Chevrolet Might’ve Revealed 2020 Electric Crossover


The image depicting a badgeless Bolt-based CUV comes straight from General Motors.

It seems like General Motors will be putting the Bolt’s platform to good use for a brand new small crossover as hinted in a presentation made by CEO Mary Barra on the occasion of the Barclays Global Automotive Conference. The attached image is included in a section of the document talking about GM’s green agenda, specifically about plans to roll out not one, but two electric CUVs by 2020.

The badgeless crossover previewed here appears to be a production model rather than a concept, so what you see is likely what you’ll get. By the looks of it, the zero-emissions model in question has a few things in common with the FNR-X concept (pictured below) shown by Chevy back in April this year during the Shanghai Auto Show.

Chevy FNR X Concept

It’s too soon to say whether it will carry the bowtie logo or it will wear the tri-shield emblem, though we’re leaning towards the former since the C-pillar bears a striking resemblance to the Bolt. On the other hand, the headlights and hood point in the direction of a Buick, so it’s tricky to know for sure the electric crossover’s identity at the moment of writing.

If the Bolt’s hardware will be carried over without any changes, it means the eco-friendly CUV will use a 60-kWh lithium-ion battery pack and an electric motor producing 200 horsepower and 266 pound-feet (360 Newton-meters) of torque. Taking into account it will likely be a tad heavier than the Bolt, it might not be able to match its EPA-rated range of 238 miles.

Getting back to the aforementioned document, right after the image showing the forthcoming electric crossover there are preliminary details about an all-new platform due in 2021. Catering multiple segments and brands, the architecture is being engineered to accommodate a new battery system featuring a flexible and modular design with a higher energy density and 30 percent lower production costs (from the Bolt’s $145 / kWhr to less than $100 / kWhr. The battery pack will have a larger footprint and a lower height compared to GM’s current setup and is going to benefit from improved DC fast-charging capabilities.

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It looks like the same dimensions of the Bolt so I would guess this is a peak of the Buick version of the Bolt.

That was my first thought as well.

Yep, I agree. Clearly this is the Buick Bolt.

Assuming the image is in fact an EV not a PHEV… The size and shape is too close to the current Bolt EV for it to make sense as a Chevy.

The article about the Buick EV focus group participant stated it looked like an Encore…The image here has far more Chevy design language than Buick, however that doesn’t mean this vehicle didn’t start life as a Chevy and later got changed to a Buick…

I believe we’ll see a Buick Encore EV prior to seeing this…

Fully agree. This is not the Buick Encore EV. This is the other electric CUV.

Perhaps this is based on the new new platform, while the buick will be built on the bolt platform

The Buick Encore could sure use being turned into an EV. The gas versions absolutely sucks with its pathetically undersized engine. Going back to a gas car after driving an EV is always a challenge because of anemic acceleration, but the Encore took that to another level. It was half dead!

The styling looks more Chevy than Buick to me though, if that makes sense.

Not sure what the dimensions are of this vehicle, but if it is larger than the Bolt EV, and comes in both PHEV and BEV form, it would be very popular.

(talking to myself here)

After looking closely at some Buick Encore pics, I do see a lot of similar lines. So maybe a Buick after all? I think it’s the lack of the waterfall grill that is throwing me off.

While I understand why people think a lot of the styling looks like Chevy…

Overall it reminds me of the Buick Velite concept + a Bolt EV. 🙂

I do see a lot of the Velite too.

I spotted this yesterday in the Barra article!

Glad it’s subject matter today. The nose is a completely new design language. Neither Buick or Chevy. I like it a lot – distinctive.

The Chevy FNR-X Concept is way to busy aesthetically, in my opinion – just a whole lot goin’ on there…

What I like most in this GM slip or secret peek is that the CUV shown at the top seems production ready. No concept car gimmicks or 22″ wheels like the FNR-X below it. The size of wheels and tires indicate it’s the Bolt Buick – just as described by the focus group leaker.

I’d welcome the ejection of the waterfall grille, but that won’t go over big in China. The wheels definately look production ready and they lean Buick design-wise over Chevy too.

I don’t see Volt or Velite 5 in it though – I’d say more next gen GM.

Check out the similarities in

* The headlights
* The flare before the rear wheel
* The wheel patterns
* The small spoiler
* The crease in the hood
* The gap along the front of the hood
* The protruding tail-lights

peak might work there, but I am willing to bet that you really meant to peek at it.

A rather nice response to the Model 3.

That vehicle above seems to match up with the description of the “Buick Bolt” in this article:

I wish it were a Little Bigger with more Battery Power …The Bolt is too Dinky…

If it’s 2020 or 2021 then the Model Y.

