RIP Chevy Volt: USA’s Best-Selling Electric Car Of All Time

NOV 29 2018 BY MARK KANE 259

Chevrolet Volt production will come to an official end in March 2019.

And we’re all a bit saddened by the loss of this #1 selling plug-in electric car of all time in the U.S. Not even the Tesla Model 3 can claim a higher cumulative tally of sales to date.

Chevrolet Volt was the first volume plug-in hybrid on the market. We were highly excited when the Volt and Nissan LEAF came out in December 2010. Most of us were eager to get sales results on the 1st or 2nd of each month and, back then, all we had to really compare was the Volt with the LEAF. Many disputes were waged back in those days as to whether the Volt was all-electric, or plug-in hybrid/series-hybrid. But none of that mattered. The Volt was hot and the undisputed tech leader in the EV space.

Now, all of this comes to an end as General Motors no longer finds a business case for passenger cars. Several production plants will be closed in 2019, including the Volt’s Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly plant (in March 2019).

Chevrolet Volt ends its run as the most popular plug-in electric car the in U.S. right now with 148,556 sales (InsideEVs data) through the end of October. Tesla sold some 138,000 Model S (since mid-2012), while Nissan sold 126,747 LEAFs. There’s a chance the Model 3 may catch the Volt before it formally departs in March, but for now the Volt is the undisputed #1.

Despite being the most popular PHEV, the Chevy Volt didn’t make GM’s latest cut. Sales peaked at around 25,000 in 2016 when the second-generation version hit the market and have been on the decline every year since then.

Currently, the rolling 12-month period indicates sales of over 18,000 Volts annually. Plus about 4,000 more in Canada.

The Chevrolet Volt (first generation) was originally sold worldwide – as the Chevrolet Volt or Holden Volt (Australia), as well as Opel Ampera/Vauxhall Ampera). Both left-hand drive and right-hand drive versions were available.

The second generation didn’t have such luck and was sold only in North America. However, in 2017, GM introduced in China the Buick Velite 5 – this localised version of the 2nd generation Volt found only several thousand customers in almost two years, which means China is not the answer to keep the Volt alive.

It’s time to say goodbye Chevrolet Volt. Let us hope the tech can be reborn in the form of a Voltec crossover/SUV/pick-up truck at some point in the future.

Wave goodbye to the Volt with us. You’ll be missed.

Chevrolet Volt

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Still being made in Michigan until the end of February. Get one while you can!

only if you do not mind losing lots of money on it in the first 2 years.

Why would anyone lose lots of money on it? Car is still under warranty. If one drives it a long time, then depreciation doesn’t matter. Support and warranty isn’t a concern. If one keeps it long enough, it may become a classic.

As usual, none of it posted by you make any sense.

Maybe he’s one of those that bought into the depreciation bs…

And it only matters if one wants to sell the car and get new one every 3 years. At that point, just lease the car.

Unfortunately, that is a concern even if your a person who holds cars long term as I am.
In the event of a crash, heavily depreciated cars are at risk for totaling it out as well as low reimbursement.

Yeah, that’s what happened to my poor ol’ Leaf back in 2015.

Lol! We’ll cut you some slack because you’re grieving.

When you get to stage 5, .. re-read your post. You’ll laugh too.

Plus you will still get the full $7500 tax credit on a $30k to $35k (gusstimated actual sale price) car. The big problem with the Volt is that it is terribly cramped inside. The same drivetrain in a CUV would be great. They’re getting rid of the volt but maybe (hopefully) not the voltec system.

May become a classic??? Yes, Jay Leno’s Volt would…Perhaps a few select sub-1000 mile ELR could find buyers…

Chevrolet has built a lot of Edsel-like cars. They lost a large fortune on the VOLT….BOLT will die an ignominus death also.

But you are a clueless fanatic…gotta keep things in perspective.

I buy cars for the long haul. I don’t care about resale value, just quality and durability. I bought our two off-lease used anyway, so saved a wad of cash, basically getting 2 for the price of one. Both have been completely trouble-free.

2 year old Volt vs. 2 year old Camry:

2017 Volt MSRP $33220 less $7500 tax credit = net $25720
2017 Camry MSRP $23070 no tax credit = net $23070

Volt cost to charge 33 mi. per day for 24 mo. 11Kw@.$.13/kwh = $1044
Camry cost of gas 33 mi per day for 24 mo. 24Mpg@$2.65/gal = $2660

Kelley Blue Book
2017 Volt 24000 mi Fair Purchase Price $20985
2017 Camry 24000 mi Fair Purchase Price $16438

Volt net cost including fuel ($25720-20985= $4735 + $1044 fuel = $5779
Camry net cost including fuel ($23070-$16438=$6632 + $2660 fuel = $9292

Who’s gonna lose money? OPEC?

On the other hand it might become a collectors edition in 40 yrs,”Volt,the car that almost brought GM into the EV Mas Market”

GM and their dealers have been terrible to support the Volt while it was in production. One can imagine how its going to be once it is officially killed. At this point I’d just recommend a Honda Clarity PHEV.

It is sad that the Volt had to be treated like it was by GM and their deaers, it could have sold at least 2-3X more than it did 🙁

“it could have sold at least 2-3X more than it did 🙁”

No, it wouldn’t. The only way it would sell 3x more is if it has a Toyota badge on it while it is exactly the same car underneath. That is how stupid buyers are.

Chevrolet has worked hard over the years to gain a reputation for horrible small cars. The Volt is probably the only small Chevy that is well built and reliable. But it is hampered by the Chevy reputation.

GM should have started a separate brand for EVs and EREVs, with dedicated dealers or other sales channels like Tesla. The Chevy brand just couldn’t overcome its low quality, gas guzzling, workhorse image. Maybe they should have re-invented the Saturn brand as an EV / EREV brand. Saturn stood for smart innovative economical cars and had a loyal following of customers that wouldn’t have considered the stodgy old GM brands. Saturn would have been a good fit.

Bolt is a good quality car and still being sold. If you have to have gas aboard the car to feel good, throw a gas can in the back.

BOLT is far behind in the BEV all departments..destined for failure. The market is NOT interested in small, ugly BEVs.

Saturn was a terrible brand glad thier dead

I would not rule out the possibility of a new brand for EVs from General Motors. Perhaps even an entirely independent EV spinoff company – with the benefit of another 200k units eligible for EV tax credits.

They never advertised it, I disagree.

Not true John. GM bought some Uber expesive Super Bowl ads to run their clever and funny Chevy Volt “Aliens in The Garage” ad and their Chevy Volt “History is Made” ad, but they didn’t result in a big bump in sales as GM was hoping for.

