Chevrolet Provides One More Sneak Peek At 2016 Volt


Here’s one more look at the 2016 Chevrolet Volt prior to its debut at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show.

“Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the #NextGenVolt. Are you ready for us to lift the cover at #NAIAS?”

We’ll have all the details on the 2016 Volt live from the show floor in just a few weeks time.

Until then, check out this image to see some of what’s in store for 2016.

Anticipation continues to build…

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Same “skirt lift” as before, nothing new.

This might be the one heading to the show since it appears the cover has a driver windshield flap…. allows it to be driven onto the floor without removing the whole cover.

Eric Cote

Technically I think the previous skirt lift was photoshopped using the symmetry of the car to reveal more than what they showed. Here they’re revealing what the photoshop work pieced together.

George Bower

Yup. Looking good. A little more detail on the bumper.Headlight seem a little more angular as well. Can I order yet? I’ve already thought about calling Van Chevy in Scottsdale.

Andrew Diamond

The lighting in this pic gives you a clearer sense of the bodywork detail. I think it looks pretty good, or about 8% of it looks pretty good.


One thing is clear, it looks “normal”.
I look forward to this generation of EVs that don’t try to look different, just for the sake of looking different.


The one downside to “normal” is that if, as an example, it looks “just like a Cruz” you immediately invite the “Oh look it is a Cruz, but costs $10K more” comments. I agree that a contrived look can be worse though. Still, it doesn;t have to be that way…look at the Model S.


“Normal” is important. If these are going to ever be more than niche vehicles, they are going to have to eventually look normal.


It’s not so much the looks as the technology.


I’m pretty sure you can see more of the hood lines in this shot than previous ones. Remember the “will look more like a corvette” comments? The hood looks like it is more sculpted than the current Volt. This is good. It is starting to look like a very attractive car. I can’t wait to see one in person!

Cody Osborne

It just looks BIGGER to me!! Much wider!

MTN Ranger

If you compare the photo from a few weeks ago to this one, the lower valance has a different pattern. I also see two parking sensors in the valance too.


Parking sensors? Or perhaps adaptive cruse control sensors?


And the front scraping air dam is now gone or at least shorter so there is more clearance?


Reminds me of an Accura…


Release date needed. My lease is up in 8 months, and Nissan will let me out 2 months early.

no comment

from the photos that i have seen, i think that i will like the front end of the current Volt more but will like the rear end of the next generation Volt more.