Sales don’t lie and will determine if you’re statement is true…

AWD perhaps?

AWD as an option would be a great item to offer. Go the dual motor route a la Tesla and you get a lot of bang for the buck. I have my doubts about GM’s vision so I won’t get my hopes up too high for AWD, but this is a nice looking vehicle to add to the Bolt platform.
I hope they have at least 75 kW charging ability, 100+ would be better. I am not sure how fast “improved DC Fast Charging” will translate in the real world.

Looks very nice! This has the curb appeal that Bolt lacks. Sell it as a Buick, and stretch the size as much as the platform allows, so that it beats the Model 3 in space, both on paper and in real world reviews (and beating Model Y, if that ever happens). They probably can’t do much more than 6″, but every bit would help.

I wonder if GM will resurrect the “Electra” name for this vehicle.

I like it! Let’s hope they do. Seems a natural.

Maybe the Jolt?

We’re all waiting for it!!!

Better than the Molt ;-P

Personally, I’d like to see GM resurrect the Saturn brand and make it their all-eggs-in-one basket electric division, and let it be semi-autonomous (the division, not necessarily the cars :P) like it was back in the early 90s. As in, not sold through conventional franchises and with fixed prices. (That’s why I bought my Saturn SL over the competing Neon: zero haggle.) It seems like it would be easier to expand one division while the others atrophy than to have EVs competing with ICEs within the other brands.

If they chose to do this, Buick would be the brand.

It is the most popular GM car brand in China by far. Outselling Chevy there sevreal times over every month.

China is going to be requiring significant increases in NEVs over the next few years.

But in North America, Buick has languished for decades. Buick’s are very nice, reliable cars. But other than the Encore, they lack vehicles that excite or appeal to young people.

A transition to PHEV and EV only models for Buick might bring some excitement back to the brand. And hopefully get some younger buyers into the dealerships.

I say I say I say RIP Saturn ‼️

I have commented on this before…Either create a new brand (Saturn would be a great badge) or just make all Buicks in the US EVs…Any GM dealership is welcome to sell Buick/Saturn EVs if they want along side their ICE vehicle so for those dealerships who invested into the Volt/Spark EV/ELR/Bolt EV aren’t punished…

One of the points of the Saturn brand was to bypass the crappy legacy GM dealers

You can have the same Saturn experience by paying MSRP…

Electra referred to the Electra 225 LARGE Buick. That’s what I’m waiting for out of GM, a LARGE plug-in..

Plug-in with electricity I mean, not one of those ‘GM 100% electrics’ that you can only fill with a hydrogen hose.

I agree Brian, more is better, even if you lose a few more miles of AER. There is space for more than 70 kWh of pack so hopefully the combined AER will still be over 230 miles.
Faster charging than the Bolt will be a necessity down the road, as well.

The Bolt interior is already pretty close in size to the Model 3. Except for width. The Bolt beats the 3 on cargo capacity by a long shot though. GM did a great job on the packaging.

Throw the Bolts guts into a Silverado 1500.

Then do the same with the volt.

Hybrid and BEV truck could be ready in …6 months…

What’s with all the 2020 talk.

And copy BMW’s REX hybrid solution too.

That was a joke, right?
The Silverado is a huge, heavy fullsize pic
kup: 7 feet longer than the Bolt, and the ICE version weighs ~1000lbs more than the Bolt, despite not having a big traction battery and a roofless payload bed.
It’s also extremely un-aerodynamic.
I suspect to reach the Bolt’s highway-speed AER you’d need a 150kWh-200kWh pack. Not bloody likely.

Might as well just give up then….

When I grew up on the farm our truck 99% of the time went no more than 25 miles round trip.

Heard the argument ( no one wants to buy electric cars… so they never built them…and no one bought them) sound familiar.

That’s probably too pessimistic I’d say. Comparing the Chevy Sonic 5 (closest to an ICE version of the Bolt) to a Silverado 6.2 L we see mpg of 24/34 vs 15/21. So, the Silverado’s gas mileage is about 60% of the Sonic’s. Based on that quick and dirty comparison it looks to me like you could make a Silverado with a Bolt’s range with something like a 100 kWh battery.

Just give us the VOLT power train in the Equinox. It will sell like no other.


With minimum AER of 50 like Volt. The other SUV PHEVs out there are dismal in electric range.

Oh we can dream!

Range anxiety? What stinkin’ RANGE ANXIETY?!

Can’t find a charger that’s working and available? It sucks to be you!

How great would that be? Bring it on!


You know I wanted a Bolt EV but every time I settle into the soft power leather seats of my 2017 I think to myself, “this is not so bad and it’s actually pretty good.” The items that really make the Bolt EV different from the FFE, longer range and greater cargo capacity, I very seldom have need for. I still want more in an EV but the Bolt EV really doesn’t step up to the mark.