While not a Chevy Volt ad, who can forget GM’s controversial “Why do we work so hard?” ad for the Caddy ELR, which also ran during the Super Bowl. The ELR didn’t get a big bump in sales either.

Chevy Volt “Aliens in the garage” ad

Chevy Bolt “History is made” ad

Cadillac ELR “Why do we work so hard?” ad

The GM dealer in my university town was really smart and hired a cool kid especially for selling the Volt / Bolt to customers willing to listen and capable to do the math. They sold a lot of both here, I see many Volts and Bolts daily on my commute. Unfortunately, the typical GM clientele goes for the big heavy polluting steel boats. If GM had offered an EV or EREV CUV or pickup, they would have moved many more than the Volt/Bolt.

@TheWay said: “GM and their dealers have been terrible to support the Volt while it was in production…. it could have sold at least 2-3X more than it did.”

Absolutely correct…

The Chevy Volt is currently the most practical and best made hybrid EV… hands-down the best non-Tesla EV for those needing ability *today* to make *hassle-free* long distance trips.

Very much agreed. Thanks CDAVIS.

Clarity have something to say about that

Hindered by lack of space, features and styling as the Gen1 looked like bizarre while the Gen2 looks like a Civic with braces…GM should have Volteced the Equinox with AWD optional and they would have had a winner…

The VOLT didn’t”save” GM as expected…it has obviously put them on the road to catastrophic failure.

Tesla outshines the BOLT and VOLT…thanks for pointing this out.

This is somewhat of a myth…If I go to the dealer, say “I want a (ICE) Cruze” I fully expect that dealer to try and at least passively agressively steer me over to Vette/Camaro/Silverado…Dealer: “A Cruze? You stuck me as a sportscar Camaro or Vette guy…Anyways as we walk to the Cruze’s I want you to notice the available rebates this month on the Silverado…”

No, it couldn’t They never sold well. It was an idea first introduced in the 1920’s…the car failed. I imagine your house is full of plastic gadgets that don’t work.

Well with the conservative skew of thier buyers, it didn’t help that the propaganda industry of the Republican party went on and on about it being a subsidized Obama car.

So the Volt never sold more than 25,000 units in a year.

Or since they never had much resale value, buy a low mileage one that’s a few years old and save over half of the original MSRP…

Yep, I got a 2012 a couple years ago, cherry condition, Premium, 34k miles for $14,000. Great car. Original MSRP would have been ~$46k.

No hybrids, no plug in hybrids, no cars, …. no jobs

oh wait! …….

“GM launched Baojun in 2010, after the “New GM” had emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the US in July 2009, with Debtor in Possession (DIP) financing and equity investments from the US taxpayer. This support helped GM go on an investment spree in China, and, along with its joint-venture partner SAIC, plow $2.4 billion in the Baojun factory in Liuzhou, even as many former GM plants in the US had been shuttered and were disposed of in bankruptcy.”

“GM China raises new-energy vehicle target to 20 models through 2023”

……..guess something came from the Volt, after all . Citizens of the world … rejoice!

They sell more cars in China then the US now.. I think they sell about 4 million cars in China every year, and numbers are growing.

Those are almost all JV cars, though. So only 49% GM. Quite possibly 0% one day when China decided they no longer need GM.

That is always a risk.. and loss on technology know how..

And you can’t sue in China courts because they owned the courts that’s communists country for taking our jobs and tech

Well I think Mary B is pretty smart and she’ll be focusing on an CUV EV possibly even building it at one a the closed factories if she can wring some money out of the state and Fed.
Although it will probably be a couple years before it goes into production.

I wanted to be optimistic about that, but there’s been too much bad news from GM lately. The blanket rejection of EV trucks tells me GM cannot let EVs out of their tiny niche. An EV CUV would be years later than Hyundai/Kia.

Hyundai/Kia doesn’t have a CUV. Those are station wagons with FWD only. It can’t be a CUV when it is shorter than a Ford Taurus.

Umm, a crossover is just a marketing term for a slightly jacked wagon. They don’t need to be AWD.

Yeah, but they aren’t even jacked. With a height of 61.6 inches, it is lower than a Bolt (62.8 inches).

hatchback with plastic…

Let Tesla and Rivian be their downfall, GM had the opportunity to lead, they are far too timid.

Timid? More at ignoring (ignorant) the evident (evidence) GM employees do not talk to each other anymore.

Yeah Mary Barra is so smart that she got Canadian union head (UNIFOR) Jerry Dias to call what she did closing Ontario’s last remaining assembly plant “A Betrayal”.

Trump has said also that what GM just did is a “BETRAYAL”, and is considering cancelling ongoing credits for GM ONLY, and also will FORCE GM to repay the $11.2 Billion the federal treasury lost on the last bankruptcy of GM (he provides supporting documentation in 6 stages to prove the dollar figure). Meanwhile Mexican and Chinese plants (who never helped GM financially) are expanding. Trump is saying thanks alot – since GM is an Ingrate GIVE THE MONEY BACK.

Bravo Trump.

Trump can say what he likes, but he lacks the authority for much if not all of this. It would require action by Congress, which I highly doubt.

Trump and a Union President are exactly on the same page. Too bad democrats sold out to the big banks and no longer represent union workers any longer.

Love him or hate him – Trump is thinking exactly the same way as MANY Americans and Canadians. I’m sure even tone-deaf Democrats see this.

Trump barks a lot and does very little. When he does something, it is usually stupid.

So, you are saying that GM should keep the factory open just to crank out stuff that nobody buys so when the down turn hits, we have to bail out it again? That is dumbest suggestion ever.

He’s has authority of executive action and executive orders

He’s finding public service is constrained by laws that are enforced.

He’s quite disoriented. He has always had the daddy’s little billionaire exemption.

More people should probably start to buy products by where they are made, and how it benefits them in the long run. When I was at a Walmart the last time I was in the US, I was surpriced who much of the US made products that was gone. Compared all the way back to the 80ies, when I was at a hardware store almost all the tools were US or western made. Now at Walmart it was China and almost nothing but China made goods.. tools, clothing, electronics, sports equipment . . looked like the food was the only thing that was mostly US made. Would have been cool (or depressing) to see the full statistics on the origin of their products in categories like hardware, clothing, sports equipment, tires and what not. When the car manufacturers were bailed out, there should have been added to the contract that a set number of plants should be in production for a certain number of years. . or else they had to repay more. If people worry about GM closing down factories, what car do they drive? Have they chosen a US or Canadian car model? If not – their right… Read more »

How is that betrayal? We aren’t socialist. GM went bankrupt because it kept building metals to fill dealer lots just to keep the factory running. That is how GM end up in bankruptcy in the first place. GM is doing exactly what it needs to avoid that whole bankruptcy again.

