Chevrolet Volt Sales Improve 58% In June

Chevrolet Volt

JUL 1 2016 BY JAY COLE 66

As far as things go, June was a pretty decent month for Chevrolet Volt sales, and fairly uneventful one too.

The apex of 1st generation sales was in

The apex of 1st generation sales was in August of 2013 when 3,351 were sold.  Can the 2nd gen do better?

With the 2017 edition already in production since February, there was no June factory/model year changeover to concern ourselves with, no new edition options or price changes, no inventory management issues to deal with.  Just sales.  Plain old sales.

And for June, some 1,937 Volts were sold, which were up some 58% compared to when 1,225 were sold.

Percentage-wise the sales were/are excellent and potentially represent a new base level, as June’s results was a near identical result to 3 months prior:  May – 1,901, April – 1,983, March – 1,865.

However considering the June 2016 numbers are being compared against the first generation version of the Volt, when the EV buying public was looking ahead to the new 53 mile, refreshed model – they are likely lower than most people would have estimated a year ago.

Year-to-date 9,808 sales have been registered, which is a 74.% improvement over the 5,622 sold in 2015.

On the plus side, inventory levels in the US grew for the 4th month in a row, up another 10% in June to around the ~4,500 mark by month’s end.  Still not quite the level set in the ‘hay day’ of peak Volt sales a few years ago, but getting closer.

In the race for the all-time pug-in vehicle sales lead in the US, the Chevrolet Volt padded its numbers by ~800 units in June.  Entering July, 98,558 Volts have been sold, with Nissan in second with the LEAF at 95,384.

2017 Chevy Volt gets a boost

2017 Chevy Volt gets a boost

While "white stickers" in California are still a value-add for the Spark EV, the real catalyst for sales is the up to $4,000 rebate from the CVRP program

While “white stickers” in California are still a value-add for the Spark EV, the real catalyst for sales is the up to $4,000 rebate from the CVRP program

Also of interest this month when it comes to all things electric at GM:

*-the Cadillac ELR has likely had it’s last big month with 94 sales in June, as inventories have now dwindled to almost nothing after production of the extended-range luxury EV ended the past February

*- GM is now in the third and final stage of testing for the upcoming, 200 mile Bolt EV’s production run which starts in October for a “late 2016” release

*- we will have Chevy Spark EV sales shortly, however the temporary loss of CVRP funding this month, means that sales have like fallen off the previous 2 month’s highs (394-May, 419 April)


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Exactly. I leased a new 2017 Volt this month despite the dealership’s best efforts.

IN my case you are correct. The Chevy dealer nearest to me does not advertise Volts normally. A dealer twice as far did and I ended up leasing from them.

Best lease deal I ever made.

Yep.. I suspect if all dealerships were eager to sell the car, the monthly sales numbers would be twice as high. But with the vast majority of Volt sales coming from a handful of dealers, this is probably the highest sales we can expect.

I am anxious to see how the Prius Prime will sell, being an inferior product but with most of their dealers actually enthusiastic about the car, I am willing to bet it will outside the Volt 2-to-1.

Not only dealerships, but in NY there was a state rebate announced a month ago that NYSERDA has yet to implement.

I’m sure many NY people are holding out until that is implemented. I know of at least three people at my own employer waiting for that to buy Volts (I seem to “sell” more than many dealerships) 😉

CC, is this to be a $2500 NYS CRedit?

If so when is the implementation date and if it is to be retroactive, to what date is that?

Also…..does the 30% residential charging infrastructure fed benefit still exist?

I was one of the 1900+

Congratulations! It is a great car that deserves better sales.

Deserves? It gets the exact sales it deserves…

Nah, it deserves better sales. Yeah, the size of its market is limited since it is such a small car. But it deserves to sell better than it does. Lots of people still don’t understand it.

And lots of Prius buyers should get the Volt instead since although it has a slightly lower MPG when in gasoline mode, MOST of your daily driving will be purely on electricity so the VOlt is really more efficient & cheap to fuel.

a 13mpg difference is nearly 20% better, not sure I’d call it slightly…Sales say otherwise, if the Fusion Engeri sales continue its trend of increased sales, it will beat the Volt in monthly sales by years end…The best selling car segment is a midsize…Fusion/Prius owners don’t care about the Voltec, they care about a midsize car with a flat rear floor…

Prius gets 20% better MPG after 53 miles, but gets infinitely worse MPG before that.

