Chevrolet Volt Is Most Loved “Mass Market Car” – Tesla Model S Most Loved “Luxury Car” & Overall

APR 13 2015 BY MARK KANE 17

Tesla Model S in Australia

Tesla Model S in Australia

Strategic Vision, after two years of its New Vehicle Experience Study (NVES) consisting of data from over 534,000 new vehicle buyers, found the connection between overall vehicle experience and repurchase loyalty.

As it turns out, satisfaction is not enough if you would like to see the customer again in auto industry.

“Customers who report that they are very satisfied with a product or service are not likely to be advocates, more likely to tell others to avoid the product, and are more often disloyal (more like those who report “hating” the experience). It is imperative that companies go “beyond satisfaction” and provide experiences that customers will “Love.” When customers experience Love, they become strong advocates who are significantly more likely to be loyal.”

Strategic Vision prepared the Edwards Commitment Scale to rate vehicles beyond satisfaction: 1=Hate it, 2=a Failure, 3=Unsatisfactory, 4=Satisfactory, 5=Excellent, 6=Delightful and 7=Love it.

On average, only 22% of satisfied customers will buy the car again. That is only 10% more than in case of customers who Hated their previous experience (12%).

Even the highest “Love it” will, on average, translate to only 48% repurchase loyalty.

Dr. Darrel Edwards, PhD, Founder of Strategic Vision said:

“When you fully understand the impact of only satisfying customers, you understand that satisfied customers are essentially lost future sales. You must create experiences customers will naturally state that they love, or you will lose.”

Now, let’s move to the Most Loved Vehicle in America according to the Strategic Vision. We don’t need to search hard for plug-in cars, as one of them opens the whole two-year analysis with results of 92% of customers that “Love it”.

The winner is Tesla Model S – in Luxury Cars category and overall!

Among luxury cars, second best is the Audi A8/S8 (76%), while second best overall is the MINI Cooper Roadster (86%). Tesla Model S has a significant advantage of 6% over the next closest car.

There’s a second plug-in car that topped its category too – Chevrolet Volt, with 68% “Love it” – won the Mass Market Cars category together with the Dodge Charger (also 68%). In the mass segment, manufacturers are unable to throw so many features in as in the luxury segment, which makes 68% a very good result too.

Chevrolet Volt Is Most Loved “Mass Market Car” – Tesla Model S Most Loved “Luxury Car” & Overall (source: Strategic Vision)

Chevrolet Volt Is Most Loved “Mass Market Car” – Tesla Model S Most Loved “Luxury Car” & Overall (source: Strategic Vision)

Source: Strategic Vision

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Looks like the Volt is sitting on the Santa Monica Pier, during Winter (tourist off season).

For me, I like my Volt a lot, but won’t buy another one. It was always a transition car until an affordable long-range EV was available. Bolt is too small, so looks like I won’t be a GM customer for a long time after my lease is up.

Tesla is probably the least likely to suffer customer attrition until some real contenders reach the scene in five years (if then). By then the supercharger network will be tough to beat, so perhaps their advantage runs even longer.

Score another award for the Volt.

And wow, the Model S destroys everything else in the ‘luxury’ class.


No surprise here. Consumer Reports rated the Tesla Model S #1 in consumer satisfaction, and the Volt at #2, for -all- cars… not just EVs.

Well done GM. Now put the drivetrain in more vehicle types. (But not grandpa cars like Cadillacs.)

Voltec Equinox/Terrain/SUV-type vehicle will make me a happy camper.

Absolutely, if someone would build a midsize SUV or a full size pickup with the capabilities of a Volt for under 50k before incentives I would buy it in a heartbeat.

Because Tesla’s success shows you that nobody wants to buy a high-end EV?

Gotta work with that you have.

GM is working on their 200+ mile EV. But they have a very well awarded PHEV drive-train. Time to put it into a very popular American vehicle body style instead of just a small hatchback. Yeah, you won’t get 50 miles of range. But you’ll get a lot more customers.

The Hybrid Malibu will be the next “best loved” GM vehicle for 2016.

2014 Volt and 2012 Wrangler, love both.

Help me understand the Wrangler.
I hear this car is torture to drive, jumpy and unsafe at highway speeds.
What’s the appeal?

I had a Wrangler, and agree with your description completely. I would add that it’s also terrible on fuel. But I did love that stupid thing. Sort of. Like a Harley, there’s a deliberate crudeness to the Wrangler that inspires a “carefree” attitude. I put carefree in quotes because first, the actual attitude is best expressed using profanity (I don’t give a ____), and second, because I cannot imply that the vehicle is care free in any way. At it’s core, I found it quite sturdy, but I always had to have a credit card handy when I owned it. It was nice to take backwoods and out on logging trails for sightseeing and to find great camping and fishing spots. Having it every day made it feel like it was possible to do these things every day. They’re also nice to have to get around if you have a farm or a ranch. I once used mine to pull a dredge across a pond to get rid of excess moss. Turns out a good winch chained to a big tree works even better. 😉 Best place to really understand it’s appeal today is to visit a Jeep forum and… Read more »

Thanks for the descriptive answer.

Nissan can have that title if they can solve the Leaf limited battery range problem.

I wonder if that Audi guy, Johan, can make Cadillac appear on this list.