Chevrolet Offers To Bring Volt To You For Test Drive

DEC 23 2015 BY MARK KANE 16

A New Way to Test Drive 2016 Chevrolet Volt

A New Way to Test Drive 2016 Chevrolet Volt

2016 Chevrolet Volt

2016 Chevrolet Volt

Chevrolet is taking some new actions to sell more plug-in cars.

One of them is the Test Drive My Way program; under which consumers in selected markets can test drive the car for one half hour at their own location:

Choose a time and location

Welcome. We’re glad you’re interested in test-driving the 2016 Chevrolet Volt! To begin, please provide a time and location for our Vehicle Specialist to meet you with a Volt. The Vehicle Specialist will ride in the passenger seat and answer any questions you may have. The experience will conclude back at your starting point after 30 minutes. Please add any additional instructions needed to access your location below.” found out that part of the agreement is that GM will also collect driver behavior data, but this shouldn’t be a problem.


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“Vehicle Specialist” is just a euphemism for a salesperson, right? I really despise salesperson ride-alongs on test drives. They tend to know nothing about the car and create a distraction and unnecessary pressure when what I really want to focus on is the cars capabilities and limitations. In fact, I’ve never purchased a car where the test drive included a ride-along. I’m not sure why GM insists on having a salesperson ride along in this event. Also, a half-hour test drive isn’t sufficient when you’re going to make one of the biggest purchasing decisions of your life outside of your home. What can you learn about a car in just 30-minutes? The average car ownership lasts almost as long as a typical marriage in the US. Who marries someone after a 30-minute date? Furthermore, what would you expect from a date that involved a third party attempting to pimp her off to you. When I sit in a car with a salesperson riding along, all I can think of Harvey Keitel in Taxi Driver. Just give me the keys, I’ll return it before you close. If I like the car, it will sell itself. If I don’t, so long. I… Read more »

The vehicle specialist will be trained on the Volt and will be knowledgeable. That is the whole point.

Most people have already decided which car they are going to buy before ever setting foot on a dealership. Consumers make up their mind based on Consumer Reports, other “expert” advice such as enthusiast magazines, advice from friends and family, and reputation of the brand and vehicle.

Five minute test drives are there to confirm what you already believe about a vehicle. People visit dealerships for that plus to negotiate price. With internet managers at most dealerships even that is disappearing.

GM contracts with franchises and franchise law prohibit GM from selling direct to consumers. Any website orders must be finalized at a local dealer.

Good for you. For my self I drove more that 200km to have a good experience to buy the car . 25 minutes to get the car feature explained and test drive. It’s what I didn’t get in Quebec city because of the patern from dealer that GM want to compensate for the lack of willingness from the dealers to do their job . At the Gym one Guy in the 70’s got he’s Volt from one of those dealer . They just pass him the keys and let him go. he can drive the car but dosn’t know much about the car . Ex. The mountain mode , hold mode and most of the feature of the car . Also here in Quebec to get the $8,000 grant the car have to be new with no mileage . They don’t have demo and no use Volt on the lot. They don’t seem interested to talk about the car or to sell the car . I did try to give them a chance at the service departement for the 2 years maintenance . They just as pathetic as the sale department After I lost more that 4 hours with them… Read more »

FYI, In the province of Québec the incentive is valid for dealers demo as it is written in the law.

Just read properly please!

Extract (in french)
Les véhicules démonstrateurs utilisés par les concessionnaires automobiles du Québec sont également admissibles au programme lors de la revente du véhicule, si le kilométrage à l’odomètre est inférieur à 10 000 km au moment de la transaction. Pour les motocyclettes électriques, le kilométrage doit être inférieur à 2 000 km au moment de la transaction.”

So it seem the lack of demo is for other reason.

Can you also buy the volt directly from GM after your test drive without a dealer markup?

My local dealers have a 5-8k markup on the volt.

Called the hotline.. They will not sell you the car direct from GM. You have to go through a stealership.

The only local offers I could find for the volt without a dealer markup are from costco.

I heard the initial Gen-1 of the Volt could be bought through a pre-order webpage via GM. I hope the Bolt has this buying option. The markups on the Bolt will be through the roof at a dealership.

This definitely seems to be an answer to an unasked question. I’ll be lucky if any dealers in my area even have one in stock to sit in.

Well, I guess it’s a start! Maybe the ‘Specialist’ could spend those 30 minutes with you pointing out functions, controls, and displays, and then let you go for 60 to 90 minutes on your own?

If they really wanted to introduce the vehicle to you, they could send a video to you ahead of the appointment, to give you a detailed walk through of the car from the drivers perspective, and from the various passenger persectives!

They could also ask you if you would like to have the use of the car for 48 hours (or longer) to use in your normal routine and see how well it works for you!

Offering the 20 Amp, 120V/240V J1772 “TurboCord” for an included item, instead of the current 120 Volt only J1772 cord, even while your trying it out for an extended period, as well as with the vehicle at sale, would also provide some evidence they want you to be happy with the car!

Word is a local Boston store has a Model ‘X’, but no Volts down the street. I’m guessing the ‘X’ did a back flip, and stuck the landing.

I would be grateful to have a sales rep riding along with me to answer questions and explain the benefits of Volt EREV ownership. Not that I need any more convincing.

No, I do not work for GM, nor do I have any financial interest in the company.

I’m just really psyched about the Gen2 Volt (and the Tesla Model S, of course!).

Greg from Rydell Chevy in Northridge is awesome

Let me test drive the Volt by myself

He could have ridden along since he’s the coolest guy there but let me be to experience the car as i would every day

Cant wait to get it soon!

Many BMW dealers allow test drives of up to 3 days without a salesperson present. As a result of our 24 hour test drive, we purchased an i3 BEV. Certainly Chevrolet can do better than a 30 minute test drive accompanied by a “Vehicle Specialist”.

3 day test drive would be nice but its the “Deliver it to you” part that is unique.

Half an hour?! How about a few days, BMW style?

Also what are the chances the Volt will arrive with an empty battery so all people will experience is a hybrid?

lol right

When I went to look for a 2012 Volt with a lot of interest, the salesman accompany me for a 30 minutes ride.
I would have liked more!

And when I show a vague interest in the new Cruze, the same person let me use it for the week end.
I didn’t ask for that much, but we had enough after the first couple of hours.