Chevrolet Posts Another Strong Month for the Volt: 1,492 Sold


Thanks to a vigorious ad campaign, and the intoduction of a HOV-friendly model, the Chevrolet Volt posted a second month of strong gains.  For April of this year Chevrolet has announced it sold 1,492 copies of its 40 mile extended range car.

April’s totals do still represent a drop of about 800 units over its all-time high water mark (2,289 sold in March), but the montly result is still far above the normal sell-thru rate to date.  Through the end of this month, a total of 5,377 Volts have left dealer lots, which compares to 7,671 sold for the entire calendar year of 2011.

GM Media (Sales PDF)

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3 responses to "Chevrolet Posts Another Strong Month for the Volt: 1,492 Sold"
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  2. Dana M. says:

    This is great news. I have had my Volt for 13 months now, and have used a total of 18 gal of gas. Am able to do most of my driving within the 40 mile range per day, and electricity use is up about $1.00 per day.

    Voltec power!!

  3. Jay Cole says:

    Just testing out some comment functionality.

    …and it appears to be working, (=