Chevrolet Volt Heat Map U.S.

Volt Heat Map


In the past we’ve reported on heat maps depicting concentrations of other plug-in vehicles in the United States, such as the BMW i3., a database of Volt owners who have voluntarily allowed the website to collect usage data from their vehicles through OnStar, now offers a heat map for the Volt as well (above), in addition to their previous map that has a push pin for each town that has a Volt.

Similar maps also exist for the Spark EV and Cadillac ELR, though their limited sales to date do not paint as interesting of a picture.

A quick look shows many of “the usual suspects” for popular locations, as well as a few possible surprises.  Are you surprised by any of the popular locations?

Volt Owner Map shows (by default) this Owner Map, with a Push Pin for every Town that has a Volt.

Source: Owner Map

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I was happy to see that Chevy had two new Volts on display at the LA Car Show, a huge video display showing the Volt, a dedicated rep there to talk up the Volt, and several posters for the Volt around the convention center. Hopefully the nationwide advertising matches this level of commitment.

If there are too few people living in the area, it’ll show as fewer sales. What would be more interesting is map that shows correlation of population and Volt. I think it would be more widely distributed than this map shows.

Yeah, I just compared this to a population density map of the US and it was almost an exact match.

This. With some regional variation, more Volts are found where there are more people.

So true. The heat map and marker map on use the same database. The marker map for NYC, population 8,491,079, shows a total of only 14 Volts in NYC (5 in Queens, 4 in Staten Island, 4 in Manhattan, 1 in the Bronx, and 0 in Brooklyn). Yet, the marker map for NYC shows this area as red. Upstate NY, which has a population of about 7,500,000 over a vastly greater land area (in order of magnitudes), has well over 100 Volts owners on the marker map, but is almost exclusively yellow, green, or white in the heat map with a touch of pink around Rochester.

Both maps can be found at this link:

I am surprised that there aren’t more Volts in Burlington, VT. I was there for the holiday weekend and while I did see them around, I saw many more Energis than Volts. Of course, this could be simple observation bias. Not that I notice Energis more, but that I was often using public chargers, accompanied by other Energis. Volts have enough range to require much less charging in public.

Yea, last time I was in VT I only saw a single Volt, though I did not see any plugin Fords, to be fair. I don’t think EVs are generally on people’s radar there, especially since AWD is such a necessity for the snowy months. In contrast, the number of Volts in LA is insane. Easily, it is the prevalent plugin in the city (I’d say the Model S is number 2).

Well, what part of Vermont were you in? Most of the state is extremely rural, and I rarely see any kind of plug-in. Burlington is very urban and has a HUGE concentration of hybrids. There is also a large population of plug-ins supported by one of the best per-capita public charging infrastructures in the East.

Reminds me of this:

Furry hot Volts! That’s how you sell ’em! 😉


Just to point out, this is actually a heat map of the US and Canada. 🙂

I am in Baltimore Maryland. I took delivery of a 2016 Chevy Volt ( LT with the comfort package) last week and I’m pretty happy with it. My dealer said they are selling as quick as they arrive, so I believe that hot area on the map covering Maryland is going to get a lot hotter.

GM should move more Volts in HI. still remembering a ratio of 3:1 tesla and even i3, tto Volt when i was there 9 mo ago.

Why would people need Volt in Hawaii? After all, you aren’t going to go very far without swimming.. LOL. Rex won’t help you with that.

We should do a 2016 Volt heat map comparison to see if there are any changes.

Luckily I live in the Volt hot bed of SF Bay Area. I see about 8-10 Volt per day in my commute. In the last 3 weeks, I start to see about 2-3 brand new 2016 Volt per day now. So, the new Volt must be selling very well (at least better than back in 2010/2011).