Chevrolet Spark EV Finally Arrives, First 27 Sold In June!

JUL 2 2013 BY JAY COLE 42

General Motors second plug-in offering becomes the fourth new electric vehicle to go on sale in the United States this year.

Chevrolet Spark EV Production Started On March 18, 2013 In Soth Korea

Chevrolet Spark EV Production Started On March 18, 2013 In South Korea

We spoke to Chevrolet Communications rep this morning and she noted that the first Chevrolet Spark EV was apparently sold June 19th.

In a very limited window, 27 in total were sold.   Which fairly impressive considering GM only managed to ship about 75-odd units to dealers before the month expired.

GM has already gotten some quotes on Spark EV ownership from earlier purchasers, and they seem to like it.

“CA’s best  commuter car”

“the NO GAS commuter car”  

“I can drive it like I stole it and still have EV range in reserve”

“its just plain a blast to drive”

The new offering from Chevy follows the arrival of the Smart Electric Drive last month, which sold 60 in its debut month over more days

Because we enjoy obscure statistics, even those one of little-to-no value, here are the debut sales results of the 8 all-electric cars currently on sale in the US:

  1. Mitsubishi i-MiEV (then just the ‘i’) – 80 (Dec 2011)
  2. Toyota RAV4 EV – 61 (Sept 2012)
  3. Smart ED – 60 (May 2013)
  4. Chevrolet Spark EV – 27 (June 2013)
  5. Nissan LEAF – 19 (Dec 2010)
  6. Tesla Model S – 12 (June 2012)
  7. Honda Fit EV – 7 (July 2012)
  8. Ford Focus Electric – 2 (Jan 2012)


A "EV Badge" Only Seen In California And Oregon...At Least For Now

A “EV Badge” Only Seen In California And Oregon…At Least For Now

The Spark EV is currently available in both California and Oregon from $27,495.

The all-electric GM offering also boasts 82 miles of range, and a 119 MPGe combined rating from the EPA (128 city/109 highway)

Interested in the Spark EV?  We previously did a little comparison of the little Chevy’s abilities and features with that of the next electric car to hit US shores (next month) in the Fiat 500e here.

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Since GM claims this is not a compliance car, I wonder if they will build enough to meet demand, which is likely going to be more than what they need for carb compliance.

Title should frustrate me but considering there were only 75-like cars available it means nothing. Pheww. I see great potential for this car. It has great 0-60 numbers!

Just a first month/”fun post” on the car…we will get serious next month.

Typo.. your sentence “In a very limited window, 27 in total WHERE sold” should read “In a very limited window, 27 in total WERE sold”. No “H”.

Jay how do you know it was a limited window? They could have been selling for the entire sales month? Is it just a guess?

I still prefer the Leaf.

Typo fixed…First sales were logged on June 19, as per what GM told us.


Would be interesting to see 1st month sales (production) of 2013 Leaf (from Smyrna, TN) in addition 2010/2011 Leaf built in Japan. These two models have substantial differences that make it worthy of independent tracking.

Also, missing are Tesla 1st month deliveries (Roadster & S). We know that Tesla only reports quarterly volume daa, but an est. volume (range) could be made for 1st month.

Where there any earlier gen Smart ED’s (pre-2013) sold to public, or were they only place in fleets like the 300 Smart EVs in Car2Go’s San Diego fleet? Thanks.

Best EV, actually sold, to date! GM! GM! 🙂

Best on what criteria? I doubt many would agree it is better than a Tesla Model-S. And i’d be hard pressed to say it is better than a Leaf.

Better than a LEAF where it counts – battery….. performance….. urban maneuverability/parking ease….. rear seat footroom….. everyday range…. price.

Neither are stylish, but the Spark has a cuteness factor while the LEAF looks like a blobfish.

LOL. I had no idea the only thing that counted in an EV is the battery (esp. in the northwest). Should I dump Leaf and get a mini-compact that can’t even take the car seat ?

Can’t take a car seat? Why not?

Have you installed a convertible car seat in a sub-compact ?

Not in 28 years. Have they screwed up child seats too?

Yes and no, Screwed up in the sense that they are now so big, heavy and complex that fitting them in a small car is painful to say the least. However, a friend of ours had 3 kids (twins aged 2 and a 3 week old baby) in car seats in the back of their car when it was struck directly on the rear drivers side by someone who failed to stop at a red light. The car was a write off but the car seats worked perfectly and all 3 kids walked away without a scratch. If it had been 3 adults in the back at least one would have been in real trouble. I am sure you could fit 2 modern car seats in the Spark (we have had 2, one rear facing, in the MIEV and LEAF no problem). 3 car seats in the back is only possible in SUV’s and big saloons. If you are looking for a car seat (after 28 years you should at least be hinting that you would like to be shopping for a car seat) you are best to shop around a bit as they all fit slightly differently so some… Read more »

Putting the child car seat in my i-MiEV requires putting the front seat quite a ways forward. Even in my wife’s new Jeep Compass it’s a tight squeeze. Car seats are little crash safety zones for kids now.