Most people would use far less gas with a Volt than a Prius, and also not have to sacrifice performance. Problem is, most people still don’t understand the Volt.

Exactly. And most days, people would use no gas at all!


Yup and if you want to use even LESS gas than a Volt could buy a pure EV or move closer to work where you can bike/walk…If one’s goal is to use even less gas, never fly anywhere, never buy anything online, etc…I am not a Vegan, I have leather seat and eat meat daily, but did you know that raising cattle the most polluting entity on the planet? A Vegan Hellcat owner is greener than daily meat eating Volt owner…Also we should be investing in more firefighting equipment to help combat those polluting wild fires…Then there’s the whole “reduce, reuse and recycle” that’s often overlooked when going green…

Unless a car is barred by the government from being sold, each car gets exactly the sales it “deserves.”

Perhaps, if “deserves” is narrowly limited to the confines of a free market economy. But poor dealers and advertising, and lack of the general public understanding what a Volt is, surely does limit sales to less than what the car deserves.

Agree but there’s no tangible way to track how dealers sell…If you’re going to the Chevy dealership to buy a Volt, even if the dealer tries to “steer” you to a Silverado, they won’t budge…For the most part, long gone are the days where a buyer has no idea what they want…The only target market for the Volt are people looking at fuel efficient sedans, which are the Malibu Hybrid or Cruze Eco (Diesel)…

Actually a hummer is cleaner than a prius. Look it up.

Wow, googled hummer and there’s some great videos!

Free market trumps entitlement. Nobody deserves anything, not even welfare for those who don’t want to work.

In the stock market this is called the “efficient market” theorem. It was never true, and it’s been widely debunked lately, by Thaler and Shiller.

Shiller’s latest book would be good for you to pick up:
Phishing for Pools
Akerlof & Shiller

Take the huge non tariffs off the Volt in other countries like Japan Getmay Korea and GM couldn’t build them fast enough! A Volt in Japan costs $80,000 while we give them $7500 to dump the Prius here …. Level the playing field and that will be the true market !

Proud of collecting welfare are you? My gas car wasn’t subsidized.

Irony is petroleum is the most heavily subsidized commodity…Sounds like you don’t like America’s two party system, you’d probably be happier in another country…

Dealerships near me (Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania) were very eager to sell a Volt, but the sightlines and rear seat tininess made it a terrible fit for our family. I think GM didn’t do as good a job with the update as people think.

Ended up buying a used C-Max Energi instead. The smaller AER is annoying, but still fits the vast majority of our driving – 97% EV on it so far.

Spoonman — 97% EV miles is impressive! It actually sounds like so far, the AER is just about perfect for your needs.

If you had a longer AER, 97% of the time you would just be carting around extra battery for no reason.

And the inverse is true if you don’t use all your EV range each drive, you’re just carting around an even heavier ICE and gas tank.

Edit: and odds are the longer range PHEV is carting around the anchor more of the time.

I owned both a 2013 Volt and now a 2017. The improvements are actually really impressive from the first generation. The only thing that wasn’t improved on was the size of the vehicle.

The full performance 53 miles of EV range was the main selling point for us. Not only is it quick but it feels practically sporty and nimble around corners after shedding a few hundred pounds from gen 1. 3000 miles and only used a couple of gallons of gas going out of town.

I suppose it’s just a preference based on what customers are looking for. You were looking for more room and weren’t as concerned with the day to day EV driving dynamics (0-60 15 sec. in EV mode). We have a smaller family so the Volt has enough room but is really fun to drive with sub 8 second to 60 EV performance.

Still no 2k month? Is there some curse on the Volt, to never break the 2k again?

The Dealerships.

There’s a 20% off sale for the MY16 Premier…While a few select dealers in Cali were willing to cut to prices to about the same amount, 99.9% of dealerships wouldn’t go that low…Now this is a factory offer so now anyone can get 20% off so I’d predict a 2K+ number for July…

Maybe the Bolt and coming Model 3 have generated enough interest in the Media, that common people are considering them, and skipping the compact Volt body, waiting to get an EV that seats more big folk, front and back?

There’s dozens of reasons to why it’s not selling but the biggest reason is people are happy with the status quo, gas…As far as pollution, personal transportation is only #2…Raising meat is #1…My Volt has leather and I’m a carnivore who eats meat daily I don’t live denial of the “harm” I’m doing…I’m unsure how many Bolt sales will be commercial fleet sales including GM’s own Lyft and Maven, but I believe there will be less than 25K private Bolt sales the first year…Of course if gas climbs to $5/gal sales would greatly increase…

The Volt would still pay for at least 50% of it’s purchase price in lower fuel costs, if you kept it for 150,000 miles.

