Chevrolet Spark Video Test Drive: Nimble And Fun To Drive


Besides the smart ForTwo Electric Drive (which starts at $25,000 and only has 2 seats), the Chevrolet Spark EV is the least expensive all-electric car on the US market at $27,495.  Leases start at $199/month.

New Chevrolet Spark EV Available At A California (Or Oregon) Dealership Near You

New Chevrolet Spark EV Available At A California (Or Oregon) Dealership Near You

And while you might expect to not get a heck of a lot out of such a low priced offering – as Engadget found out, you would be wrong.  The web magazine that covers basically everything electronic, found the car “nimble and fun to drive.”

Highlights of the first person POV test drive:

  • “It’s a zippy car that’s smoother and more powerful than anything else in its class.”
  • 0-60 mph in just 7.6
  • 140 hp/400lb-ft of torque
  • 82 mile range
  • “Sports mode is particularly entertaining thanks to a revised throttle mapping — it feels downright fast”

Some flaws of the Spark EV?

  • the electric power steering needs more feedback and precision
  • the modulated brakes need more tuning – “there’s a slight delay between pedal application and caliper response at very low speeds which is a little unsettling when you’re accustomed to a more responsive setup”

Overall, Engadget found the car’s handling to be “sharp and dynamic,” but also thought GM did “excellent job with the ride…this despite a rather simple torsion beam rear suspension.”

Check out Engadget full written report on the Chevrolet Spark EV here.
(Below: Recent Spark EV television commercial featuring the little electric Chevy’s performance) 

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Horrible review. I hate it when they just stick a camera somewhere and talk. They never give you any other angles or exterior shots.

Camera mount appears sub-par. The guy that did the review for slashgear using google glass did a better job, IMHO, as far as a point of view review.

This car is a surprise winner. I thought it was going to bomb being an over-priced econobox compliance car. But instead it is a peppy little commuter EV that is very reasonably priced.

Yeah, if you happen to live in the two states they deign to sell them in.

By what production standard so you equate the Spark to be a “compliance” car?
Just because it is initially available only in California and Oregon? (for SALE or lease I might add)
FYI- these are merely the initial target markets for the roll-out of the car.
What about allegedly”limited” production numbers?
FYI- GM plans to build ~6000 14MY units for USA (yes, initially Cali & Oregon but potentially 10 other ZEV mandated states as well) as well as 360 for Canada (fleet only for MY14) 1400 for Europe and 300 for Korea totaling over 8000 units! Not good enough to be deemed a “compliance car” ? What then in your opinion does it take??
GM has clearly stated they don’t intend the Spark EV to be a “compliance” car…

Anyone notice the non-subtle “Dig” at Tesla Motors in the Spark EV ad, at the bottom of the article? The Spark EV is apparently faster than a bolt of lightning from a Tesla-Coil. Clever.

Maybe GM *IS* starting to feel the pressure / threat from the impending BlueStar Vehicle?


In the commercial, why did he hit an e-stop button to *start* the process?

Great little GM EV, impressive torque and pickup from the lights.
Price is looking very attractive in the US.