One More Time: Chevrolet Volt Sales Surge Higher In September 2016

Chevrolet Volt

OCT 3 2016 BY JAY COLE 33

The Chevy Volt found itself in the shadow of the upcoming 2017 Bolt EV this month

The Chevy Volt found itself in the shadow of the upcoming 2017 Bolt EV this month

Lost in the media blitz surrounding the Chevrolet Bolt EV this month (which was both announced with a 238 mile/383 km range, and a price-tag of $37,495), was the Chevrolet Volt – the most consistent selling plug-in for the US over the past several years.

With 238 miles of range and a sharp price, will the Bolt EV outsell the Volt in 2017?

With 238 miles of range and a sharp price, will the Bolt EV outsell the Volt in 2017?

For September, and with some very deep inventories now on hand, 2,031 Volts were sold, a 114% improvement over the 949 sold a year ago.

We should note that September of last year (and thus the huge percentage gains this year) gets a big fat asterisk; as a year ago GM found itself fast running out of first generation copies of the Volt, and also dealing with a slight delay in the new iteration’s release, which pushed the gen 2 car’s debut last year back a month to October.

Which means that next month we will see the true start of apples-to-apples, year-over-year comparisons of today’s 53 mile, extended range Volt.  In October of 2015, 2,035 Volts were sold.

Year to date, 16,326 Volts have been sold, which is 76% better than a year ago (9,264).

The 2nd generation Chevrolet Volt has now completed a full year of availability in the United States

The 2nd generation Chevrolet Volt has now completed a full year of availability in the United States

Also of interest this month with GM and its EVs (not named the Bolt):

And that's a wrap! Cadillac ELR is now sold-out!

And that’s a wrap! Cadillac ELR is now sold-out!

*- from almost no remaining inventory, GM sold 6 Cadillac ELRs

*- with a still decent amount of stock penned up and to be released into “Bolt season”, GM sold 315 Spark EVs in September

*- all Chevrolet Spark EVs produced between 2014 and 2016 were recalled due to an airbag issue (as well as 4 million other GM cars)

*- GM started an online advertising program/video promotion, entitled “Real Volt Owners. Real Stories”, one can watch the first episode here


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Solid! Any information on what deep inventories mean in real numbers?

We should see numbers above 3000 or even 4000 for this one. Still deceiving I think.

Go to your local Chevy dealership.
Ask them about a Volt.

If they know anything about it, I’ll be impressed.
If they actually show you one, I’ll be even more impressed.
If they don’t try to talk you into something else…I’ll have a heart attack.

And before anyone criticizes me, this has been my EXACT experience at exactly 5 Chevrolet Dealerships.


It’s sad.

Same here, except they had one and I test drove it, but they told me I did not want that car, at two different dealerships.

Rydell Chevy Northridge Ca. They know their Volts

Martin Chevrolet in Torrance Ca has 8 Volts all along the front of the dealership in prominent display.

There is a great divide between dealerships who want to sell Volts, and those who don’t.

I’ve been to both. It is a night and day difference.

Even 2013 or 2012 numbers are not sure to be reached…

Cheap gas.

possibly not for long with the recent news about OPEC limiting supply…

Very good but it deserves a lot more!

Now that CA has re-implemented green HOV stickers, I expect a nice sales bump this month

People in CA might wait to get a Bolt with a white sticker instead, especially when GM stops discounting the Volt.

You now have the Bolt and the Prime…If you’re an ICE Prius driver you’re more likely to test drive the Prime vs the Volt…Come January, quite possible that the Volt never hits 2000+ in monthly sales again…

Or, Toyota markets the Prime, PEV consideration increases, and learning about the Volt people opt for it instead.

I don’t think that it’s a bad thing for the Volt. I think it’s a good thing for plug-in sales.

> Come January, quite possible that the Volt never hits 2000+ in monthly sales again…
Its likely/possible that the Volt/Bolt are complimentary products. The Bolt will effect sales of other EVs with smaller batteries though.

How ’bout GM actually advertise the Volt? GM sells right about the exact number of Volts it wants to sell each and every month. Can you even IMAGINE how much confusion would be out there if year after year, auto dealers advertised their Prius stock online as having the wrong transmission and quoting the EPA gas-only mpg?! It’s so blatant. Go to or, Auto Trader or anywhere else. Chevrolet dealers just mail it in while selling the Volt. I laugh when they tell me it has a CVT, and it’s even more pathetic when they advertise it’s an automatic transmission! But severely pathetic when they post it gets 42MPG. If there were a run on dealers to pick up available stock on hand, and people were ordering them from the factory, GM would freak out. The cars are expensive to build, the margins are low and they only have 90,000 zero emissions units to sell before the tax credit is bye bye. It’s a perfect example of a stellar product – totally unique in it’s market – without parent company sales support. To give Toyota some props – they market Prius. They market the out of the Prius… Read more »

Not so much a surge as a better reflection of demand. Last year in September there was just the remaining Gen 1 inventory.

It’s great news!

Wonder if there are any notable changes planned for MY 2018. A sunroof perhaps? 🙂 A 7.2 kW onboard charger? (GASP!)

Or the Bolt’s rear view camera mirror, incremental range bump, and perhaps a facelift for MY2019.


And a better grille cover on the ACC-equipped Volts other then a dull grey plastic. Hope the 2018 has the charcoal and silver treatment the Bolt EV offers ( at least as an option ). I understand the shiny silver grille cover is not possible due to the workings of the ACC sensor underneath – But the Volt Premier’s with the ACC grille look anything but “Premier”…

I’d like to see some new interior color options. For one, the brandy interior we saw on Kinetic Blue 2016s was not available in the 50 state 2017s. Also, the brandy color reflects terribly onto the windshield – impairing visibility on bright sunny days. A nice beige interior would be nice as would a bright green and an Ashen Grey as found on 2014-15 Volts..

I love my 2017 Volt. This car needs more press to really show how good it is. It needs a CD player and hold straps above the door openings. Otherwise, it’s perfect.

My 2016 Volt just turned 10,000 miles today. Since January I have only put gas in the car 4 times. 34 miles round trip commute daily. Love the car, and I have always had Performace cars before. Test drive a new Volt before you buy Any other EV!

Hi Ned, Change your post to km and every word would apply to me. Kind of spooky.

Why a CD player? Put all your music onto a USB stick and leave it plugged into the car, that’s what i do 🙂

I also love my 2017 Volt. I just wish that they had fast charging. I added a 220 connection at home and that helps. The advantage that Tesla had is that they have fast charging (440) and stations throughout the nation. The Volt or Bolt will never be as popular as Tesla until they get fast charging at 440. Disadvantage Tesla is the cost (I couldn’t afford one) and who knows when the 3 will really be available.

What is the preferred or best dealer of Volts in SLC Utah?

You can search Chevy Volt Salt Lake or go to or enter your zip code, they have reviews for dealers.

Riverton Cheve: I purchased a 2017 Volt from them and have been very pleased. The salesman had a Volt of his own and answered each of my questions easily.

I’m on my second Volt (traded my 2013 in for a 17 Premier in July). For anyone in the North East I can safely recommend Diver Chevy in Wilmington DE. My sales person (Scott Fisher) said I was his 49th Volt sale–he knows his stuff and made the process smooth and easy. It was great to deal with someone who knew the car as opposed to when I got my 13

My lifetime mileage is now 250-plus