Chevrolet Volt Sales Flat In November

DEC 3 2013 BY JAY COLE 13

Chevrolet Volt Sales Improve Over November 2012's Result

Chevrolet Volt Sales Improve Over November 2012’s Result

Prior to November’s result, the past 3 months sales of the Chevrolet Volt have really been all over the place, and we imagine GM would really like the Volt to find a more steady and predictable groove:

  • GM's Extended Range Volt Ends Out 2013 Without Much Inventory

    GM’s Extended Range Volt Ends Out 2013 Without Much Inventory

    August 2013 – 3,351

  • September 2013 – 1,766
  • October 2013 – 2,022

Now we can report that in November Chevrolet sold 1,920 Volts.  So maybe this 2,000ish level is where the extended range Chevy is going to live for awhile.

Previously in November 2012, only 1,519 cars where sold, making 2013’s result a 26.4% improvement.  (Note: there was five weekend selling dates in November’s result this year)

Overall for 2013 20,702 Volts have been sold thus far, as compared to 20,828 at this point last year, good for a small decline of .6%

As we speculated in last month’s Chevy Volt recap, production out of the General at their Hamtramck, Michigan facility has been continued to be fairly underwhelming.   A national inventory that entered the summer boasting over 10,000 current model year Volts (which at the time were 2013s), has sunk to little more than 2,000 2014s, with about 1,500 2013s remaining.

Chevrolet needs to sell 2,759 Volts next month to avoid being the first plug-in vehicle to report lower year-over-year sales since the “next generation” of plug-ins hit the market in 2010.  In 2012, 23,461 cars were sold.   (Toyota is also in a similar situation with little Prius PHV inventory available to sell)

Chevrolet Volt Get A "Solar Charge" Outside GM's Hamtramck Facility

Chevrolet Volt Get A “Solar Charge” Outside GM’s Hamtramck Facility

Now with the high-margin Cadillac ELR (full specs & pricing here) in production, and running down the same line as the Volt, and along with a holiday shutdown to contend with, GM is not in a position to dig themselves out of this hole anytime soon – which is a shame because traditionally the last month of the year is spurred on by the “tax implications” of the federal $7,500 credit for buyers of plug-in vehicles.

Having more inventory in February will have little effect on those buyers wanted to see their credits on their 2013 return.

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It will be interesting to see how the main stream media titles their articles today. When last month’s results came in, the headlines were “Volt Sales Drop 33%!”. Now will they say “Volt Sales Rise 26%!”… (I doubt it)

Automotive sales trends are not based on consecutive monthly sales for the same year. Automotive sales are based on year over year months, which are like ‘seasons’ for the industry.

Which means comparing the summer month of August and fall months of Sept, Oct and Nov does not work.

Which also means the Volt was not flat in sales for Nov 2013, but had a 26.4% increase over Nov 2012. Which is a good thing for plug-in vehicles.

Volt is now 2759 units from matching it’s 2012 YTD sales total for the US.

When inventory swelled and then got sold off, you gotta wonder how many buyers couldn’t find/didn’t get what they wanted. They have about a month’s inventory, in 2013s. Getting the 2014 cutoff right could have saved GM, and owners some dough. Here’s a link to help GM understand what’s going on:

The latest I’ve seen is these ‘Electric Cars’ adds, featuring sky blue and olive colored queerness. They seem to be getting a big ad budget, from somewhere? Click the anti-competitive banner, and don’t be surprised to see dealer offerings from our esteemed hybrid and diesel makers. Pretty disgusting BS, if you ask me.

It is pretty obvious that GM doesn’t care about selling the Volt or the Spark.
They are however interested in selling pick ’em up trucks.
The American buying public has fallen right back into their old habits.
The oil companies win again.

I really think Ford is going to be the one to push it’s weight around with the EV’s in that I have seen tons of plug in Fords on the highways in my area but only volt I have even seen more Teslas on the roads then Volts. The reason for this is that the sales of Fords as been rising steadily and at a good pace.

I don’t know that I agree that GM is being nefarious here regarding the Volt sales. GM sort of “did their part” already this year by finally lowering the price of the car by $5000. Even still, it hasn’t seemed to move more metal. The price drop seems at this point to have been a big “Meh” by consumers. Perhaps GM could’ve/should’ve had more Volt inventory at the end of the year, but do you really think it would make a big difference?

A big problem is now with the price drop, the good lease deals have disappeared. That combined with low production/selection is leading to lukewarm sales. It is definitely in GM’s court right now to fix this.

What is interesting is that the local dealerships are offering Ford C max plug ins for $26,000 without the tax gimmicks which alone could be damaging the Chevy Volt by itself.

Yeah I think it definitely has an affect. Both Enegi products have had some very nice discounts advertised pretty consistintely since September. So big, I wonder how sustainable they are for Ford’s profits. I predict continued strong sales of 2013’s. Once those dwindle down I wonder if there will be less rebate money and lower sales on the 2014’s for a while.

If enough folks start buying electric vehicles, fuel prices will fall, and the internal combustion engine will prevail. Look at what they did in Brazil about 30 years ago. Those Oil companies are in it for the long haul.

Volt doesn’t have the cheap lease deals like the LEAF or the heavy dealer discount on the Energi models like the Ford….

Competition is heating up.

Also, Prius Plugin is at heavy discount at dealers as well, especially in CA. With all three qualify for sticker, people buy the “cheapest” one without realizing that Volt is cheaper after Federal Tax Incentives….

Look, I kept my last car two years longer than I wanted waiting on the Volt, then when it came out, I was disappointed in the design, the dash layout, the open hole between the back seats, etc.

American car manufacturers repeatedly refuse to push the limit on design, while their European and Asian counterparts run circles around them.

The Volt is a great concept. I rarely drive more than 40 miles a day, so I would rarely use gas. I was all in. Chevy simply needs to go back and work on the design and relaunch the car.

I think it is very telling of the product and the target market when the year end sales pitch is – you need help with your taxes for 2013? Too much income and not enough deductions?

If that is the case I expect a good percentage of the volt sales to move to the Cadillac version because it is more appealing to the upscale client base that the volt has been dependent. Sorry volt – I think your next year sales you will be luck to get 60% of this years sales. But I don’t think the Cadillac version will increase GMs electric vehicle market share – they will just divide that small pool of buyers between them.