounted on the front of this Volt. This camera sends imagery to the Volt’s interior display screen, thus allowing the driver to see things that might impact the Volt’s air dam.

Video description:

“Always hated to drag the air dam on these things. Now, I can see through the dashboard!”

It does indeed appear as though you’re looking through the dashboard, which is kinda cool, but more importantly the driver can now easily detect objects up front before the Volt runs them over.

See What Front Air Dam Is About To Hit Before Hitting It

See What Front Air Dam Is About To Hit Before Hitting It

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Definitely an option but the simplest one is to go to the dealer, complain your air dam scrapes and they’ll install a shorter one for free.

I don’t see the point. Seeing high speed bump on camera won’t help a bit. I will drive to it anyway and it will scrape. Maybe helps a bit in parking close to a high curb, but I don’t have problem with curbs. Just don’t drive too close.

“detect objects up front before the Volt runs them over”

Roadkill cam?

Minor quibble, but this setup doesn’t use the Volt’s built-in screen. That’s an entirely separate screen in the video. Sending a new video signal to the built-in screen requires a rather expensive hardware adapter.

It’s rubber, flexible and scrapes on my driveway ramp every day and I don’t care.

Exactly, it does what it was designed to do.
People are way too picky about dome things.

I always seem to scrape my air dam when I pulling into those parking spots with the square-on-an-angle planters located at the intersection of 4 spots – I’ll scrape the right or left side of the air dam. This wouldn’t help much since its only one side getting scraped.

“I scape the front on everything” – Every Volt Owner Ever.

Source – Volt Owner.

It’s the same with Model S. I still don’t like scraping it because I fear it will end up like my 2004 Prius – almost falling off after 10 years of fairly rarely catching it on curbs as I backed up. Then again, the Model S doesn’t seem to have a lip that catches and tries to tear it off when you back up.

LEAF SV has had this feature for a few years, but hey, well done GM.

The air dam is designed to take it…

Just let it go.

I learned to ignore it…

I’d really like to see an All Around View Monitor like what is on the Leaf, on the Volt. A camera in each side mirror, the back and 1 in the front, and sure, one facing down. that way you can get a “God” view of the car from above any time you want to see if you’ll hit something.

That’s really pointless

How can the rear view camera be hacked so it can be turned on while in D? I want to glance at traffic behind me while driving.