On top of it all, GM sold 2 millions cars in the US and 3 million cars in China. US automarket is 17 million, Chinese market is 30 millions. Size matters. On top of it all, China is now Buick and Cadillac’s number 1 market.

So, you want GM to invest more in the US, then ask people to buy cars that are made in the US then. People don’t buy Cruze, Volt, Impala, CT6 and Lacross. Those are the cars that are made in the US!!!! People just talks and whines!

In fact, GM is actually hiring at the same time. It is hiring engineers and technical people for EVs and self driving. It also cut 25% of its executives. I guess nobody is crying about that… LOL.

Fine quit making those models but show some leadership and retool the plants for EVs. For crying out loud VW is showing more leadership in this regard than GM.

One has to design the EV first before retooling the plant for one. AND based on the record, EVEN If GM builds more EVS, they never sell more than 25k/year. That is NOT the volume that can sustain a factory that is designed to build 200K/year.

GM didn’t try hard enough, they should have spun off the Volt as it’s own platform to produce a line of vehicles, had they had any intent to lead they could have already been at that point. Tesla has now proved go big or go home, and at this point GM can be resigned to the dustbin of history.

EVs are just a hedge to GM, they don’t get it. There is nothing that Tesla has done that GM couldn’t have.

GM first has to reorganize after the huge losses with VOLT. Those $billions$ will never be recovered. You folks should shift your fanaticism to TESLA.

HAHA! No help for GM the next time they go bankrupt. Trump has told GM to stop importing Buicks and other cars from CHINA and if they want to make Buicks for sale to Americans, make them using American Raw Materials and assembled by Americans. The CT6 PLUG-IN (the only one I’d ever consider buying) is totally made in China.

I hate to tell you – but we Plug-In EV drivers are about 1.6% of the market. Besides some of us ev drivers (although probably a minority of this 1.6% pie), we and a good chunk of the other 98.4% of new vehicle buyers are thinking the very same way the President is.

GM is building the CT6 sedan in the US with US parts and it does NOT sell. That is why they are cancelling it. CT6 PHEV is imported but nobody cares. So, why aren’t people buying cars like Cruze, Impala and CT6 when they are built in the US and are fairly well rated? Because buyers are too stupid or just whines when they feel like it?

“How is it a Betrayal?”

The Federal Gov’t gives GM gov’t business, makes loans to them during their bankruptcy that ended up costing the US taxpayer $11.2 Billion (not a trivial amount of money) and in Canada – GM hasn’t even repaid all of its provincial and Canadian Federal loans and here they have the GAUL to shut down Ontario’s sole remaining assembly plant!

If you guys are worried about SOCIALISM you should be consistent and say don’t give any public money to a Fascist (some say Corporatism) corporation.

If someone gives them $11.2 Billion to tide them over I expect the company to keep American and Canadian workers working.

Then don’t require GM to keep factory open just to give jobs to people. GM is a business and it is trying to be profitable and stop building stuff that American don’t buy!!!

You have a point. Except that this corporation is a capitalist enterprise – but only until they need help. When the prospect of the death of the company loomed in 2008, suddenly Socialism and commitment to workers was OK. GM cannot have it both ways. Either they have a commitment to American workers and American jobs or they don’t. The US bailout was ultimately predicated on saving American jobs and the Canadian bailout was predicated on saving Canadian jobs. They have turned their back on those commitments. If GM gets in trouble again in the next decade, they will be allowed to fail – in the fine capitalist tradition. Washington and Ottawa will not come to the rescue next time.

Not if your former workers can’t pay to buy your cars

They don’t buy it anyway. When they do, they buy it with huge discounts.

Using Trump as a source in any article about electric cars is insane. Trump is right less often than a broken clock.

You’re the GREAT BRAIN who accused me of HATING TESLA CARS and all they ‘represent’, after I spent $120,000 on one of their cars.

To which I called you a MORON since I always spend $120,000 on cars that I absolutely hate. Trump owns an early Tesla Roadster.

Trump may be very mistaken, but if he contradicts an idiot, that is a step in the right direction.

So GM must keep the underperforming factories open and go bankrupt again. Smart business.

I wouldn’t be too self-satisfied here. The ultra high wages in Austria were becoming a very big problem in 2010-2011, and GM HELPED Austria out by forgetting the 3 cyl turbo for the ‘new’ VOLT and ended up using an old reliable Austrian 4 cylinder engine – mostly to solve a UNION problem there.

The only reason the factories are “underperforming” is that they can’t get workers to work for under 1 Euro per hour. Do you want to work for that kind of money? Please move to Mexico then.

The current Volt engine isn’t built in Austria and people still don’t buy it. Cherry pick a single data point doesn’t make your point any more valid. At the end of the day, the original LG/GM joint factory building batteries were idling so much because the Volt never sold well enough to match GM’s 45k/year goal. It doesn’t matter what GM wants to do, at the end of the day, the buyers have to buy the product or GM will need bailout again!!!

Maybe we should ask those 100K Prius buyers why they are betraying by buying an imported car while the Volt is far superior and are made in USA. If the Volt can sell that many, there is NO WAY GM would have cancelled the car!!!

I won’t cherry pick then. When are you moving to Mexico?

By the way, although House Democrats won’t word any statement that in any way even slightly agrees with Trump, they are fuming mad about what GM has just announced (especially those in Ohio and Michigan), and they at least are going to write new legislation encouraging more US made content, or in other ways to keep people working.

I as well as others continually fault GM for making products only acceptable to niche markets.

Friends have bought the totally Chinese made – what was it ? Buick Encore (whatever that Bolt -sized Buick lookalike is called). But I always ask them why do you pay extra for an American Brand that has had no American Input?

Meanwhile, for what its worth (I discount most stuff from VW lately), VW says they are going to build a US electric car plant.

They say they are basically insulated from any Tariffs since the cars are mostly made in Tennessee.

Thank you 🙏 Trump

Your gonna defend Trump steel and aluminum tariffs costs GM alone a billion in higher costs. Trumps repeated calls for lower oil prices hurt small cars that are more fuel efficient and plans to halt CAFE standards hurt EV’s and smaller more fuel efficient vehicles.

