Chevrolet Spark EV Lease Deal Leads To Buying Frenzy, New Volt Lease Deal Too


Chevy Spark EV Deal

Chevy Spark EV Deal

Lots Of Torque = Quick Trips To 60 MPH For The Chevy Spark EV

Lots Of Torque = Quick Trips To 60 MPH For The Chevy Spark EV

Within days of General Motors announcing a reduced price and new lease deal for the Chevrolet Spark EV we’ve already received evidence of sales rising.

One dealership in California reports that, in a single day, it sold a record 5 Spark EVs, plus one Chevrolet Volt.  The dealership notes that the upswing in Spark EV sales are due largely to the killer lease deal now being offered: $139 per month with $0 down, plus qualification for California’s $2,500 rebate.  The Volt too has a new, improved lease deal (see below).

The dealership, Sullivan Chevrolet in Roseville, California, states that those 6 plug-in car sales represented exactly half of all the vehicles it sold that day.  So, 50% of that day’s sales plugged in!

As for the Spark EV’s cheaper price and lease deal, here are some additional details, as we reported less than a week ago:

Last month General Motors announced the continuation of the Chevrolet Spark EV for another model year, today they announced that it will also be getting $1,650 cheaper.

The new pricing moves the base LT model from $27,645 to $25,995.

“Chevrolet is committed to making EV driving more accessible, affordable and fun. The Spark EV is already the most efficient – and one of the most affordable – EVs you can buy. 2015 Spark EV customers will benefit from an impressive blend of technology, capability and low cost of ownership, now at an even more impressive price.” – Steve Majoros, director of Chevrolet Car and Crossover Marketing.

The 82 mile, all-electric Chevrolet Spark EV will also shortly be available in three US states – California, Oregon, and starting mid-year – Maryland.

Additionally, by utilizing the applicable federal and state incentives (along with some cash on the table by GM), Chevrolet is offering the Spark EV from $139 per month (39 months) with nothing down on a low mileage lease through at least the end of the month.

Looking to buy a Spark EV outright? Provided you have the ability to claim the federal and state incentives, GM is also putting some bonus cash on the table right now (up to $3,500) to bring the effective cost down to $14,995 in all 3 states

Chevy Volt Deal

Chevy Volt Deal


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Are these little cars comfortable to sit in if you are 6’4″ tall?

Depends on the car. Best bet is to track one down and sit in it yourself.

The Smart ForTwo reportedly is quite comfortable for larger people. I would expect the Spark to be somewhat less comfortable for a taller person in the front, as it has to package two rows of seats.

I can confirm the Smart is a pretty comfortable car. It’s a roomy, full-size sedan chopped in half.

It’s funny you ask. One of the main reasons I wouldn’t buy a spark is because it is so darn tall. But I have to believe it would comfortably fit a taller person.

The Imiev I had was really tall but much shorter would not work for me. The Leaf I have now is high enough but would not want it any shorter.

The Spark EV has a very tall profile for it’s size. In the upcoming 2016 Spark (gas version only) they actually reduced the height a bit. The 2016 Spark EV is not changing though.

Here’s a review on the interior

“While it doesn’t make for the most elegant exterior proportions, the hatchback’s relatively tall height pays dividends inside, where there’s plenty of headroom for even the most vertically-gifted passengers. Thanks to clever rear cabin packing, there’s room for two adults in back – something that can’t be said of the majority of similarly-priced vehicles.” — Left Lane News

Fantastic! Go spark, it’d be great to see the 500e and the spark put in a good showing this month. It was getting a bit depressing waiting for the new pip and volt.

I’ve seen Spark EVs driving on the road in both Nashville and Atlanta. Officially I believe Chevy only sells the Spark EV in California and Colorado, but I wonder if people have transported the cars elsewhere or if other dealers are getting access to the cars.

This dealer in Altanta has posted several youtube videos presumably of Spark EVs that are or were for sale.

At $139/mo for 39 months and $2500 in tax incentives, that’s under $75/mo. A lot of people pay more for their cell phone.
For a HS kid in CA, this is the perfect car. Cheap and requires a conversation when they want to go more than 40 miles from home.

I agree completely. And I think a lot of these 80-mile EVs will find their second (or third) homes with high school kids, especially once the 150-200 milers are available.

Awesome deal…I wish it was available in Florida.

Buy it in Md. this summer over the phone and I will put it on the auto train for you.

Remember the song … “anything Fiat can do, we can do better” …

Does the buyer/leaser actually have to _live_ in CA, OR, or MD? I’ve heard conflicting answers. (I don’t live in MD but I’m easily within the EV range of a MD dealer.)

“So, 50% of that day’s sales plugged in!”

The Chevy Spark is their most popular model!*

*(for a day)

I wonder if they all come with the CCS option as standard now? As much as I enjoyed driving my I-MiEV, the lack of a QC option(mine had none)was a killer. Now, if it does have QC/CCS, hopefully you live relatively near a CCS charger. Maybe we will see more CCS/Chademo combo units soon, but I have not seen even one in SE PA.

I guess GM is getting the ZEV credits it needs.

Picked up a brand new silver Spark EV 2LT last night from Steward in Colma, CA!

Downpayment: $2500 (already submitted rebate of $2500)

Monthly: $76.46

Smoother and better accelerations than any of the other ICE in the family!

And out gunned a Tesla on the way home…LOL