Chevrolet Teases 2016 Volt – Video


Here’s the latest video tease of the 2016 Chevrolet Volt – which to us is soooo last Saturday before the first real full look at the car from CES Sunday night.  (full pics/video from that can be found here).

Still GM went to the trouble of putting the promo together so we will pass it along.

“Are you ready for the future of driving?”

The next-generation plug-in officially debuts in just 4 days (January 12) at the 2015 NAIAS.

2016 Volt Tease

2016 Volt Tease

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That’s IT?!! C’mon #NextGenVolt, you’ve already show us the face, the torso and even a little leg. You can’t go backwards and show us a fog-enclosed camo nose!!!

It’s like a strip show where the girl comes out almost naked and starts putting her clothes back on! L 🙂 L!!!


What you don’t know, is that is actually the 200-mile BEV in camo.

I wish. My theory remains that the conventional automakers will drag their feet on longer range EVs until Tesla forces their hands with the Model 3.

I’d say that, with the exception of Nissan, that is probably spot on.

I dunno. It has been 4 years now of the Leaf and the battery is still the same size. :-/

I was hoping for at least an OPTION of getting a bigger battery by now.

You might be right. Their website seems focused on the Titan for Detroit next week. Was hoping for a plug-in of some sort, like a Rogue/Pathfinder PHEV and/or 2nd Gen Leaf with double or more range. But it looks like they’ll be no shows at Detroit and the rumors of the 2nd Gen Leaf with greater range and the SUV PHEV were just that, rumors. Color me disappointed.

Nissan designed the Leaf to fit its 24kWh battery. They took no more room so as not to intrude into the car. What you’re asking for is a complete overhaul from the ground up of the Leaf. I’m not sure why you expected that mid-cycle? Remember also that Nissan has been consistently production constrained by their batteries. Why would they want to sell fewer cars with larger batteries when they can sell every car they build with a 24kWh battery?

Now if they don’t up the ante with the next generation, I will be furious. But I fully expect the car to remain as-is until then.

it would be easy to improve the batteriesin range with the same packaging. 4 years…

GM increased the battery capacity without changing how much space the battery takes. Nissan certainly could too.

GM increased their battery by less than 10%. That’s barely a noticeable difference.

Nissan updated their battery chemistry too. Unfortunately since they have no TMS system, their updates have been focused on heat tolerance rather than capacity. So far the newer batteries seem to hold up better to heat, but we really need to go through another hot summer to be sure.

Nix, that is what I am hoping for this spring. Nissan could announce an LR option for the 2016MY Leaf with 25% more range which would bring its real world 100% charge range up from 84 miles to around 105 miles.

It wouldn’t be the 200 mile grail, but it would help Leaf owners get a lot more done in a day without worrying about finding a charger most days. And they could probably fit the new battery in the existing housing, given the improvements in battery tech over the past 5 years.

I would have liked to have seen Nissan come out with a sporty 2-seater with two of their 24 kWh batteries in it though. Or maybe a Leaf with no trunk space, but with the 48 kWh battery and twice the range.


GM is promising a 300 mile range EV for under $30,000. Speculation is that it will be an EV version of the Chevy Sonic.


I actually think GM will be first to market with an affordable long range BEV, but whether it’s widely available is another question.

What you don’t know is the blue paint was the camo, this is the new Zebra volt! the black and white paint is carefully spaced to create hot and cold air pockets resulting in rapid air convention over the cars body cooling it in the mid day sun.

Greenhouse looks a little taller. This may be a tease of a second Voltec model for Detriot (Crossvolt).

Doubtful. It’s not impossible (and hard to tell with all the “smoke”) but I remain skeptical.

Seriously, what exactly did that show? This video was supposed to be released in November, right?

And that background music is terrible.

With all the hype, one would think that GM actually plans for this vehicle to sell…that they will have legitimate ads, on-air commercial, and such. We’ll see.


Yes, since I am so social media savvy, I have already tweeted them about my displeasure with this tease. IMO, best thing about it was the background music.

This promo makes me think that GM decided to do the full frontal reveal at CES as a last minute decision. They weren’t planning on showing the ’16 Volt at CES originally. I hope this means they are truly excited about the ’16 Volt, and they just couldn’t wait till the 12th to show it off.

It is a teaser. If it generates web traffic, and gets people riled about about seeing the full reveal, it’s done its job. That’s what teasers do. Consider yourself teased.

When the heck is someone going to break that embargo (wasn’t there a webcast for journalists today)? Surely someone will tell their spouse, who will tell, their, friend, who will mention it to their so, who will immediately post it on Facebook!

Man, my typing is horrible!

Okay, the video was ineffective at best.

From the start, my eye was drawn to the damage visible on the garage door rather than to the car.

I was further distracted by the shuddering and vibrations that rippled across the door as it opened.

The only reason my eye eventually fell on the car was the fact that the car’s camouflage was more hideous that the damaged door.

Please, bent metal and creases would be preferable to intentionally unattractive and mind-bednding paint.

They should have just left the door shut.

Better yet, they should have just shown a picture of a rusted 1976 Chevrolet Impala rotting in the junkyard for all the promotional value contained in this video.

It seriously reminded me of how much well Tesla pulls off it’s teases and reveals.

“Go Tesla! Way to go Tesla!” – That’s my takeaway message from this promo.


They should just slap the body of the Ampera on it.

That’s it. I’m getting mine wrapped in shower curtain.

I hope when they actually do release it, they provide actual specifications, don’t hold back too much proprietary information, and DON’T LIE about what kind of car it is as they did for the first year and a half of the volt. THe only ones they told to truth to were Motor Trend, and Forbes.