Yeah I am… When I was younger I lost a prestigious job at a local Steel Plant due to Imported Steel Dumping. And it wasn’t due to any ‘inefficiency’. It was fully noted that the plant closing had nothing to do with our productivity, as we were the most profitable ‘district’ in the entire company. Sure enough it was a DUMB DECISION to close your most productive and profitable factory. The company went bankrupt 2 months later.

Don’t you see you last sentence completely undermines the rest of the post?

You have problems with reading comprehension. Your user name is well chosen.

So smart that all her gains for the year have been In The tank since the orange wants to put tariffs on thier cars and take away subsidies

How Horrible !!!! Trump wanting to make sure Americans had at least a few jobs to go to.

Its going to be bad enough come the next economic downturn. Think how much worse a downturn would be if there were NO MANUFACTURING JOBS anywhere here.

Tesla is at least to be congratulated by keeping their assembly here in the States for the cars sold here. Even if many of their parts are imported, at least for now, the cars and batteries are assembled here.

Nobody is arguing that we shouldn’t encourage jobs in American. WE are arguing the way that Trump is doing it is stupid. But you managed to fail at that and continue to defend him just on the basis of a slogan.

Hey , its not just Trump. House Democrats while not crediting Trump have come out VERY MAD at what GM has announced.

Its a super great policy when politicians ACROSS THE BOARD condemn your actions.

What is the smart way to encourage jobs in American (sic)??? I’d like to read your proposal.

GM is wayyyyyyyy behind and BOLT is ridiculous…it is NOT what the public wants in a BEV….see Tesla Model 3….save your butt…Copy said the good artist…..Steal said the GREAT artist. Dump the BOLT and quickly bring a svelte, 4 door work of art to the market. Wake Up! GM

And designed to be an electric car that will fail.

Painful seats, purposely cheap interior. Horrendous glare problems.

I own a gen 2 Volt, which I love. But it’s quite clear they made decisions to ensure very few would buy it.

The rear suspension is horrid. It works great on smooth surfaces. But hit a corner at anything but leisurely pace the rear end jumps.

They could have easily widened it enough to make up for battery in passenger compartment and still based it on the Cruze platform.

Every other GM I’ve been in bluetooth worked flawlessly. But the infotainment fails on bluetooth and cable for both iPhone and android.They also refuse to consider this a problem as there’s no warranty code for it. And yes others report same problem.

oh, and charging is limited to 3.6 kw… WTF!

So yes I love the car. It reduced my gas usage by 85% even though I do 20-25k miles a year. Heck oil changes are now once maybe twice a year instead of every 4 months.

Still raw, how GM is behaving as though this is part of an “EV transition”, when reality is the big three making a play to force everyone into the lower light truck fuel standards, so they’ll pollute more. It’s like a repeat of the EV1, when you consider we know so much more about how we’re destroying the planet.

Bolt is now selling better than the Volt.

Yes, the numbers are impressive….lol.

So, you agree that both numbers suck so even more reason to cancel the Volt then without Cruze sharing the cost.

Thanks for helping my point… LOLOL! =)

Whats the future of the Bolt? GM killed EV1, now the Volt, next? Like they say, three’s the charm!

Don’t worry GM still has compliance to think of. For now at least, it’s lobbying for an end to CARB state exemptions of federal mandates, once that’s in the bag the EV program will be mainly for China compliance I expect.

Killed the Spark EV

For all their talk of ’20 electrified vehicles’ all I see is that GM discontinued 2 of their 3 current ev products. The Bolt EV is their only US made ev remaining. With the $7500 tax credit expiry, that means very good competitive products will be $7500 cheaper. Bolt sales will go to near zero. Then, of course, GM will discontinue it, and then GM will make ZERO evs in the states.

uh, whole powertrain is Korean. Infotainment as well.

Battery though LG is U.S. made.

Apparently in Batavia, NY from what my Canadian friends tell me. Go there for a fish fry every friday.

Some months

Bolt numbers are a sad joke.

Ampera-e have been the first Opel I would have ever tested.
But of course GM had to get rid of Opel.
And of course they made a profit right from the start under their new owner.

Wait for the Hyundai Kona… or Kia Soul EV or one of those nice cars… Maybe a 2019 LEAFPlus…

Leaf Plus’ delay, and the Ghosn story, are just part of an awful PHEV newsweek. What will Nissan do next?

Maybe we need to see through LA’s eye-candy, and gut check whether this market exists in an environmentally irresponsible world, where consumer diversity isn’t allowed.

It would not surprise me to see Nissan focus on Asia and Europe with their EV offerings and discontinue EV’s in the US.

Not really. For 2018 so far the Bolt has sold 13,882 units, while the Volt sold 14,718.

Ride share drivers love a good Korean car. Only thing made here are the crappy seats and the buddy. At least Tesla makes the majority of the car here.

GM did not force anyone to buy the CUV/SUV ogre mobiles just like Tesla doesn’t force anyone to buy a 5500 high performance luxry Model X under the guise they are making a sacrifice and going green…

They make a fatter profit margin on light-truck innards, and that is what they force upon the market. If they made cars people want, I wouldn’t say that. The 25% import Chicken Tax, that the American truck OEMs and the Wall Street Journal seem to forget about, is another reason this market is being “forced”. The Bolt’s “sonic” interior and caviar battery: forced. Too many examples of exactly the outcome they were looking for.

What GM did do, was make the all-time one car that hit the PHEV/EREV formula best. Having read Tony Posawatz tweet, directing me back here, that has to hurt the engineers who just wish innovation would win.

Where I’d expect more disagreement, is in a view of just how intentional and not by accident GM kept skateboard batteries out of touring cars. How not by accident the Bolt has such stark contrast between its interior parts and per KWh cell costs. Some think GM blew it. Let’s debate whether they “forced” the landing we’re seeing.

We can always argue over the fact that Wall Street don’t force GM to do the same thing as Tesla.

Toyota has done a mid-cycle refresh of Prius hybrid and added the AWD version. This version will have nickel battery, so Toyota still believes and is resisting to move fully towards Lithium.

GM could have done the same with Volt, reduce the price and it could have sold well.
They just want to get rid of all cars and push customers to crossovers. 1/2 of the car customers will simply walk in to the showroom of Asian/European automakers and buy 1.

Volt can’t stand on its own even if it doubles the volume without the Cruze or Delta Platform to share the cost with.

I have no idea what it means for a car to “stand on its own”.

Make money while using its own platform at its own volume.

Without the comprised platform and the other sales reducing impairments it would sell.

Model 3 changes the game. GM know that. In one month Tesla model 3 sales are like Volt in one year. So Volt is dead.. BEV next time….no more gasoline.

