Chevrolet Spark EV Coming To Canada As A Fleet Only Vehicle. For Now.

FEB 18 2013 BY JAY COLE 10

The Chevrolet Spark EV is an all electric car from GM with an EPA-estimated range of 82 miles, that is currently entering production in South Korea, and will go on sale in that country shortly, with deliveries to start in the summer.

2014 Spark EV Powered By A Peppy 100 kW Motor

2014 Spark EV Powered By A Peppy 100 kW Motor

Two other countries have also been confirmed to get the EV, namely the United States and Canada.  Chevrolet has also recently promised to sell the Spark in “selected markets” throughout Europe.

However for one country, all is not as it seems, as InsideEVs has learned while attending the CIAS (Canadian International Auto Show) this week, that when it comes to Canada, there is a fly in the ointment.

According to GM, “…at initial launch in Canada, Spark EV will be a Fleet vehicle only and pricing will be announced closer to launch. It will be eligible for Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia provincial EV incentives.”

In speaking with a representative we learned that quite likely the 2014 Spark EV will be only available to commercial customers.  The 2015 Spark EV (on sale in fall of 2014) will perhaps be the earliest date it will be made available to the Canadian public, with that decision also quite likely affected by how the car is received in its limited US roll-out.  Starting next fall, the Spark EV will be available in both California and Oregon in the US.

GM says that when the Spark EV launches next summer, it is “expected to have among the best EV battery range in its segment and be the first electric vehicle to offer SAE Combo DC Fast Charging capability, enabling the Spark EV to reach 80-percent battery charge in just 20 minutes.”

The Spark EV will retail just under $32,500 when it goes on sale in the US, and is powered by a 560-pound (254 kg) square liquid-cooled battery lithium-ion battery pack, comprised of 336 prismatic cells, good for just over 20 kWh of energy.   The Chevy city EV sports a 100 kW (130 hp) motor under the hood that gives the Spark EV a lively 0-60 time of under 8.5 seconds.

Looking at the big picture when it comes to the Chevrolet Spark EV, we are still undecided whether or not to class this as a compliance-EV, or as a real mass production offering for General Motors.  But then again, perhaps GM is still just as unsure themselves.

Below: 2014 Spark EV Gallery (double click)

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I think yourright that Chevy doesn’t know where this car fits in. They make a car with over four hundred ft lbs of torque that can pull the Chevy truck AND the tree stump out on the TV ad at the same time. I would have thought they would have put a smaller power plant in to save money and weight, to compete at a lower price, but it looks like they aimed for a market of someone who wants a quick charging very spirited car who is willing to pay more. Thoughts?

Maybe they’re happy to let Nissan have 2013/2014 to sell more Leafs up North?

2012 Volts have been selling for $32K with discounts so maybe this will conflict with the Spark pricing??

Our Canadian friends have been very proactive regarding public charging. I live in Buffalo, NY but during the Toronto opening of the Tesla Store a few months ago, I chatted with the “Sun Highway” (That’s Clipper Creek for you state side readers) representative. Just across the border from me there are ALL kinds of 75 amp J1772 Sun Highway chargers, in quite smallish towns, whereas in the Metropolitan buffalo area there are absolutely none.

My Tesla Roadster could use 70 amps of it, but the only time it has experienced 70 amps was for 45 minutes in the basement of the Yorkdale Toronto mall during that event. All we have around here stateside is mostly 208 volt 30 amp chargers, but mostly just 120 volt outlets (very far away from their building’s electric panels, so its more like 105 volts in operation).

So it seems funny that the Spark EV with its 14 amp charge rate is apparently plugged into a 75 amp Sun Highway charging dock.

Or maybe not. The cord looks too small

The 2013 Leaf would offer a 6.6kw onboard charger (on medium/higher trim) and a heat pump for better winter efficiency. That is 2 strikes in row. If the Spark EV available for fleet only here in Canada, that would be the third one…

I should have wrote a heat pump & heated steering wheel…

The spark TMS to keep the battery warmer for potentially longer distances could be useful. The gas car 120v headbolt/block ICE heater plugs could be used as well for the spark and the 3.3 would be OK for that.

“The Chevrolet Spark EV is an all electric car from GM with an EPA-estimated range of 81 miles,”

Is this just a guess? (if yes, then this is close to what I’ve been guessing for the past few months, (technically 82 miles))

Hey kdawg,

We are going with 81 miles, or more specifically 80.77 miles, because it has been quoted as coming to SK and the US with a range of 130 km in Eurozone press releases.

The “among the best” verbage was clearly in relation to the Fit EV, which gets 82 miles (although the Fiat 500E has since bested the Honda by a decent margin at 87 miles)…so we think it is fair to think GM feels it will come up a little short of the Fit EV.

Still going to be awhile before we see the hard, confirmed number though (think fall).

Of course, the FitEV and the FIat are compliance cars only. That is probably why GM doesn’t consider them as competitors.