Chevrolet FNR Concept Unveiled At 2015 Shanghai Motor Show – Images

APR 20 2015 BY MARK KANE 35

Chevrolet FNR “Find New Roads” Concept

Chevrolet FNR “Find New Roads” Concept

Here we have set of photos from the 2015 Shanghai Motor Show of the new electric concept – Chevrolet FNR “Find New Roads”.

There are no technical details on the drivetrain or batteries used, or if this vehicle is intended to be used in any way in the distant future.

What we know is:

  • autonomous drive
  • capsule design
  • crystal laser headlights and taillights
  • dragonfly dual swing doors
  • magnetic hubless wheel electric motors
  • wireless auto-charge system

“The Chevrolet-FNR is loaded with a range of intelligent technologies usually seen only in science fiction movies. They include sensors and roof-mounted radar that can map out the environment to enable driverless operation, Chevy Intelligent Assistant and iris recognition start. The Chevrolet-FNR can also serve as a “personal assistant” to map out the best route to the driver’s preferred destination.

In self-driving mode, the vehicle’s front seats can swivel 180 degrees to face the rear seats, creating a more intimate setting. The driver can switch to manual mode through the gesture control feature.”

Chevrolet FNR “Find New Roads” Concept

Chevrolet FNR “Find New Roads” Concept

Chevrolet FNR “Find New Roads” Concept

Chevrolet FNR “Find New Roads” Concept

Chevrolet FNR “Find New Roads” Concept

Chevrolet FNR “Find New Roads” Concept

Chevrolet FNR “Find New Roads” Concept

Chevrolet FNR “Find New Roads” Concept

Chevrolet FNR “Find New Roads” Concept

Chevrolet FNR “Find New Roads” Concept

Chevrolet FNR “Find New Roads” Concept

Chevrolet FNR “Find New Roads” Concept

Chevrolet FNR “Find New Roads” Concept

Chevrolet FNR “Find New Roads” Concept

Chevrolet FNR “Find New Roads” Concept

Chevrolet FNR “Find New Roads” Concept

Chevrolet FNR “Find New Roads” Concept

Chevrolet FNR “Find New Roads” Concept

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A bit of an over the top show car. Not really relevant to the real world. Move on…


lol…… +1

Great Reveal, Mr. Kane!

Here is a Deep Dive take on the Chevrolet #FNR – Find New Roads concept,self driving, Electric Fueled Vehicle.

“Chevy’s self-driving muscle car”

Via | Sue Callaway, Fortune, 04.20.2015

“Chevrolet celebrated its 10th anniversary in China by unveiling an over-the-top concept car that promises terrific driving performance—unless you’d rather let it drive itself. Chevy parent General Motors gave Fortune an exclusive look.”

Link Goes To Fortune Review With Inside Look Video-


Thomas J. Thias



vehicle to vehicle communications by 2017? yikes! what happens if multiple vehicles need to dialog to collectively avoid an accident?

“Deep Dive”? ONly info I got out of that was $7 Billion spent on autonomous driving.
Makes me think twice about spending cash on a new GM product which I will probably do anyway.

Lets see: 50,000 enginneers @ $100k/year. Ok so that’s where the money went.

$7B is the total R&D budget for GM. I doubt autonomous driving was all of it.

FNR? F’n A !!

Why do they even bother creating crap like this? Everybody knows they won’t ever create a car that looks anywhere near this and personally I hope they never will. If they want to show off their technology, do it in a car that makes sense instead!

Agreed 100%

Is it a transformer? “More than meets the eye”

More than meets the eye? Yes, it seems like a clear case of “Corporate Compensation”, where they don’t have anything solidly compelling in the near term, so they went overboard with a fantasy design exercise, to create some PR. Oh well. 🙁

It’s a concept car. Automakers make concept cars.

“Concept cars are often radical in engine or design. Some use non-traditional, exotic, or expensive materials, ranging from paper to carbon fiber to refined alloys. Others have unique layouts, such as gullwing doors, 3 or 5 (or more) wheels, or special abilities not usually found on cars. Because of these often impractical or unprofitable leanings, many concept cars never get past scale models, or even drawings in computer design.”

I thought all the “Found New Roads” were glued on top of the exhibit.

People haven’t ripped into the “Dragon Wing” doors on this thing, but still make fun of the Model X’s “Falcon Wing” rear doors?