The best selling “electric car” that wasn’t actually an electric car as such, don’t you mean?

The PHEV was a great idea when we needed a transitional technology, something to tide us over until BEVs could become practical. That happened, it’s done. The world has moved on.

The Volt is an electric car. The gas engine in mine hasn’t run for three months because I drive less than 40 miles a day like most people. Before that, I used gas to move from Kentucky to Utah, and it was a great cross-country car, getting 38 mpg.

Thats why dealers don’t want to sell them. When or how often do you need to take it back for oil changes and maintenance on the engine?

In a hybrid vehicle either the gasoline engine, the electric engine or a combination of the two can propel the vehicle. The Volt is a PHEV because the gasoline motor is capable of propelling the vehicle without the assistance of the electric motor. Not using the gasoline engine doesn’t make the Volt an electric vehicle.

On a side note if there is currently fuel in the gas tank you really need to run the gasoline engine on a regular basis. If the fuel goes bad and gums up the works so the gas engine can’t start you will have PHEV with a 40 mile total range.

The Volt, if run for too long in electric-only mode, will fire up the gas engine occasionally to keep everything lubricated and running fine.

Believe it or not the engineers at GM considered that possibility and built the car to keep the engine utilized from time to time.

I don’t own a Volt but just above Jeff claims his engine hasn’t run for 3 months. It seems reasonable that the gas engine would run periodically (that’s how the BMW i3 REX works) but 3 months seems like a long interval.

The gas tank and full systems are air tight.
This reduces fuel spoilage.

Once every 6 weeks – then also runs when the AVERAGE gasoline age is 12 months.

so it’s not an EV. it’s a car with a battery and gas. gas has benzene and other chemicals. benzene causes cancer. I have cancer. hence your Volt caused my cancer, except for the three months it didn’t. Ok, that’s a stretch, but that’s what I think about when i pump gas into my shitty Escape, which I needed for range and violated all of my principles. I’m looking again and a still disappointed with the Volt’s visibility, and the death thing. Volt=cancer. Look it up 😉

It hasn’t happened in the U.S. There are still huge swaths of the country that you cannot drive to in a pure electric vehicle that’s not a Tesla, the only company to sell electric cars AND provide its own charging network.

There are huge swaths out west you can’t really drive in a Tesla, either. Interstates are mostly covered now, but not state highways.

I live in a swath called “California”. No issue. At all. With 310 miles range, I can (and have) gone anywhere in the state, since if you take half that range, 155 miles (from the charger and back) there is no point in the state not reachable from a charger.

The S and X vehicles can utilize CHAdeMO charging units via an adapter allowing them access to rapid charging beyond the Tesla network.

Two frenchmen drove a 60 mile EV around the globe back in 2012 before rapid charging even existed. EV’s can go anywhere, there maybe some inconvenience in the most remote regions.

Voltceas a range extender car. Then they instituted the hold

Most states are far from transitional state. More like reactionary.

The PHEV is still a great idea. Until BEVs are on par with ICE vehicles for ‘fueling’ convenience on long range road trips, PHEVs will have their place.

The volt isn’t an electric car! Why does everyone keep saying it is! Good riddance to a 40k car!

Let me think.. because it IS AN ELECTRIC CAR.. and it doesn’t cost $40K…where did you come up with that?

It has more EV miles in the US than a Nissan LEAF. It has about the same amount of EV range as the original IQ EV.

It is $33K MSRP which isn’t $40K.

No wonder Volt isn’t selling better when false information are spread by people who actually follow EVs…

There are a shocking number of EV fans who are so fanatical they harm the image of EV owners. The Volt displaces about 80% of gasoline burning. For these people that remaining 20% is a betrayal.

I kind of think of the “If it has a gas tank it isn’t an EV” crowd as being BEVangelists. Like their evangelist brethren, they mean well but they turn off most of the people they are trying to convert.

My Volt is down to 819 mpg, (plus the 60 cents worth of electricity I use every day). Took a couple long road trips last week and dropped down from 880 mpg when I used the gen set. Yeah, my EREV/PHEV38 Volt is definitely an EV. But maybe it is better than a BEV due to its flexibility/utility? 😉

85% of my fuel usage and I’m about as worse case as you can get.

20-25k miles a year. 50 mile commute, now 65. Still charge 110v as the onboard charging is limited to 3.6kw so not really worth the grand for a charger.

and still 85% reduction.

I used to believe that also until I bought my 2015 base. Then I discovered that it is indeed AN EV with an on board generator for the battery that supplies current for the ELECTRIC motors. My old Prius was a hybrid; gas engine along with electric motors supplied power to the wheels. The Volt is/was unique. A brilliant stand alone engineering marvel that no one could figure out what it is and GM didn’t really care to tell them.

I always thought this was the best system of all. A generator to charge the batteries, but I really don’t know if this was the case. does the engine stars to charge the battery and stops until the next cycle to charge again?

The engine does not charge the batteries. The engine, after the batteries become too low, makes electricity to power the electric motor. On occasion, when needed, there is a clutch in betwen all, that couples up with the engine directly to the drive shafts and therefore the engine is powering the wheels.

Michael Schmitt – If you think about it what you said is wrong – it HAS to charge the battery if the battery becomes too discharged. Otherwise, the engine once it started would never shut off. The fact that it cycles engine operation PROVES the engine runs to push the car PLUS charge the battery enough to let the engine shut down for the next few miles.

Volt operates just like Prius in some modes. The ICE drives the wheels.

only after the battery is depleted. It is an EV until the battery hits 0% SOC

ICE in the Volt can’t drive the wheel by itself like Prius. Prius doesn’t need any electric power in order for the ICE to drive the wheel. Volt can’t.

Prius is a power split input system. Volt is power split system with clutch modulating the ICE and 2nd motor input.

Pri have 10 horse electric motor in all but newest plug in. Basically only moves on electric power in a few situations that are very hard to replicate. oh and they’re dead dog slow.

My gen 2 runs electric and if battery is charged hard to get engine to drive wheels. Like 70-72 mph with low torque demand. Even with stock tires is a 7sec 0-60 vs 10-14 sec 0-60 pri.

Here’s a video of how the Volt drive unit works:

@ 4:30 it explains how both the electric and gasoline motors are delivering power directly to the wheels. GM calls it two motor driving mode. All other manufacturers call it a hybrid drive. This isn’t a bad thing. If you’re going to sacrifice EV efficiency by dragging around the additional weight of a tank of gasoline, a gasoline engine and a generator all the time you may as well use them when it makes sense to do so.

