Chevrolet Celebrates Volt’s 1 Billion Mile Milestone


In a follow-up to our Friday breaking news story on the Chevy Volt surpassing 1 billion total miles driven, the Chevrolet team put out a series of Tweets and Facebook posts acknowledging the achievement.

Though the ticker on the Volt site still has a quirk (no 10th digit displayed, so it wrongly appears as though Volt owners have collectively driven only 100 million-plus miles), General Motors has confirmed via various methods the 1 billion-mile mark has been surpassed.

1 Billion And Counting

1 Billion And Counting

Even Tony Posawatz, former Volt line director, chimed in:

Posawatz Tweets

Posawatz Tweets

Unfortunately, as mentioned above, the official ticker still lacks that necessary 10th digit:

Actually Figure Is Now Well Over 1 Billion, Not The 100,331,320 Miles Shown

Actually Figure Is Now Well Over 1 Billion, Not The 100,331,320 Miles Shown


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A wonderful achievement no doubt, but looking at the headline it’s totally misleading. Here I was wondering how the heck the Volt could have gotten to 1 Billion electric miles while the LEAF can’t hit 1 Billion kilometres.

Yeah peoples, it’s 1 Billion Total Miles. Please change the headline accordingly!

At one of the previous milestones, Volt owners had driven more *electric* miles than Leaf owners, so it’s not too unbelievable.

It’s amazing that, in the small time since they’ve surpassed 1 billion miles, they’ve already traveled another 3 million miles. (Remember, that counter isn’t displaying the least significant digit, so multiple Chevy’s current count on their website by 10).

Here’s a scatter-plot of the daily mileage.

Nice kdawg!

+1 excellent effort, thanks!