If it rains, you WILL NOT like these GM concepts…

Also, thought prototypes were becoming increasingly realistic / practical so they saved the company money and were easier to push into actual production. This prototype does not seem relevant to anything in particular. It’s just an empty corporate tease, showcasing unrealistic, undesirable and impractical design.

Does anyone else think of “Cheese Graters” when looking at the high tension wire ‘cusions’ on this thing’s seats?

Should make collisions quite interesting. 😉

I’m waiting for a concept car with the sphincter doors like George Jetson had on his car. Punch a button and it shot you out a hole into the living room chair at home.


GM wasted some dollars for this thang….

It has basically 1 inch ground clearance. If you encounter a speed bump, you’re screwed.

There does not appear to be any active suspension for it. Might as well advertise “Hover Mode” for it. 😉

Some people live in glass houses, this glass car is a perfect show for a glass garage.

Not sure about the glass front doing so well on a driveway curb bump, or a dip of a non-level manhole cover … then again some cars are just show; others meant to be driven.

Different wheels for different folks.

Why build showpieces like this? Well – multiple reasons. One is that GM is one of the largest corporations on earth and they can. You won’t find Tesla, who is maxed on cash, building some artpiece showcasing what could be someday.

It isn’t all bad, especially in China, the world’s largest car market. This splashy stuff is meant to send a message that GM is on the cutting edge with an eye to the future. Do we Westerners know that for generations, this showcar stuff ends up in warehouses and auctioned off forty years later for millions? Sure we do. Do we know it’s car company’s ways of blowing smoke up the public’s skirt? Sure we do. Do the Chinese? Not so much. Concept cars are fun. Fun to look at – like a beautiful model we know we don’t have an ice cube’s chance in Hates of dating, but we sure like to look.

It’s a bit more than an extravagance because it presents an image in the market’s mindset.

By the way – what do you think of the plastic cowcatcher at the nose?

Funny things about concept pieces as far out as this thing – They can say it’s powered by just about anything, because it’s so out in the conceptual future. “It’s not only fully autonomous ( which will never happen – see any lawyer ), but it’s powered by sky-blue-pink laser blasters!”….etc. etc. etc.

Kinda fun – doncha think?

“It’s not only fully autonomous ( which will never happen – see any lawyer )”

There’s the n-word again. No, not that one.

Seriously K, name one situation wherein total autonomy would be possible in the real world. This means humans put their total trust in a computer system that has to make millions of decisions that entail life or death of other humans.

Who is going to insure this? Who is going to pay when the computer and/or it’s backup systems fail and human injury is the result?

When NASA systems cannot promise 100% reliability how could such a system exist in a world with today’s possible liabilities?

Answer: It’s not going to happen. Google is nuts for spending so much on this pie-in-the-sky tech. What’s next? Autonomous surgery?

This sci-fi dream some have makes me scratch my head. What is so attractive about reading the newspaper and playing video games while your car rides you to work?

Not in our lifetime, but it will happen. Computers are already much better at many things than humans, and the list grows every day. One day, that will be driving cars (if cars as we know them even exist).

The real question is who’s going to insure manual drive cars once fully autonomous cars hit the road.

They don’t have to be perfect, just better than a human. This is a pretty low bar.

When they get into an accident, there will be a through investigation (à la NTSB airline crash investigations) and the insurance company will pay.

Pretty simple really.

As it turns out, computers are far more reliable at accurate predictions and decision making than humans.

Autonomous driving exists in shuttles and airplanes today. Vehicles aren’t that far behind.

Someone at GM fell too much in love with Disney’s TRON.

But the stuff in TRON looked at least functional…

*Speaking as someone who worked on TRON: Legacy*

There is a car customizer in business selling very limited, custom order TRON Bikes, as you probably know. They’re not high performance, but they look sooo cool. Many who buy them are rich movie buffs or business that want one for display.

Hub motors were once touted as the future. They may be, but for now, too many issues arise via shock isolation, cost and weatherproofing, just to name a few. How nice would it be to have super fast direct control over all 4 drive wheels and all the space that frees up in say – an EREV/PHEV setup where there is a small 3 cylinder gas or diesel backup?

i don’t think that it is reasonable to rip into gm for building this concept car. after all, did people rip into mercedes benz when they introduced their (impractical) concept car?

the point of a concept car, after all, is to show off technologies for the future. think of concept cars as being like a mini-world’s fair.

I wonder if those wheels will make it to production 😉

And here is what the production version will look like 😉

Lol , so true!

The thing that intrigued me the most here was “hubless magnetic wheel electric motors”

Curious to know more about that general technology.