I just bought one and the cost was crazy cheap. Brand new cost was 23K, with 7K back, real cost is 16K. Best deal out there. And I get back and forth to work with no gas. Plus there is free electric pull in station near work.

It will for sure reduce the gaoline bill, and it is better for the environment.
PHEVs can have a huge impact on the environment.
If people could manage with the Bolt would of course be even better. Not that GM is interested in exporting the Bolt either..

Isn’t selling Bolt in Canada, Mexico and S. Korea considered as “exporting” since it is assembled in the US?

GM teased less than two years ago that the Volt might be reborn as a series hybrid SUV or crossover. The vehicle’s unique (almost) series hybrid drivetrain is surely not the problem – especially the Gen II version. Hopefully they’ll experiment with a “Volt-powered” compact SUV. And if the onboard battery-charging ICE generator can be flex-fuel enabled – so much the better.(ie. E85, bioethanol etc).
PS. have GM ever confirmed/admitted that the Volt and its name were inspired by Neil Young’s LincVolt series hybrid conversion ?
Paul G

It’ll be too little too late. That product needed to be on the market 5 years ago.

Used it with small battery, no plug in Malibu hybrid..

Not being a purist, I love the practicality of my Volt. Running the ICE on these cold days gets me comfortable much faster than the puny battery-draining resistance heating. It will be my forever car as far as I expect. My first and only GM-made vehicle. Sadly, it’s a car almost nobody in the general public understands it and it was never advertised.

Public never understands it and many in the EV community hated it.

There were ads and it didn’t make a difference. Remember the ads about how LEAF has limited range and Prius is old tech? Inside EV drew a lot of comments on that one.

Combustion is useful in cold areas where the heat isn’t wasted. An electric first PHEV with combustion backup is a great idea.

I wish my i3 ReX could use combustion for cabin and battery heating, but it’s not critical for me being in California. If I were in Minnesota, it would be different.

It can. Install a diesel cabin heater like they put in big trucks. About $800-1000 plus install.

I was told the I3 REX does use engine jacket heat for heating. Otherwise 1/3 of the engine’s power would go to heat the cabin, and 35 hp total doesn’t leave you much to spare.

The volts use electricity to heat the battery only. Yes it would be more efficient to use jacket heat, but they don’t do that.

Right – but horribly inefficient and horribly polluting.
Plug in pre heating solves the morning. Just put plugs at work and the evening is better.
Maintaining heat is not that big of a deal – we just need to insulate better…

The goal is to burn zero gasoline in a car. Love my Volt but Model 3 here I come

Me too!
But an off lease cpo. Yeah, I know tesla uses ‘used’, but Tesla resale adds a lot of value with their checks and warranty. Way more given the know cars history in detail.

I regretted starting my journey home with my sweater on today. The puny resistance heater in my Model 3 kept me very warm.

This morning I left home in a t-shirt having remembered to preheat the vehicle.

hardly puny…

it’s like 3kw, whereas Volt is less the a third that.

volt has around an 8 kw heater especially if it is REALLY cold initially since it is a PTC element.

My volt shed a few tears when I told her the news :_(

Plan to continue enjoying mine for many years to come.

My 2013 Volt has been paid off for 2 years. No payment is nice. Not sure how long I will keep it, but it will probably be a long while since it is super reliable and cheap to fuel.

Tell Gertrude she was part of what has turned out to be a Rare Breed. Even if she was the most popular plug-in in the States.

Sales in
USA – 148,556
Canada – 16,600+
Europe – 10,000+

And few 100’s more in China, Japan, Australia, etc.

That’s a total of 175,000 +. I had some expectation on Volt-2, but GM intentionally restricted the sales to just 11 states which made it a low volume seller and finally a pullout.

I am sure between now and march, they sell another 5,000 + units to hit at least 180,000.

I wish those who have it, keep driving it forever to tell the masses what a wonderful car it is. Someday when the gas prices increase, GM will reconsider it.

“GM intentionally restricted the sales to just 11 states which made it a low
volume seller and finally a pullout.”

Not true. Volt is widely available.

Just reading the comment section on Inside EV already shows how much misinformation/incorrect information are already spewing about the Volt. This is an EV site. If that is the case, then it is no surprise that general public is even more wrong about the Volt. That is why it doesn’t sell.

When the launched the Gen-2, it was available only in 11 states. Probably you did not read that article.

That sales restriction was only true for the first few months after Gen II was released. It has been widely available for a couple of years now.

Bought my 2016 in NC while the restriction was in place.

dealer trades were common.

Well written tribute Mark Kane.

Yes, we were very happy with it. He did a great job!

The Volt is a great car! We have two 2013 Volts and have had no problems and no recalls. It’s a shame they stopped making this phenomenal car.

Agreed. I have a similar GEN 1 – a 2014 Caddy ELR. Don’t plan on getting rid of that one for a long time.
My 2017 Bolt ev is nice but it only fits a niche market. The Volt was much better for general usage, and was very efficient in the very cold weather we get in Western NY State.

The VOLT is a very big seller locally, while very few Bolt ev’s have been sold since the VOLT is the far more versatile car. Now that GM has discontinued 2 of the 3 ev’s they currently make WITHOUT announcing any replacements, I’m afraid I’ll have to look elsewhere. Plus there is little chance of GM getting an extension on the Tax Credit after screwing everyone by closing so many US and Canadian plants. The only EV they make now is the
BOLT ev, and it will soon be $7500 more than its very good competition and it won’t sell period. Then GM will discontinue it. Then GM will be back to making no EVs.

Time to look elsewhere.

I hope you would reconsider Tesla and buy a TMY

I am reconsidering, incidentally I did purchase a Tesla in 2011.

I think the ELR is one of the most beautiful cars on the road. They really made a statement with the look.

The inside of the car is nice too….. The negative comments it gets typically are from people unfamiliar with what a Sport Coupe is. Also, the car is a fantastic handling car. By today’s standards it is considered underpowered, but it has enough zip for any situation I’ll ever be in.

If you notice all the great news about new vehicles have between 600-800 horsepower. I’m very satisfied with 100 hp. I’ve never cared about drag strip performance since that is not how I use the car.

electric hp is way different the gas hp.

I know what you mean – but 1 hp is defined as 746 watts – or about what you would get out of a typical London Draw Horse.

My homemade 3 horsepower rated electric 2 stage 23 x 24″ snow thrower (which I was afraid would be underpowered) turned out to be more reliable in heavy snow than everyone else’s snowblower on the street. During this time, the motor was developing about 7 – 7 1/2 hp (35 amps from my ‘Tesla Outlet). The difference in rating is due to no overload capacity of gas engines.

