Chevrolet Volt Sales Flat Ahead Of Imminent 2016 2nd Gen Deliveries

SEP 1 2015 BY JAY COLE 10

Finally, the wait is over.  2016 Volts are now being produced and will very shortly make their way to anxious owners in the United States.

Finally On The Streets!

Finally On The Streets!

It was a year ago when the first teaser image of the all-new 2016 Chevrolet Volt was released by GM, seven months since the car debuted in the flesh in Detroit for NAIAS 2015, and four months since the new Volt was priced (from $33,995).

Now the 2016 Chevrolet Volt has arrived in September!

Unfortunately, the new 2016s didn’t arrive in time to help August sales (our sources note that GM didn’t get the official EPA nod on the release date until August 30th), as summer sales for the first gen car have been fairly low, and flat as a board.

For the month,  just 1,380 of the first generation cars were sold; off some 45% from the 2,511 sold a year ago. Previously in July, 1,313 were moved.

Our take on August’s result?  A resounding “who cares?!?”, as anticipation for the 2nd generation car (efficiency details & specs) is hitting an all-time high as the first cars arrive.

The question du’jour now is, “how high can 2016 Volt sales go?”, and “how long will it take GM to ramp up production to match demand?” 

Effective last week, customers in 11 US states can now order the Volt, with national order books opening on October 1st.

Benchmarks of interest: The first generation Chevrolet Volt’s best sales month was back in August of 2013, when 3,351 were sold, while the most Volts sold in a calendar year was 23,461 set back in 2012.

2016 Chevrolet Volt Window Sticker (click to enlarge)

2016 Chevrolet Volt Window Sticker (click to enlarge)

Other Volt and GM Plug-In points of interest for August:

The Good Ole Days - First Teaser Image Of 2016 Volt From August 2014

The Good Ole Days – First Teaser Image Of 2016 Volt From August 2014

* – 2016 Chevrolet Volt official gets a 53 mile EPA range rating, 42 MPGs in extended range mode, and an overall 106 MPGe efficiency nod (details)

* – Chevrolet Spark EV gets the nod as a “10 ten” lease deal for August (details)

* – 1st gen Volt owner has a serious accident with a transport truck and walks away unharmed

* – the new 2016 Cadillac ELR just started arriving at dealers in August, but not soon enough to boost sales.  For August 45 were sold, off 77% from the 196 moved a year ago.

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I saw very few Gen 1 premium volts available in my area. Only thing left were base Volts. down to 2903 total Volts, 2439 2015’s and 431 2014’s.

Posted in the sales recap as well, but thought I should mention here…

I’m surprised that the Chevrolet Volt has seen 5 straight months of sales gains (month over month) despite the Gen 2 release pending and the already limited inventory ever-decreasing. A small ray of sunshine?

Just think if GM was allowed to sell Volts in Japan or the EC… Without huge non tariffs that make it cost up to $80,000 in those major markets! GM couldn’t build enough … Or even China where it is also effectively kept out.

They are offering huge discounts. I got mine after Fed and California rebates for $18225. Cheaper than a Corrola

So if the 2nd Gen Volt is in production now, where are the engines coming from if the factory for those doesn’t start until December?

Where did you read those engines won’t be available until December?

Initial engines will be built in Mexico, until such times the Flint facility comes online.
“Currently, 2016 Volt engine demand is satisfied out of the company’s Toluca, Mexico facility.”

Although the production release was Sept 1st, as soon as the final production design is fixed (probably by December 2014), the suppliers commence production and the assempby plant begins to receive the parts, including the engines. So those Volt engine were at the plant before July.

Looks like these could be shown and possibly driven at the Drive Electric events later in Sept. Great timing.