I know Chevrolet wanted to make the Bolt EV as light as possible but I think they cut way too many corners on luxury items like power seats and advanced autonomous features and practical features like real towing capacity. Any auto manufacturer that wants me to upgrade from my very comfortable FFE is going to have to provide something much more compelling than the Bolt EV and the pretty picture of the CUV above is really not enough to get me excited.

It does give one a chance to use the phrase “sittin’ in the cheap seats” when referring to the Bolt.

I just sat in a Bolt EV today (didn’t test drive…didn’t even get that far). I agree they cut corners. I actually like the interior styling, with white accents, but somehow it just comes across as cheap. My sister who came with me to look felt that same way and gave her opinion unprompted. However, the worst part are the seats which are real back breakers. People complained online and I thought “how bad could it be?”. Well it was BAD. So bad that it rules the car out for me entirely. The leather seats on the Premier (just slightly uncomfortable) aren’t as bad as the Cloth on the LT which are just atrocious. They are hard as hell with almost no padding. Being a tall person the seat dug into my back in a very uncomfortable way. I’ll be looking with interest at what GM comes up with. A Buick Encore BEV would be good (gas version sucks, but EV should fix most of that). That being said, the Encore barely has any more trunk space than the Bolt–it’s actually *less* than an e-Golf. might actually have less.

The referenced document states that China is becoming the world’s largest NEV market. Which country has that status presently? NEVs aren’t terribly relevant to GM, I’d imagine, in North America.

In China NEV stands for New Energy Vehicle. NEVs can use battery electric, natural gas ICE, or other non-petroleum fuel powertrain.


China is already, by far, the world’s largest EV market and looks to remain so in the foreseeable future. “NEV” means alternative drivetrains in general as GSP said, but the vast majority is BEVs and PHEVs — very few FCEVs and other types.

2020? May as well be the 12th of Never, and that’s a long, long,time.

12th of Never is currently the Model Y’s release date. Probably the same for the Tesla semi too. Could even say the same for the Model 3…especially people in Europe.

Why are you bringing Tesla into this? It’s an article about the GM and the Bolt. You just can’t resist bashing them even when nobody else even mentioned them, can you?

MadBro always brings up Tesla because he has mental issues regarding Tesla.

ffbj, a known Tesla zealot, was talking about “forever” timelines, so it only made sense to mention Tesla.

Cry some more, OK?

Are you going to short Tesla some more or buy more GM stock?

Do you work here MadBro, its in Maryland:

Dude, I came hear to hear (hopefully) good things about GM; as I understand it you have/had Bolts and Volts. How about some of
your perspective on them?

And looking at his comment, ffbj never even brought up the T word. So you drew first blood. I forget; which one of you is the zealot?

Bro1999 how’s your gas guzzler running LOL

Well GM did study Tesla’s methods, so maybe this one of the things they learned, make big promises that you have no intention or capability of fulfilling in a timely manner.

As interesting as the new CUV is, the real meat of Mary Barra’s presentation included the following additional gems that many of us have been begging GM to do:

1) BEVs with “over 300 miles range”
3) “luxury low roof” [sports car} version
4) “Partner, incentive, and/or invest as necessary to develop a robust EV [charging] infrastructure”.
5) per their chart – 200K/year BEV’s sold in 2020, ramping to 1 million/year in 2026.
6) AND continue to improve corporate profitability to 10% pre-tax core by 2020.

PS – Oops – I omitted “2” as it was already referenced in the article, but I forgot to re-number the items.

Yes, to me the main compelling items are:
– Targeting EVs with over 300 miles of range
– Less than $100/kWh cell cost batteries
– Several new EVs planned across multiple segments.

It’s very exciting if it all holds true.

@HVACman and @ClarksonCote

Agreed. They also discussed faster charging rates with the new battery packs.

“It’s very exciting if it all holds true.”

If this were VW, Mercedes, Fiat or Ford I would be seriously skeptical.

From GM, BMW or Nissan I give them the benefit of the doubt first.

GM is known for underpromising, overdelivering, so exciting indeed!

If this was coming from another certain manufacturer with a noted history of never meeting deadlines, it’d be all a bunch of “meh”.

Over-Promise, Under-Deliver

There are many, many, many examples…

right john,
just like the piP.

Or we can just look to Toyota, which seems to happy with “under-promise, under-deliver, and under-whelm”.

Well, as Star Trek John states, the PPrime seems like a great vehicle. Unfortunately it is apparently the BIGGEST plug-in electric that Toyota will make.

