Chevrolet Volt U.S. Density Map


Detroit Loves The Volt

Detroit Loves The Volt

Owner Map

This is a map marking the locations of the Volts tracked on this site. The brighter green the marker is, the better the MPG of the Volts in that zip code. Pure green is 255 MPG, any more than that doesn’t affect the color.

States the description posted at the top of the Chevrolet Volt Owner Density Map.

InsideEVs regular Thomas J. Thias adds:

@ChevyVolt Owner Density Map, Google Maps-Seeded By Captured @OnStar Data Of 2% N. American Drivers!

We hadn’t seen this map before, but now that were aware of it, we’ll be sure to frequent it often.  If you zoom in, you’ll see some area (for example, metro Detroit, home of General Motors and birthplace of Volt) are flooded with Volts, while other locations (Wyoming, South Dakota) still are nearly Volt-less.

Hat tip to Thomas J. Thias!

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Of course I clicked on the map to see where I fit into the range of electric vs. gas use. A little disappointed, in that I am not as high as I wanted to be, although 117 mpg is not shabby either. It’s only been about 3 months since I bought the car(used)and the cold weather is a drain on the ratings. My sense is that after a full year, I should be doing fairly well. In any event, love the car. Funny that I see another Volt a few blocks from me every day and that guy is not part of this tracking(he’s not on the map). From what I notice, he’s not plugging in(at least he parks outside and I have not seen the charger cable in use).

Lou is voluntary and only represents about 2% of all owners.

Agreed. There are a lot of Volts in my area that are not represented on that map. I Doubt your number is far off the mark.

Wow! I have not see this since 2012. I guess I need to add my volt family to Arkansas. we are looking kinda thin.

Fun fact: If one plots these Volts by state, what it shows is they correlate with population. GM has said there is a west coast and Northeast market for the Volt, which is true, but then those are the most populated parts of the US so not so surprising.

After the West Coast, the Midwest is actually the second largest market (adjusted for population). They really do love the Volt in Michigan. The Southeast is a bit weaker than the Northeast, but only a bit.

+1. This map looks *very* different from the BEV sales map, in particular the Leaf.

Which just shows the amazing potential of Gen II Volt, if GM really goes all-in on it.

Correlation to population highlights the most important point from this chart: The Volt is a practical EV that works just about everywhere in North America.

BEVs will get there someday, but at the moment the Volt best fits North American driving needs by balancing daily pure electric operation with the unrestricted ability to drive outside the charging infrastructure areas without range issues.

“They really do love the Volt in Michigan”

Yes, I see other Volts every day. I have only seen 2 Leafs in the wild in the last 5 years.

I don’t see many Ford Energies either, but they are harder to spot.

It correlates well with typical red/blue political maps.

I’m registered at but I didn’t give my location. There are probably a lot of others like me.

Why? The pin only goes to your hometown, so there’s no sensitive data displayed like your home address.

Just my personal preference. I did register with “Michigan Volts”.

It is very precise for Canada. It goes by postal code, which you have to enter in full, which for some places can pinpoint down to a specific building or block.
I put the postal code of a nearby public building for some sense of pseudo privacy.

That’s interesting. In the US, it’s by postal code as well, but 5 digits only gets you down to the town. That’s why on the Detroit map above, for example, there’s push-pins with up to 7 vehicles at one “location” because each town gets binned together.

My whole village zone is on the same postal Code in Canada.

Me three.

Great to see this map. Sadly, here in Seattle, Volts are still a pretty rare sighting. LEAFs, on the other hand, are everywhere!

Poor Canada, nobody ever acknowledges them. 🙂

Perhaps te article title shoud be “North America”, not just a “US” density map.

Aw shucks Eric and the gang; thanks for the mention!

Link Goes To My stats on Volt Stats Dot Net-



Thomas J. Thias


Selling Volts At Sundance

Just wanted to point out that Volt Stats Dot Net lost communication with the OnStar feed a couple of weeks ago. Many subscribers had to re-authenticate their accounts.

Many have not done so yet or not of heard.

Data feed for subscribers dropped from 1,895 to its current 1,513 today.

Links Go To Volt Stats Dot Net

Volt Stats Dot Net ( YES! ) ELR!

Link Goes Cadillac ELR Extended Range Electric Luxury Coupe- Owner Map-

2% of 1,310 ELR Owners, North America-

……Ok, Link Goes To Chevy Spark Owner Map As Well – 2% of North American Owner Body As Well-


Thomas J. Thias

It would be interesting to see numbers by state (province) … total Volts each region and the regional MPG and average miles driven?

If a full list is too much, perhaps a couple of Top-10 Volt lists? (eg: regions with: most Volts, best MPGe)

That is a site that owners can sign on. NOT all Volt owners sign on so it doesn’t have everyone…

My Volt is NOT on the list at 175mpg. But there only 4 Volt list on the map in the area I live.

But there are 9 Volt in the parking lot at work… LOL.