Chevrolet Volt Reverse 180 – Video


Chevy Volt Does a J-Turn

Chevy Volt Does a J-Turn

How’d we not see this before?

Here’s old video of the Chevrolet Volt doing a J-turn.

It’s simply too entertaining not to share.

Enjoy!  But don’t attempt this without training.

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14 responses to "Chevrolet Volt Reverse 180 – Video"
  1. Ziv says:

    I learned by starting on snowy parking lots, and then in the spring I practice on rainy days. I have to admit I won’t do one unless the road or parking lot is wet and I have plenty of room.

  2. ClarksonCote says:

    Haha! I did this the other day in the parking lot. It’s certainly fun.

    1. GeorgeS says:

      I had a sand rail with turning brakes that was fun. I used to do these 180’s head first in my 67 Bug but I used the parking brake. My buddy had a mini cooper and used the emergency brake turn to do 180’s around the pylons in the parking lot slaloms. It was front wheel drive and quite a site to see the front end burning rubber with the rear end lock up.

  3. Airton says:

    I do remember my Volt being very fast in reverse compared to full on ICE cars, and most other EVs are.

  4. kubel says:

    Don’t leave out the LEAF:

    1. Spider-Dan says:

      -1 point for sloppiness, but +1 point for tougher surface (asphalt instead of dirt).

  5. Storky says:

    Very pretty

  6. Mike9999 says:

    Wow. Things I’ll never need to learn.

  7. Speculawyer says:

    We always called that a “Rockford” as in “The Rockford Files”. Used to do it all the time in the snow. That and pulling the handbrake for a nice rear wheel spin.

  8. Anon says:

    Can also be done on a Segway… 😉

  9. James says:

    Perfect faire for a Friday!

    I love that stuff!

  10. James says:

    Now give a Volt and LEAF to Joey Chitwood and have him do two-wheel driving and doughnuts!


    Message to kids of all ages: EVs are fun!

  11. Robert says:

    Why are you ******* banging on about having to do this on low grip surfaces?
    The trick is all about weight transference!
    Get up to speed then LIFT OFF THE GAS and then throw the front end around and let momentum take over. It’s easy!

  12. Robert says:

    What is it called, when, you get tire spin and stuck going up a hill in Winter, stop, put the car (stick shift, 4 Speed with Overdrive) in reverse, rev the engine, drop the clutch with the wheel turned hard left, and do a spin-turn, to get the nose pointed down the hill (1891 Chevy Citation, Winter, 1982 ish), spinning the tiers hard through 90 degrees, then clutching through the last half of the 180 turn, to star to recover traction, straightening the wheels and let the car tool down the hill a few feet for fresh snow, and then ease out the clutch and carefully Back up the hill, to get up to the highway?

    I did the above, coming from our CNR Railway Camp at the end of the day after a big snowfall; everyone else had the front end loader we had, tow them up the (pretty steep) hill!

    It was fun! I also did many a snow covered parking lot J-Turn practice runs in that car!