Chevrolet To Demonstrate EN-V 2.0 In Tianjin, China

JUN 29 2014 BY MARK KANE 10

2011 EN-V concept

Oryginal EN-V concept

General Motors announced the launch of a two-week demonstration of the Chevrolet EN-V 2.0 (Electric Networked-Vehicle) concept electric vehicle, which will be used in the National Animation Industry Park and Eco-Business in the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City.

The goal for this project is to understand consumers’ usage of low-speed transportation tools for their daily commute.

EN-V 2.0 has range of 40 kilometers or 25 miles.  The small capsule takes only one quarter of a normal parking spots and looks sleek.

Matt Tsien, Executive Vice President of GM and GM China President stated:

“This is a step forward to realize GM’s vision for sustainable urban mobility in a practical way. We are pleased that GM’s partnership with the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City Administrative Committee (ECAC) and Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City Investment and Development Co., Ltd. (SSTEC) can serve as the first step for realizing our vision in the real world. It represents GM’s commitment and effort to implement our ‘Roadmap to 2030’ that was rolled out following Expo 2010 in Shanghai.”

Ho Tong Yen, Chief Executive Officer of SSTEC remarked:

“SSTEC is very pleased to work with GM and ECAC to explore green solutions to urban transportation challenges. We welcome GM’s decision to use the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City for the testing and demonstration of its new Electric Networked-Vehicle, and look forward to further expanding our cooperation with GM in the future.”

About SSTEC:

“The Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City is a landmark bilateral project between the governments of China and Singapore, with private-sector investment and development. Located in the Tianjin Binhai New Area (45 kilometers from Tianjin’s city center), the 30-square-kilometer Tianjin Eco-City is designed to create a harmonious and sustainable community that meets the needs of an urbanizing China. It aims to become a modern township where 350,000 residents can eventually work, live, play and learn.”

“SSTEC is the master developer for the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City. It is a 50-50 joint venture between a Chinese consortium led by Tianjin TEDA Investment Holding Co., Ltd. and a Singapore consortium led by the Keppel Group.”

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Futureland, anyone?

Or possibly Wall-E World.

(how do you like that double entendre 🙂 )

And… Not once do they mention these two wheeled vehicles were originally based on dynamic balancing technology from Segway.

The 2.0 seems to have devolved into a more traditional electric quadricycle configuration. 🙁

Why not walk these distances in that it’s not uncommon for my brother to walk ten miles in two hours. Also I view something like this is the job of a bike or sidewalks. I only use a car when I need to go more then a few miles or when there are no sidewalks.

30+oC and 100% humidity, I’ll take the fridge on wheels

Gonna tell all my relatives over 70, who have personal mobility issues, to walk ten miles in two hours, just because someone’s brother posted THEY COULD, on a blog… 😉

Lets not forget the basic reasons cars were created in the first place:

Increased Speed of Travel
Carrying a Passenger or Cargo
Weather Protection while Traveling
Personal Mobility / Independence

Looks like a smart to me…

The new version feels more like a Chevy Twizzy, to me.

The original, could pivot in place, with zero turning radius. *sighs*. Oh well. 🙁

Incorrect headline……

The demonstration is in Tianjin,China, not Singapore.

Can’t wait for the full “virtual impact” ENV “goal” bumper cars in Epcot – imagineering!!