However, being desirous of the biggest number they can legally advertise, My ev’s motors are rated at their absolute maximum and so as far as cars are concerned, electric hp is exactly the same as gas hp. Sorry.

Great technology for the 20th century. Good riddance. Hello EVs.

Chevy Volts will age out rather quickly. It has all the maintenance problems of pure EV and a Chevy gas engine/transmission. Hopefully the batteries get recycled.

You guys speak from ignorance. Volts are both low maintenance and highly reliable.

Leon, your comment made me laugh out loud. You obviously don’t own a Volt or know much about them. The Gen 1 Volt is super reliable and the Gen 2 isn’t too bad either. The 2011 packs are still showing the same range as they did when they first rolled out of the factory. No one knows how long they will last, but it looks like it will be A LONG TIME!

I have read some of the older Volts are showing some battery weakening, which required some of the internal software to be reset to keep everything functioning normally. No big deal, just a minor loss of the underlying battery capacity as is inevitable. Since the Volt was designed with a very conservative battery use scheme, the old ones can still pretty much fulfill original specs after the software tweaks.

Going off memory here …

That may be happening. I haven’t seen it yet, but there are a lot of 2011 and 2012 Volts out there with more miles and more calendar months than my 2013 Volt. It looks like the Volt pack is doing well but it will degrade and lose range eventually.

Yep, I’ve not seen any problem with my 2012, though it was built in late 2011 it still has relatively low miles (~52k), and a substantial number of those miles were run on gasoline, so the battery has not been worked out particularly hard.

Still have range on 2012

“There’s a chance the Model 3 may catch the Volt before it formally departs in March, but for now the Volt is the undisputed #1.”

What do you mean “a chance”? It’s all but certain that the Model 3’s cumulative US sales to date will overtake those of the Volt in December.

This is US only. Model 3 is ~97k through October. It might hit 150k by yearend, but probably more like 140-145k. Volt will be 152k.

Send off the Volt into the sunset with one last viewing of the Volt dancers.

That link is painful. I didn’t click on it because I am at work and I don’t want to inflict that sight on my colleagues.

If you don’t cringe at least a dozen times watching that video, you must be dead.

It was a decent car. It’s resale value may even go up as it becomes a sought after classic.


Tell me what I want to hear:
That GM is doubling down on EVs and relegating Voltec
to trucks and cargo vans…
unless batteries will soon become so cheap to skip the ICE outright.

Thanks for the Volt farewell tribute.

Nope they never said that

I really wish we would get more accurate with the descriptions of electrified vehicles. The Volt is a PHEV….not an ‘electric car’ which would be a BEV. Anything with a gasoline engine is not an electric car, but a hybrid of some sort.

I think this distortion is what makes it so confusing for the general public to get behind BEVs, because they really don’t know what a BEV is…..especially since they may thing a Volt is an electric car with just 50+ miles of range. Understanding the manufacturers kept the confusion going since they needed consumers not to know they did not have an actual ‘electric car’ or BEV, but just hybrids or PHEV. But I would think a plug-in car blog would help clarify the terminology for the public.

That’s why I still wish anything with a gasoline engine would be separated from the BEVs in the sales charts, especially since many who buy the PHEVs never plug them in, and they run as a hybrid. One is zero emissions and one is not….so why are they mixed up in the sales charts??

You guys say the same thing 20 times.

Because a Volt is only 90% or so electric you guys say it is 0% electric. That is beyond dumb.

What do you call a Tesla “S” that charges on Hawaii Diesel Generator Power? 100% electric? So what….

Have to agree…

The Volt was good when it came out but the time for PHEVs has passed in my book and I wouldn’t mind seeing them go away from EV sites…

Depends upon the state. Some parts of NC are still in the 50’s.

It’s range extender. Then the I3 ReX is a phev

2016 volt best. Car I ever had I hope they come up with something else

I just hope GM just doesn’t confiscate mine and burying it in the desert.

If you bought it, then they can’t. If you leased it, then it wasn’t yours to begin with. “you only borrowed it”

GM and their dealers did everything they could to make sure the Volt doesn’t sell. How sad.

2016 Volt best car I ever had. Hope someone finds another one like it

I guess if you’re going to go out, go out while you’re on top?!?

Tooompk generation regen should have generator with no crankshafts…could be a free piston generator or there are other possibilities…you can reduce the size and weight of the generator while also reducing the need for a long range battery…ideally suited for larger vehicles…

Rest In Peace… ‼️

You better stay on your toes or you’re going to be in serious trouble Chevy ‼️

Strange they didn’t sell it in Norway. Forget Opel.. they didn’t get more then a handful of cars from GM – and when GM sold to PSA they priced the vehicles too high.

They could probably have sold 5-8000 cars every year this model was in production. Just one big roro car carrier, once a year.
Easier logistics job would be hard to find.

There will be no next time like this. They have lost their chance to get access to a market with virtually no competition at all. Where ALL EV models have waiting line (not including the most expensive 2 models).

Sometime in 2020, the market will be crowded, and competition will start slowly to kick in. Another two years and we will have EVs that actually compete agains each other.. there are more cars that will have close to equal size and are of equal car type.
We will see them compete with price, rance, standard equipment, quality of the vehicles, quality of the interior design and materials used.

Also.. if sales are pretty stable, why don’t they just keep production going? When production equipment/tooling is paid for, they could actually make a profit..

Bridge tech at the end of the bridge with an increasing supply of relatively affordable 60kWh+ battery electric vehicles.

Too bad it could not follow up the success outside the US.
The Opel Ampera was sitting at stock and noone wanted it (in Germany and Austria).
I remember one high Opel manager saying after the Apera disaster, they would not touch any EV again.

But the problem there was not the car, it was the bad name Ople had, they had the image of an oldstyle company that sells cars to granddads, so none of the clientele who buys hybrids, who want to be seens as cool and hip would touch a car from Opel.

Rest In Pepperoni

Except it’s a hybrid not a pure EV and has been selling for a much longer time
Than the 3.

In EV range and MPG, the Volt, 53 mi/42 MPG, was always in the middle of our 2014 BMW i3-REx, 72 mi/39 MPG, and 2017 Prius Prime, 25 mi/54 MPG. When I visited the local Chevy dealer, the Volt was their ‘stepchild’ and dynamic cruise control and automatic emergency braking was extra, a custom order. I’m sympathetic with Volt enthusiast but there are options.

