Chevrolet Volt US Sales Increase In June 2014, 2015 Model Year Arrives At Dealers

JUL 1 2014 BY JAY COLE 17

2014 Chevy Volt Production Ceased In June

2014 Chevy Volt Production Ceased In June

Hamtramck Workers Built A Lot Of Volts This Spring...But Probably Not So Much With The New 2015s Over The Summer

Hamtramck Workers Built A Lot Of Volts This Spring…But Probably Not So Much With The New 2015s Over The Summer

Heading into June, the Chevrolet Volt had seen improved sales for each consecutive month of the year and had bested or equalled last year’s results for 3 straight months.

And while the trend of consecutive monthly increases continued, besting June 2013’s impressive results was not close to being accomplished.

In June 1,777 Volts were sold, which was down 34% over 2013 when 2,698 were sold.

For the year to date, 8,615 cars have been sold, as compared to the 9,855 sold for the first months of last year.  Overall sales have dropped 13%.

Production of the 2014 model year Volt ended a little earlier this year and 2015 production began last week…with a few copies actually hitting dealership lots before month’s end.

As for inventory levels, GM shipped out a lot of 2014s in the final month and a half of production for summer sales (2014s start from $33,185 right now, and are discounted from there), which means that like last year, we are most likely not going to see much new 2015 inventory support until the fall.

In 2013, the 2nd half of the year was when the Volt finally caught its sales grove, with almost 60% of the year’s sales (13,239 units) coming in the final 6 months.  While we certainly hope the same trend holds true for this year, it will also make year-over-year comps much trickier than in the first half.  Last year in July and August, GM sold 1,788 and 3,351 Volts receptively.

Separately, 97 of the Volt’s cousin, the Cadillac ELR was sold in June – a new monthly high; while additionally 85 Spark EV were also sold.

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Glad to see! Got my 2014 VOLT in April. Nice improvements vs my July 2012 built ’13. Most under appreciated vehicle in the EV range. August will be a good time to buy or lease with end of MY incentives. And don’t forget GM Card earnings. I saved another $955 off my negotiated price ($39,460 MSRP to $36,700 another $500 below True Car).

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

? AFAICR the only differences between ’13 and ’14 were colors and deletions, such as the auto->manual charge door.

I’m confused. The headline says sales increased in June… Yet the data says otherwise. What am I missing?

Increased (since last month)
But not year over year.

There’s not going to be much valluein comparing to last years’ months going forward. Last year was artificially inflated by the price cut. Don’t think theres any chance of matching it without a similar incentive this year.

lewl, GM didn’t announce the 2014MY price cut until August 6th last year, so here is hoping they drop the MSRP soon to reflect the deals most dealers have been making for the past several months.

Oh, right you are. Was thinking it was earlier for some reason.
June last year really was extraordinary to sell that much without the price drop.

Ironically, a higher MSRP with huge discounts might sell more cars than today’s MSRP and smaller discounts.

I would agree and this pricing structure might help with the resale value of the older models.

I don’t see another price cut coming. I would imagine that GM will produce fewer cars than take any more price degradation. The 2015 model will be just a placeholder waiting for the big changes with the 2016 model.

I feel like they’re not losing money on each one, they just make more money on other models. Remember, too, the battery prices keep dropping, so another price cut doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be suffering more.

Beyond just profit per vehicle what the Volt has done for Chevy and GM is bring customers into the fold that have never owned and or considered a GM vehicle. It would have been an easier task if the Volt first appeared as a Caddy but that’s in the past.

the Volt is a great car. i have had my car for 2 years and it is my favorite car that i have owned, surpassing my previous favorite: the Saab 9000.

Anyone have any specs on the Gen 1 2015 Volt now shipping? Color changes? Interior options? Controls? Perhaps using some more battery depth-of-charge like the ELR? (The Volt and the ELR use the same battery and the ELR is now using up to 12 kWh, right?). New EPA range rating?

Changes I noticed on my 2014 Volt. Voltmeter that I did not have on my 2012. Darker gray color. Charge timer override button on remote. The GPS looks better, I could be wrong. Longer range, much more than advertised.

Wallace As far as the Volt is concerned GM tends to under advertise and over deliver.

Had my volt 2 years now 28k 80 gallons of fuel first American car since 1976 sunbird. Well done GM

The volt is a piece of crap. If it wasn’t for my tax money subsidizing the sad sacks buying the cars there wouldn’t be a single one on the road.