Depends how you look at it…If you get online insurance quotes, you’ll see quite a premium for the Volt over other compacts including the Cruze…Even the Prius is cheaper to insure…There’s a couple of states that give EVs a registration break but some actually charge EVs MORE than ice…In almost every state, these fees are not forever and may change year to year…

I suspect close to 200, 50% less, for SparkEV. But not sure if that’s all due to CVRP. I noticed a slowdown even before fund running out.

GM’s press release said spark was up 96% in June, so closer to 400.

Or are you referring to something else?

Nevermind, forgot Spark is a gas model too, bad naming on that one 🙂

Yeah, I see so many SparkGas, as many as Tesla and Leaf, but I only saw one other SparkEV.

You could call yours a Spark Plug. Oh…never mind. 🙂

If only GM had concentrated on a Voltec SUV instead of a refresh of the Volt, it would be seeing more significant sales. But even though the range is pitiful, looks like Volvo and Mitsubishi are getting all the PHEV SUV sales (and, I guess, the Porsche Cayenne and Tesla Model X for those who can afford those).

Exactly – I keep waiting…

I think GM doesn’t want to kill the Service department cash cow – hence no plug-in SUV’s.

On paper it sounds great but the reality could be far different…Audi offers this with out any sacrifices, you get a flat rear floor, power seats, sunroof, more cargo room and even a premium badge…It’s also officially the cheapest Audi you can buy…But it only 353 last month which was a little bit less than last month… Now let’s say we apply the same Voltec philosophy to the Chevy Trax…To get any significant range it needs to be as close to the ground as possible hence the Volt’s scraper…That automatically means that most likely it would utilize the same T-Shape battery which basically eliminates the floor space of the rear middle…Volt is cited not to have power seats and a sunroof for weight, so the Voltec Trax most likely wouldn’t have that either…Also we have a higher price and less range…Also it would most likely have a 0-60 over 10 seconds and the MPG would be lucky to break 30MPH…So would Joe Q Public run to the dealer to buy a base Voltec Trax with manual seats, no sunroof, 35 miles of range, 30MPG, 11 second 0-60 with a bowtie logo for $39,995? Or would it suffer the same fate… Read more »

Very well stated sir, glad to read ya’

I’m convinced that they don’t have an SUV PHEV yet because it will reduce the big profits they make on ICE SUVs.

This is why we desperately need the long-delayed Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV here. Once it is here, it will force the hand of the rest of the automakers to release their own SUV PHEVs.

And I wonder if there has been some weird reason why it has taken forever for Mitsubishi to release the Outlander PHEV in the USA.

Their biggest profit machine is the Silverado…Different target audience than a Trax which is Chevy’s smallest SUV/CUV and therefore the obvious candidate for a SUV/CUV Voltec…A CT could be that they want Bolt sales for the ZEV credits and felt a compact based Volt wouldn’t compete against the Bolt…Every Volt sale chips away at that federal tax credit cap…

For one, I wouldn’t trust Mitsubishi’s claims for AER or MPG. They were caught, and lost face in Japan, cheating MPG numbers for years. The end result was, facing impending bankruptcy, Mitsubishi sold 34% of their auto arm to Nissan. Been in the news, folks. This was the controlling share of Mitsubishi Motors. Not sure if we’ll ever see Outlander PHEV here. As is, it’s a 3-4 year old, big, heavy SUV. It’s been on sale in Asia and Europe long enough for a mid-cycle refresh. Unfortunately it was a “grille-and-taillights” job, no change to the mechanicals. So after your 12-17 miles of electric drive, you’ve got a big, heavy, non-aerodynamic tall station wagon called a gas Mitsubishi Outlander.

Same for Pacifica PHEV. Some around EV websites claim they’re waiting for it. Thing is, FCA’s CEO is as big of EV-hater as there is in the industry. Making those will surely lose FCA money per unit. Expect it for sale in very small numbers in the C.A.R.B. states only…

This is the environment we now live in. It’s all compliance until Model 3 busts the market wide open.

GM is offering a 20% discount on many of their high end versions of their vehicle lineup. The offer is on 2016s, wonder if this includes the 2017 versions of the Volt. Either way,coupled with the Federal tax credit and any state incentive, this could mean a big discount on Volts. Here in California it works out to a $17,000 discount. July sales should take a big jump as a result.

