Chevrolet Volt Turns Three!

DEC 16 2013 BY JAY COLE 19

Three years ago today the first Chevrolet Volt was sold!

Since then about 53,000 more copies have sold in the US.  Also during that time, the Chevy Volt has added 3 miles of range (2013) and had two MSRP drops  – from an original MSRP of $41,000 down to $34,995 for the 2014 model year.  Globally, close to 65,000 Volt-based extended range vehicles have now been sold worldwide (Volt + Ampera).

GM says of the event:

“Happy Birthday Volt! On this day 3 years ago, the very first Volt was delivered. Weighing in at 3,781 lbs and 177.10 inches long, it was our very own electrified bundle of joy.”

Just for fun we’ll turn the clock back 3 years to revisit that first sale to Rick Hendrick from December 2010 (below)…the first delivery was to Jeffrey Kaffee who also took possession on December 15th, 2010 (also below):


Rick Hendrick Buys First Volt Offered for Public Sale

$225,000 Bid in Auction Benefits Detroit Public Schools Foundation

First Chevrolet Sold For $225,000 At Auction - $10,000 Of Which Went To The Students of the Detroit International Academy (GM Photo)

First Chevrolet Sold For $225,000 At Auction – $10,000 Of Which Went To The Students of the Detroit International Academy (GM Photo)

DETROIT – Rick Hendrick, owner of Hendrick Motorsports and chairman of Hendrick Automotive Group, has purchased the first Chevrolet Volt offered for sale. Proceeds will benefit science, math, engineering, and technology education initiatives through the Detroit Public Schools Foundation.

The vehicle, bearing the vehicle identification number BU10002, was sold for $225,000 through an online auction that closed Tuesday, Dec. 14.

“This was an opportunity to own a piece of history while giving back to the community,” said Hendrick, an avid car collector. “I have been a Chevrolet dealer for more than 30 years, and the Volt is one of the most exciting and important new cars since we opened our first dealership in 1976.”

The Chevrolet Volt is an electric vehicle that can operate under a range of weather climates and driving conditions with little concern of being stranded by a depleted battery. The Volt has a total driving range of up to 379 miles, based on EPA estimates. For the first 35 miles, the Volt can drive gas- and tailpipe-emissions-free using a full charge of electricity stored in its 16-kWh lithium-ion battery. When the Volt’s battery runs low, a gas powered engine/generator seamlessly operates to extend the driving range another 344 miles on a full tank.

“Every aspect of the Volt – from its aerodynamic shape to its battery chemistry – is a testament to the importance of math and sciences,” said General Motors North America President Mark Reuss. “Now, the first Volt will help cultivate the next generation of engineers who will build upon the Volt’s innovative technologies.”

Chevrolet began shipping Volts from Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly this week. Hendrick will take delivery of his Volt later this month.

Retired Airline Pilot Takes Delivery of First Chevrolet Volt

Jeffrey Kaffee of Parsippany, New Jersey, is the first customer in the country to take delivery of the Chevrolet Volt  (Photo by Emile Wamsteker for Chevrolet)

Jeffrey Kaffee of Parsippany, New Jersey, is the first customer in the country to take delivery of the Chevrolet Volt (Photo by Emile Wamsteker for Chevrolet)

PARSIPPANY, N.J. (Dec. 15th, 2010)– Retired airline pilot Jeffrey Kaffee on Wednesday became the first customer in the United States to take delivery of a Chevrolet Volt electric vehicle with extended range capability.

Kaffee returned early from a vacation to pick up his Volt at Gearhart Chevrolet in Denville, N.J. His is one of 360 Volts being shipped this week from the Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant. Others were delivered to Chevrolet dealers in the Washington, D.C., area and are en route to California and Austin, Texas.

Kaffee is trading in a Toyota Prius hybrid for his Volt.

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Of the thirteen cars I’ve owned and the countless cars I’ve driven the Volt IMO is the best.
Happy Birthday Volt and thank you GM for a wonderful car.
Looking forward to Volt 2.0 as a second Volt.


I got the 8,154th Volt produced on Sept 30th, 2011….


The best electric car on the market other than the model s

Bill Howland

I hate to say it, but it is STILL the only PHEV (now that Fisker is gone), that has a decent amount of electric only range, plus with the gasoline backup, you can go anywhere you want.


Only plug-in hybrid electric vehicle? The best but not the only one. The 2014 Honda Accord Plug-in Hybrid has only a range of 13 miles but the engine is used mostly to charge the battery like a Volt. It has an EV mode, which uses the electric motor to get moving from a stop, and also for low- to mid-speed cruising. The gasoline engine kicks in if you’re driving aggressively or at high speed, like a volt. To bad it does not come with a larger battery.


Read the whole sentence…
“only PHEV […], that has a decent amount of electric only range”

The accord uses the same technique, yes, but has 1/3 the EV range. And all the price, lol.

Bill Howland
Yeah, my point is that it seems no other manufacturer has anyone half as smart as Bob Lutz. And he never takes credit for this seemingly obvious ‘innovation’. The typical joe (ME) wants an electric car, but also practically needs one with which he can take an unencumbered trip. There are no superchargers in NY State (and none where I’d want to go anyway, besides even most of the Tesla Superchargers are very Grid Hating. Why so? Imagine if everyone had a Model S, and parked in your typical 1000 car parking lot, and each car was averaging 75 kw charge rate. That would be exactly equal to One Coal Fired Power plant’s output that they are converting to Natural Gas in Dunkirk, NY to the cheers of almost everyone: 160 new jobs, no gas fracking (yeah, I bet!), and Lower Electricity Rates (again yeah right. Spending all this money for a conversion, and adding jobs, and so where are the lower rates supposed to come from?). My point is this is one parking lot with a typical number of cars, needing an entire power plant to feed it. The Volt, or upcoming Via Truck with even greater electric only… Read more »

@ Alex, “The gasoline engine kicks in if you’re driving aggressively or at high speed, like a volt. ”

No, it doesn’t in the Volt.

Volt’s EV range is 100% EV up to 100 mph.

The way to turn on the engine is by putting it in Hold, engine maintainence, opening the hood while on or during extreme cold.

Speed and load won’t do it. The ONLY PHEV that does this.


Happy Birthday Volt!


Thank you GM for 25k electric miles and 48k miles of safe driving altogether.

MTN Ranger

I also celebrate two years of ownership and 30,000 miles. I hope Volt 2.0 is even better.

Martin T

Best EV available in Australia, Happy BD Volt !


I love mine. Happy birthday Volt.


The Volt is a masterpiece of engineering for sure. To date nobody has come close to touching it as a complete package. It wasn’t as good of a fit for me as my Leaf, but it’s great that we have options. To Bill’s point, it’s the only PHEV that actually lives up to the “EREV” name – it was built as an EV first, and then the generator was added. All the others are built as a hybrid first, and then the larger battery / charger were added.


Happy Birthday Volt! Thanks for the 43,000+ miles of gas-free driving!


Happy Birthday Volt! I am on my 3rd Volt now. Owned a 2011, 2012 and now a 2013. It is truly an amazing piece of machinery. Those of us who own one know!


Hmm, first dealer’s quote seems to be left dangling — it ends with only, “… since we opened our”. Since they opened their what? (Dealership, I’m assuming.)


I love my Volt. But I can use a SS version. =)