Chevrolet Spark EV Accounted For Nearly 25% Of All Spark Sales In April

MAY 17 2015 BY MARK KANE 10

Chevrolet Spark EV sales in the US - April 2015

Chevrolet Spark EV sales in the US – April 2015

Chevrolet Spark EV

Chevrolet Spark EV

Chevrolet Spark EV jumped ahead of most plug-in electric cars in April with sales of 920 units.

Some other models have reached 2,000 to 3,000 units sold in a single month, but for Spark EV 920 is not only a record, but a shocking surge of 848% year-over-year!

10% of all plug-in electric car sales were Spark EV in April and what’s more important is that 24.6% of all Sparks sold last month were electric (10% YTD)!

Spark EV isn’t even available nationwide, so reaching 25% is amazing.

Lowering the price to $25,995 (or $18,495 including Tax Credit) and lease deal – $0 due at signing + $139/mo. (39 mo.) attracted a lot of customers.

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I think this shows that EVs are really close to a tipping point. However, they are still reliant on the tax-credit to help out.

Lease deal with 139 is hot ! Would be great in Europe, Opel Karl with 169 € .

I suspect that is why Leaf sales were down last month.

Spark EV has just become widely available in MD, so interested in what the final sales count is for May.

I didn’t realize that this was a $0 down deal. That makes it even cheaper than the $85/mo 500e deal that drove those numbers bonkers. To get down to $85/mo on the 500e you had to front the CA $2,500 State Rebate. If you did that on this Spark EV lease, you would be down to about $75/mo. Well, not quite. The 500e deal included all fees and taxes both monthly and up-front. So, the Spark will still be more after taxes.

Come on Opel, sell this in Europe instead of that super stupidly expensive Ampera

Yeah . . . why don’t they sell this in Europe? Seems like it would have a bit of an audience there.

Obviously, people in Cali are snapping up the opportunity to get a white sticker absurdly cheap.

I wonder what the totals would be without that perk?

The Spark EV will be cancelled, not expanded.

The Bolt will be here in 18 months.

This seems to be the “last hurrah” of production, which likely means that they are short on CARB-ZEV credits.

Here’s the 2013 data:

Didn’t they say there would be a 2016 Spark EV (although it would use the current body and not upgrade to the new Spark body). I guess that would actually go along with what you say . . . another year and then cancelled.