Chevrolet Spark EV In Maryland – Video


Spark EV In Maryland

Spark EV In Maryland

Four months ago, the announcement was made stating that the Chevrolet Spark EV would be available in Maryland starting this Spring.

Well, the Spark EV has now arrived in Maryland and here’s video of one of the state’s first electric Spark owners:

The Chevrolet Spark EV with SAE Combo DC Fast Charging capability is being sold and leased in Maryland as of May, 2015. Mark Czajka, Director of MD Volt, Inc. is one of the first Marylanders to get one. Video by

Steve Majoros, Chevrolet’s director of car marketing, previously told InsideEVs the following:

“The Spark EV has been one of the most well-received electric vehicles in the industry and customer demand helped make the decision to expand its availability to Maryland. Following the introduction of the next-generation Volt and Bolt EV concept, this further reinforces Chevrolet’s commitment to electrification and delivering more choices where our customers want them.”

“Maryland has a strong commuter market and a good charging infrastructure, which influenced the decision to make it the Spark EV’s first East Coast market.  We also have a strong dealership network in the Old Line State that’s eager to offer it.”


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Spark is a cool EV. Hope there will be also a 2016 Spark EV perhaps more cheaper because of new LG battery.

The Spark — you mean the Bolt beta test?

Please excuse the snark, but given the extremely limited availability of the Spark, I have a very hard time seeing it as anything but a large-scale field test.

We need more cars (and CUVs and SUVs) with plugs available in more places ASAP, and that includes everything from luxury Teslas to Sparks and EV Smartcars.

GM didn’t put a 400 lb/ft motor in the Spark EV just for the hell of it. Definitely a test for future EVs, like the Bolt.

“Test Vehicle Not Available in Non-CARB States”. 😛

And Maryland is a CARB state, so that’s why it’s really there. Curse you, GM. Curse you.

I drove a 2014 model about a month ago. It’s a nice car and the added DC-charger might help one day in MD/DC. There are currently very few SAE Combo chargers in this area. I use the DC-charger of my 2012 MiEV about once a week to run a specific errand and it would be rather cumbersome to do it without DC-charger.
All the EV manufacturers with SAE Combo plug will have a lot of catching up to do to become competitive.

It’s on my list to test drive when our Leaf lease is up next year. Just hope they still have still have some kind of good lease deal at that point. Active liquid cooling for the battery, great reviews — the car easily has enough going for it that GM could sell it everywhere. Very frustrating that they cripple the distribution. Also frustrating that the L2 charger in this car is only 3.3KW instead of 6.6.

6ft 4 inch 280lbs sat in an ice spark
feels like a coffin on wheels no thanks
waitng for soul ev
as of today 13,ooo miles on my coda
awesome big enough and i own it for
12500 solid car

18 months with my spark, the only QUICK EV besides the 100k Tesla. A little hotrod, Love it.

BTW, re ampzilla, I am 6’3 220 and have plenty of room.