My 2014 Caddy ELR is also the largest SERIOUS plug-in currently available from GM.

(Yes, the CT6 PHEV is larger, but the car is a joke, and won’t be sold in NY State anyway).

GM is planning several LARGE ‘100% electrics’ but those are all powered by a hydrogen hose.

Wish it wasn’t so. GM and TOYOTA will be left with nothing but LARGE SCALE 100% ICE’s when the buying public ignores their H2 offerings.

The CT6 PHEV competes with the large German gassers in size, speed and performance. All while averaging triple their gas milage. It may not sell in NY, but the people who get one through Book by Cadillac will love it.

Let’s hear a few of those examples. GM has consistently under-promised and over-delivered. They are the only EV/PHEV manufacturer to do so.

I guess Toyota avoids this issue by not promising or delivering anything. They just make minor changes to the Prius that have yielded the sub-par PiP & Prime.

You mean like delivering a car that has a cheap plastic interior, bad seats, no ACC, no navigation, no AWD, no garage door opener, no sun roof, no sports edition, no self driving capability and charges you if you want your car to charge fast?

It isn’t hard to deliver a car that basically has nothing to it but an square shell and a battery.

The document is an interesting read.
Let’s hope improved DC fast-charging capabilities will come before the next EV platform that’s coming in 2021!

article quote:
“If the Bolt’s hardware will be carried over without any changes, it means the eco-friendly CUV will use a 60-kWh lithium-ion battery pack and an electric motor producing 200 horsepower and 266 pound-feet (360 Newton-meters) of torque. Taking into account it will likely be a tad heavier than the Bolt, it might not be able to match its EPA-rated range of 238 miles.”

OK cool. This is what I thought they should have done instead of the Bolt EV. Just a slightly larger BoltEV.

It would be nice if they could add a few cells and juice up the motor/inverter.

Anyway. I bit late but good.

GM laid out a very heavilly populated electric
model future – over 20 vehicles. I take their talk of future battery chracteistics with a grain of salt. There are several research eforts that look likely to bear fruit, and we still don’t know all of the details (mainly cost) about the revolutionary Toshiba batteries, which have actually been tested.
Porsche has offered for free their CCS fast charging technology , currently using 350 KW chargers and more than twice as fast as Tesla’s superchargers. Also rumors of a 500 mile driving range for upmarket versions of their Mission e, due out in 2019 and by all indications, outsell Tesla’s Model S.

Volt and Prime have about half the sales of the Bolt EV so there are people who okay with 25 miles of EV range…Musk tweeted the end of last year “A mere 350 kw…what are you referring to, a mere children’s toy?”

Most people who are in the market for something like the Mission E with 500 miles of range (most likely way over $200K) would more than likely never drive that far, they can afford and prefer to fly…

With 500 mile range you’re also carrying around a lot of weight you’re not going to use 99.9% of the time. It just doesn’t make sense. Then it would take forever to recharge it. You’d have to leave it sitting on a fast charger for 2 or 3 hours, or like 24 on a standard.

The energy economics of an EV aren’t the same as a gas car. I think the sweet spot is really around 300 miles. That way you always have enough range to jump to the next fast charger, but you’re not carrying around hundreds of miles of extra capacity (weight) that you don’t need.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Put 2 packs into a 4WD crew Cab Pickup, have 100KW charge rate and call it done.

And…they have no intention of doing that since it would hurt their ICE profits.

Looks nice but by they there will likely be a lot of competition. Here’s to hoping they take the known mistakes/shortcomings of the Volt and the Bolt and don’t make them with this.

Silly thought but that nose looks like the nose on a Saturn.

Anyway here is a picture of the encore.
It does have very similar lines

I think the front end matches the concept and is close to the Camarillo and Impala front ends, so I am tilting towards a Chevy.
Maybe we will be surprised in January and GM will show both a Chevy and a Buick CUV.

I get the feeling this will be exclusive to the Chinese market and we won’t see it here. Seems like a lot of the upcoming EVs and PHEVs are going to China and bypassing the US.

Thank Trump and the GOP for that.

If GM achieves 30% battery production cost it will make EVs more competitive and help EV transition. GO GM GO

They would likely switch the cells to the newer NCM 811 ones, and that would mean a significant capacity boost. It’s a drop-in replacement, so the easiest upgrade path by far. Alternatively the could underfill the pack to save cost and weight, and provide only slightly more capacity to equalise the range.

Have a question!

Is an EV more frequently vandalized compared to any of the Gas-mobiles???

Why would it be? I mean, maybe if you live somewhere like Alabama where they hate EVs since they’re modern 21st century tech, although even there they probably wouldn’t even realize it was an EV.

Both Buick and Chev; two of the twenty to come.