Huh? Battery the only thing that counts? You clearly didn’t read my post beyond the word ‘battery’. Or perhaps things like performance, maneuverability, everyday range, price, etc. don’t count in your world.

Compliance car! Compliance car! COMPLIANCE CAR!!!

You lost me when you said some weird stuff about range – which is less than Leaf’s @ 100% charged.

Note I said ‘everyday range’ – a distance a charged battery can attain day after day without being charged beyond manufacturer’s design limits.

Charging a LEAF battery to 100% every day exceeds its limits – you know that, and for you to bring it up without clarification is disingenuous.

Huh? the Spark EV’s 82-mile EPA range and Leaf’s 73-mile EPA range are BOTH based on the OE recommended 80% SOC so just how is that NOT a fair apples to apples comparison? Both cars seat 4 adults comfortably, the Leaf just can squeeze in 5 uncomfortably and happens to provide a token seat belt for whoever loses the paper-rock-scissors lol

And you could buy 3-4 Sparks for the price of a Tesla. Always have two on the charger, and you and your spouse could each drive the other two.

Then you have to drive a Spark. The ICE version of this car in the UK has the lowest customer satisfaction of ANY car.

I’m surprised they didn’t electrify the Sonic instead. At least it has a bit more room and style than the Spark… but not by much.

I’d say the Spark beats the Leaf in every category except 2

1) 6.6kW charger
2) cargo/backseat space

Absolutely on the charger. If it becomes more than a compliance car, I hope they offer it as an option, as Nissan did.

On the backseat, I don’t think so. Fewer young people are driving. The age group with the highest percentage of drivers is, not surprisingly, boomers. Cars were the internet of our day.

Don’t know about you, but I sure am not having any more kids! 🙂 Give me a sporty two seater!!

What warren,,you think this is going to be a baby boomer car.
I don’t think so…however since I am one of those BB and I like the car I guess that makes your premis almost believable.

If you want to credit the LEAF for having a 6.6kW charger vs. the 3.3 of the Spark, be sure to mention that it will make the price advantage the Spark has over the LEAF even wider by around $1200.

I guess EV-1 has finally returned, since this is GM’s first pure BEV since then. (and this one’s actually for sale)

Agree on the Leaf.

I don’t get why GM made the dull Spark-ICE look sporty, then made the sporty Spark-EV look dull. Only boring wheels. Only boring colors. That baby blue color is the worst… I think it should include a free castration.

It might look good in black with black wheels, as available on the Sonic.

At least we finally have a good video review:

I didn’t know the Spark EV was available in Cleveland 🙂

The wheel are clearly an argument not to buy the EV, because wheels are the most difficult to change part of a car…

“Blobfish”… *snicker*

Just a blast to drive would be my go go.
I bet it is a little roller skate.

My hockey stick will not fit anywhere in this car without knocking out a window.

I’m thinking I can fit my sticks and my bag in there. Head to toe across the back usually works in smaller cars. Also going up the middle between the front seats over onto the passenger side is an option. My bag will easily fit into the cargo area.

$27k msrp? So about $20k at the stealership? Just put one on a 20 year note. Get a different EV every year just for the fun of it. Or go buy all 8 current EV’s and collect them like hot wheel cars.

Someone go get one of these for a test drive and take it over to a dyno. I want to see it put down 400 ft/lb of torque at the tires.

Now how do we mod it to get 800+ to the tires? Motor swap? Inverter swap? Pack swap?

Put some slicks on it; somehow “spool” or spin the motor up to redline with the brakes on; only using enough power to spin up the rotor to speed; then dump full power to it. That should give some good results. 😉

Yes, but it is FWD. You will never do this. 🙂

This is a EV conversion, not a production car! Bad comparison!

Actually, you are thinking ICE. No need to rev up the motor…max torque at zero rpm!

Slashgear has some extensive info / video about the Spark:

Are they both on cocaine in videos?

Thanks for the link to that review.

Unfortunately no real driving footage, but it had a real good preview on the infotainment. The bring your own device is a really good idea no other manufacturer has really explored yet.

P.S. They really shouldn’t let engineers talk on camera…nerves seemed to be getting the best of her.

Hopefully GM can ramp up production and rollout since the Spark is so much better that its bound to sell in the thousands starting next month!!! 😉

Too bad its not as roomy as other choices and no 30 minute charger. 🙁

I suppose any EV is a good EV, but personally, I would prefer to buy an all-American EV, like a Model S, Focus Electric, or Volt. The Spark is manufactured in Korea, therefore some of your money is not staying in the US.