Chevrolet Volt – The Road To 100,000 Sales In U.S.

AUG 4 2016 BY MARK KANE 17

2016 Chevrolet Volt

Chevrolet Volt

Chevrolet Volt, as we excpected, crossed the milestone of 100,000 sales in the U.S. in mid-July after posting a strong 2,406 sales during the month.  In fact, total Volt sales in America currently stand at 100,964.

It’s the first time any plug-in electric car has hit 100,000 sales in any one single country.

In total those cars have driven 2.5 billion miles; including nearly 1.5 billion, or ~60%, in all-electric mode.

So far this year, the Volt also holds almost 1% of all Chevrolet sales in the U.S., with peak market share of 1.3% in July.  Last month was also 10th consecutive month of growth, after the introduction of second generation model.

Chevrolet Volt sales in U.S. – July 2016 (100,000)

Chevrolet Volt sales in U.S. – July 2016 (100,000)

Chevrolet Volt sales in U.S. – July 2016 (100,000)

Chevrolet Volt sales in U.S. – July 2016 (100,000)

An interesting “duel” between Chevrolet Volt and Nissan LEAF for the sales crown has provided us (and most other media outlets) a lot of meaningless joy to compare since both vehicles were first delivered back in December of 2010.

The LEAF had a strong lead though out 2015, but the second generation Volt boosted sales enough to take 100,000 milestone first – and by a sturdy margin in the end (100,964 to 96,447), while the 30 kWh upgraded battery for 2016 LEAF that debuted around the same time as the new Volt, didn’t succeed in the U.S. as it has elsewhere around the world.

The race to 150,000 or 200,000 will probably be even more interesting as Tesla Model S is now approaching 80,000, and there is high expectations for a second generation LEAF which debuts in 2017.

Chevrolet Volt sales in U.S. – July 2016 (100,000)

Chevrolet Volt sales in U.S. – July 2016 (100,000)

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So the crown goes to the Volt and not to tesla? Hmmm, interesting, that’s not what we usually hear around here

Maybe you should not omit the little detail that the Volt has been on the market more than two years more than the Model S …

Tosho said:”market more than two years more than the Model S …”

Fact check: less than 2 years.

The Volt better enjoy its time on the top. Tesla is coming up fast. LOL!
Given the quarterly surges that Tesla engages in, it will be interesting to see just how well the S does in September. I bet it is going to be an excellent number. Between the S, the X, the Energis, the i3 and the Volt, they may surge enough to put electric cars over 1% of the total light duty vehicle market sales.

We are at 480,000 cumulative plugin sales for the US. If we get a crazy August of 20K plugin sales, that would 1/2 million. If not, then definitely be there by the end of September.

That’s right, 480k if you start counting in December 2010. But if you count since 2008, the Tesla Roadster and other models not usually accounted for (Fisker Karma, Coda, Ford Transit Connect, ….), the tally gets over 485k, so the likehood to pass the 500k milestone in August increases a lot!

Well we’ll see what happens when we can start comparing Apples to Apples and we’ll compare the Chevrolet Bolt with the Nissan Leaf the Volt should not be compared with the leaf leaf = Bev Volt = phev.

Or instead of trying to pit one plug-in against another, we could applaud this milestone, and the similar milestones of the Leaf and S coming up.

Heck, we could even encourage others to consider a plug-in tailored to fit their needs, instead of our own personal favorite. I bet that could help adoption, given how most sales are generated based on early-user testimony at this point.

I love these, “The Leaf and the Volt aren’t comparable” posts!
They are the two BEST vehicles to compare when you are looking at electric cars for now.

“But it has a gas tank/exhaust pipe…” 😉

I always like a car w versatility. I’ll be up front & say I adore my Volt. I always ask this question : Which car could you take on a road trip to anywhere? Coast to coast? To Argentina? To Nova Scotia? To Nome, Alaska? The Volt. So, if you have a Leaf (or a Tesla) & want to do a road trip or two, get another car. I’ll take the Volt, any day! 😀

It has been suggested that the newly redesigned Volt has more cabin space. Perhaps it does, but none of that increased space allows my 6’5″ frame to sit behind the wheel without my head mashed into the headliner. Reclining the seatback only puts the steering wheel out of reach. No sale Chevy!

You might be more interested in a Bolt EV. Here’s a review from a 6’5″ guy. He says he has room all around and even sits in the back.

If you want to stick to a PHEV, the Fusion Energi is roomier, but you lose the trunk.

It’s been reported that tall folks fit fine in the Volt…The seat has height adjustment and the wheel is manually telescopic…If you’re truly interested in a Volt, swing by a Chevy dealer on your way home and try it out…

storky, are you adjusting the seat down or are you leaving it where the dealer left it? Because I am 6’4″ and I can wear a baseball cap in my Volt without it touching the headliner. There is tons of headroom in the front seats of the Volt. I have a colleague who is 6’6″ and he has good headroom in my car. He has trouble getting in and out because his knees are bad and the car sits low, but the headroom isn’t an issue.
Are you adjusting the seat down as well as back? Because the only way I can get my head anywhere close to the “roof” in the Volt is to pump the seat all the way up, like I was a shorty trying to see over the dash.

The seat also adjusts up and down. Did you try adjusting the seat downward? Several people over 6 feet fit comfortably in their Volt. It sounds like your seat was not fully adjusted properly if you tried sitting in one.

Good job with the Volt!

Imagine if GM actually tried selling it, especially worldwide!

Don’t fight too hard for the last electric car buyers, you still have over billion cars & trucks in the world to replace.