Chevrolet “Find New Roads” Electric Concept Teased – Updated Pic/Info

APR 19 2015 BY MARK KANE 23

FNR "Find New Roads"

FNR “Find New Roads”

General Motors CEO Mary Barra (left) and North America President Alan Batey with the Chevrolet Bolt

General Motors CEO Mary Barra (left) and North America President Alan Batey with the Chevrolet Bolt

General Motors (through Shanghai-GM), like lots of other carmakers ,will present a new plug-in (believed to be a pure electric) concept car (alongside the already unveiled in U.S. Bolt EV) at the 2015 Shanghai Motor Show.

The car is called FNR “Find New Roads” and was designed by GM’s Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center.  For now, we found only one teaser image of FNR.

“The concept … reportedly having features like autopilot, pupil recognition startup, gesture control, wireless charging, and a number of intelligent robotic controllers to make time spent driving relaxed.”

Stay tuned for more details.  The vehicle’s debut is now just days away.

UPDATE:  GM has now released the below picture of the FNR Concept, and added further backstory on the concept

The Chevrolet-FNR made its global debut at Shanghai GM Gala Night. (Image via General Motors)

The Chevrolet-FNR made its global debut at Shanghai GM Gala Night. (Image via General Motors)

Chevrolet-FNR and All-New Chevrolet Malibu Make Global Debut at Shanghai GM Gala Night

The Chevrolet-FNR is an autonomous electric concept vehicle that offers a glimpse at mobility of the future. It was developed in Shanghai by GM’s Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC) joint venture.

Engineering, design and electrification teams drew on their past experience developing electric concept vehicles. Their aim was to create a unique, intelligent vehicle for tomorrow’s younger consumers by utilizing innovative car networking technology.

The Chevrolet-FNR boasts a futuristic capsule design. It has crystal laser headlights and taillights, dragonfly dual swing doors, magnetic hubless wheel electric motors and a wireless auto-charge system.

The Chevrolet-FNR is loaded with a range of intelligent technologies usually seen only in science fiction movies. They include sensors and roof-mounted radar that can map out the environment to enable driverless operation, Chevy Intelligent Assistant and iris recognition start. The Chevrolet-FNR can also serve as a “personal assistant” to map out the best route to the driver’s preferred destination.

In self-driving mode, the vehicle’s front seats can swivel 180 degrees to face the rear seats, creating a more intimate setting. The driver can switch to manual mode through the gesture control feature.


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They need to hire consultants that can actually name their vehicles. Sounds a lot like FNAR, to me.

Maybe GM should call it, “FNM”. Find new markets.

You Chinese? No? So, your opinion on this Chinese marketing maneuver (likely NOT a saleable unit) matters why?

Rhetorical AND racist. Nice.

Perfect name for the China market, since so many of the existing roads are gridlocked.

I just spent a couple weeks in China last month. Traffic around Shanghai wasn’t much worse than any large city in the US. The rest of the freeways that we traveled around the country were brand new, high quality, and had only a handful of vehicles on them. Each major expressway was shadowed by elevated high-speed rail, which was always on-time down to the minute. First time I’d been there in 10 years and was EXTREMELY impressed.

When are these guys going to get it, most people want a small vehicle that they can carry their stuff in such as the old VW station wagon or an old Toyota truck. The lower the price the better as most can’t afford the nice car till they are past 35. Hold off on the gissmo’s and add as options of upgrades that can be added later. Think about the big selling Honda civic (first one’s in the 70’s) or Toyota Corona or Hilux

my guess is that this is probably a small, low cost, limited range EV; the kind of vehicle that is more compatible with the china market.

Because the money being made in China is at the low end, not in the rapidly growing luxury segment.

I tweeked the image a little and you can see the front wheels exceeding the body of the car.
Maybe a three wheeler….

this image is not viewable unless you are a registered forum member.

No, but I was shown lots of ads, tho, and my back button hijacked. Thanks.

Nice tease picture. Looks very Batman.

oh, so this is a conversation piece and not a real car that is intended for production…in other words, this is a true “concept car”.

What the heck is that? Looks like the aliens from The Abyss.

LOL! when i looked at that front end, my thought was that it looked like a creature from the movie “aliens”.

“gesture control”?

Might have to control your gestures.

Gonna be a lot of crashes if they sell it in Italy. 😉

very stupid, that will never become a car and i dont want to buy a car that will drive itself

I’ve kind of grown to hate concept cars. Mainly because so few of the ideas put into them ever make it to general production.

Mmmm, looking at both pics, it does not look like the same car to me.
On the picture i tweeked, the wheels exceed the body of the car but on the side piture, they do not. They seem to be flush with the body like the rear wheels.
We will see in a few days….

Seems like the two doors are hinged on the rear wheels. And the front wheels are hollow so they are hub-driven not axle-driven like the rest of the cars.