According to Chevys website they’re offering the deal on several top trim models for MY16’s only…Most likely the mindset of GM is to clear out MY16 inventory for the MY17s which doesn’t apply the Volt since they’ve had MY17s for a while but I’m sure that’s the mindset…

I checked Seattle area inventories on Autotrader and only Burien Chevrolet stood out with 11 in stock and they have an image of the Volt for the link to new car sales on their website. They also appeared to have $1887 dealer discount on every one.
However, Nowhere do I see any mention of WA sales tax credit, which all Volts should qualify for from today. Why is that?

The Toyota dealerships weren’t great with the Plug-in Prius.

But the target market was generally someone already looking at the regular Prius which they were good with…

With the growing number if non-Tesla DC QC stations, both CHAdeMO and CCS, what would happen if for 2018 MY, GM added a fast charge option on the Volt? They will be getting experience with incorporating that in a CCS item in the coming Bolt EV, so they could do it!

I would like to see them offer CHAdeMO, but they still hate that!

Since the battery size on the new Volt is bigger than the CHAdeMO equipped Mitsubishi iMiEV, (18+ kWh vs 16 kWh), I am sure the battery could handle it, and when available in public, a quick 10-15 minute charge, would bump up daily AER use by much more! At a lower SOC, even a quick charge just 5 minutes long could realty push up the miles driven that day not on gas!

Totally on the same page with all the other commenters here.

An elderly 2016/2012 volt owner I run into all the time tells me he gets around 70 miles on a charge, and is the main reason he upgraded. (I, on the other hand, am still perfectly happy with my 2011 model).

My friend Brian likes the Volt, but like others here bought his wife a Ford ENERGI since the Volt still remains just a bit too small to be a family hauler. I haven’t asked but I wonder if a BOLT would be large enough? In any event, the ENERGI remains his wife’s favorite car of all time, and goes 18-19 miles prior to needing a recharge.

“I haven’t asked but I wonder if a BOLT would be large enough? In any event, the ENERGI remains his wife’s favorite car of all time, and goes 18-19 miles prior to needing a recharge.”

Bolt is larger than both the Volt and Energi…

But it is a BEV which is good and bad depending on your driving situation.

Too true – to Volt I owners, having already experienced the gateway drug, I wonder if they are waiting to see/feel the Bolt before going with the Volt 2.0, as: IF you like the look feel size and you are already loving electric, it -should- be a Great second car. If it doesn’t appeal for-whatever-reason, Volt 2.0 is still there for the next lease.
Guessing the size of the members of the family enters into the equation as well, once kids hit a certain age and grow a Bunch, well.. that has a lot to do with the SUV craze, IMHO. With luck, Bolt will provide that needed space, and looks/complement become secondary to ‘hauling ability’ (NO, not 3 ton boats, just Big humans, lol).

All these technologies are subsidized and unnecessary. By simply allowing maximum drilling, gas would be plentiful and cost 25 cents a gallon. Nuclear would be too cheap to meter without all the eco regulation fascism.

Gosh, from the VW post, I thought you were just a Trade Group spokesman and not a clown. The dishonest head of the old Atomic Energy Commission, Straus (sp?) came up with that ‘too cheap to meter’ canard. Eco regulation? C’mon – if anything that FAVORS nuclear power, such as the 4 that president Obama is ‘helping’ with gov’t grants to be built. Current ‘in-vogue’ thought is that Nuclear is ‘non-poluting’. Europe isn’t doing much better with their ‘ cost reduced’ designs that are from 3-10 times overbudget, and years behind schedule. In this country, the relatively attractive Westinghouse-Toshiba Ap1000’s still will more than likely produce electricity for more than double current generation. All Nuclear power plants polute: They HAVE to, since there is no practical way to contain radioactive Tritium or Xenon. But then the Nuclear Industry has always managed to get their pollutants delisted into the category of ‘routine releases’, (which don’t count, as long as you are not remotely biological). Of course, when it is mentioned that percentage wise, huge numbers of people are getting sick who lived near Indian Point, are just confused and it must be totally coincidental. I know that because that is what… Read more »

They just updated the Ford Fusion Energi sales…1700! Will it be July or August where the Fusion Energi leapfrogs the Volt in sales?

Alas – No Volts to try in the Hilton Head – Savannah Area

GM should reconsider to re-release the VOLT/AMPERA to Australia at a realistic price.