Personally, I prefer our end-of-lease, BMW i3-REx for the EV range and power. Coding increases the tank capacity and allows starting the engine earlier. However, the Prius Prime is a nice backup with a few cold weather quirks. Both provide efficient, affordable transportation. The Honda Clarity test drive was nice but I didn’t care for the Hyundai hybrid because of the stepped gears. Regardless, there are options.

Honda and Hyundai are different companies plus Honda is more about their Efficient motors

I’m not waving good bye to my Volt.In fact,I’ll get the last laugh when the glut of gas dries up and buyers rush to get rid of their pickup trucks.

Good point. It has happened before. In 08 they were having to give diesel trucks away. My co worker bought a new extended cab 4×4 for $21,000 in the 08-09 timeframe. That is why I think the “all in on trucks and SUVs” strategy will definitely come back to bite them. But no one deserves it more than GM and Ford.

Then sell the volt at a high price

What does this mean for long term support of it? I have a 2015, and that battery pack will need to be replaced some day.

I believe manufacturers are required to support a car (e.g. stock replacement parts) for 15 years after the last sale date…? If you can still get service for Oldsmobiles and Pontiacs today, you shouldn’t have to worry about the Volt for quite a while.

You will see me driving my Volt LT (the same model and same color as in the photos here !) for many years to come, enjoying the zippy ride, utility and incredible savings while saving the environment ! Cheers to the Volt.

Normally I’d never slam an EV article but this article is very misleading. First off best-selling electric car is inaccurate. Volt is a plug-in hybrid gas car. Not a fully electric vehicle.

Also comparing sales to the model 3 is unfair considering the volt has an 7 year headstart over the Model 3.

Model 3 in it’s short time is already on its way to being the best selling electric car. Also Model 3 is a true electric vehicle and the Chevy volt isn’t.

We cover Plug-ins. A PHEV is an electric vehicle. Yes, the Model 3 will pass the Volt, but we give it credit for being an innovator and for its sales to date. The Volt is the reason this site started. We are not a Tesla-only site and we see the value in all EVs and PHEVs. The Volt has sentimental value to us and to many of our readers and followers. We would never hesitate to provide it a fair eulogy upon its departure. Have a little understanding and compassion for what started all of this. Hopefully that makes sense.

GM will be replacing the volt will all electric drive trains in existing or new car models. The Chevy Volt was a feasibility test of design and components. Replacement models will have better options, drive train, and mechanics. When one thing goes away another replaces it many times for the better.

My 2017 Volt looks just like the pictures above. I love it. Even now, however, I would rather have a Bolt. Better electric cars are coming soon and my Volt will seem obsolete before it is worn out.

Love my 2013 Volt, looking forward to buying a used 2017 in the next few months. The Volt is an electric car without the hassle of a pure electric car. Other than Tesla, there isn’t a charging network available for cars like the Bolt to really be practical. I can do my daily 40 mile commute without using any gas and when I need to take a long trip I can fill up as needed. If Chevy wants to get serious about electric vehicles then they need to invest in a charging infrastructure. Until then, the Volt is a nice economical solution.

The 2014 Volt cost $38,000. Utilizing the $7500 tax credit. Driving 12,000 mil per year. My cost of charging over 5 years : about $1500. Oil changes per maintenance schedule – every 2 years ($50 x 3 = $150) It did not need any repairs – not even brake pads! The Blue Book fair purchase price now is $14000. If I add back my tax credit and fuel and oil change savings and compare it to a 26mpg Camry ($24k new) which has a similar resale $14k resale value (brake pads and 9 oil changes cost about $600 + gas 26mpg 60k mi @ $2.60 / gal. $5571) I came out about $4000 ahead of driving a Camry. My son has a Camry and is very happy with it but, I win because, 1) saved a lot of money, 2) I never had to stop and buy gas, 3) the Volt is much quieter and smoother to drive, 4) I get to thumb my nose at OPEC , Exxon, etc. It’s a shame most people just couldn’t take the time to grasp the many virtues and advantages of the Volt (of course, ignorant salespeople didn’t help either.)

Nice analysis, and good job with your Volt. Sounds reasonable to me that you’re coming out ahead of the Camry buyer.

But, while you had some benefits the Camry buyer did not, the Camry owner did have 5 seats and much more storage and passenger space.

Truly an engineering marvel; I almost bought the 2017 model in Dec. 2016 but opted for the BoltEV instead. Had to go “all in” on the BEV. No regrets. Volt is simply a casualty of the sedan sales crisis which is affecting all makers and makes. The Volt is dead; long live the Bolt.

I’m an long time EV owner and found it easy to scoff at hybrids including the Volt but the second generation Volt allowed electric car commuting and cross country driving without the need to have two cars. The restyling looked pretty nice as well. Maybe just a CUV body on the Volt platform might have saved the day.

Perhaps GM stock holders should consider discontinuing the current CEO and board instead of discontinuing a great car like the Volt. GM will never be seen as the “cool car company” with these old school fuddy-duddies at the helm. It’s time to get a leadership team that truly understands the market and knows how to play to it. Most of this leadership team are products of the lucky gene bank who came from private schools and elite universities and have no idea what the mindset of real people actually is i.e, their true customer base.

Wall Street is filled with people who would rather GM kill off the Volt and concentrate on trucks and SUVs. That is exactly what Wall Street stock investors want.

President Trump might support the American Car American Jobs Bill that Sherriod Brown from Ohio introduce to the senate in the Summer

Very sad probably the best Chevy ever made. I hope the replacements come quick.

I fully understand why GM is discontinuing the Volt. It had already been reported that the Volt in its current form would be discontinued in a few years, possibly being resurrected as a CUV at a later date. With Hamtramck closing, it does not make sense to spend millions to move Volt manufacturing to another plant. How many more Volts would Chevrolet sell in the next two years anyways? Maybe 40,000? Probably a lot less, due to the loss of the federal tax credit. GM would have to further discount Volt to move them. I own a 2013 Volt, and I love it. The Volt drove GM to invest in battery technology and electric drivetrains, forced them to train technicians across the country to service them, and gave them the know-how to build the first affordable long range BEV, the Bolt. But in the next few years, the charging infrastructure will be significantly expanded. BEV’s are the future, and GM knows it. They will continue to milk the cow (sell gas guzzling trucks and SUV’s) to satisfy shareholders and stay profitable while investing in BEV’s. GM is light years ahead of every other manufacturer other than Tesla in their knowledge… Read more »

Shouldn’t the cumulative chart be one that only goes up over time?

It did. For many years and still will.

It is a “rolling cumulative”. It is only cumulative for the past 12 month.