Chevrolet Canada Releases Chevy Bolt Video About Sustainable Choices

Chevrolet Bolt


This family believes in protecting nature because they spend their time exploring the wilderness. Might as well do so in a Chevy Bolt EV!

There’s not really any competition for the Chevy Bolt today when it comes to affordable 1oo-percent electric, long-range, as well as rugged and ready for family-friendly wilderness excursions. Sure, you could opt for a Tesla Model X, but it’ll surely cost you. While we hold the Nissan LEAF near and dear, it won’t get you as far into the wild before you’re in need of a charge, and the Tesla Model 3 is still more than a difficult acquisition these days.

Chevrolet Bolt EV

Chevrolet Bolt EV

It seems that Chevrolet is marketing the Bolt in varied ways these days, probably since it’s banking its future on the successful Bolt EV. Take for instance the recent Chevy Bolt Autocross event. Or, GM’s recent photo montage of the Chevy Bolt as a vehicle for active pursuits (see the gallery below).

Though the video is brief, it pulls at the heartstrings of all of our nature-loving, hiking, biking, and camping aficionados with its incredible imagery of the vastness of the Canadian wilderness.

Video Description via ChevroletCanada on YouTube:

The Chevrolet Bolt EV – Making Important Choices for Future Generations | Chevrolet Canada

Greg Hill and his family live in a small town deep in the mountains in BC. Protecting nature is important to them, but so is getting out to where they can discover their next adventure in the wilderness. The technology of the all electric Chevrolet Bolt EV enables Greg to make sustainable choices, but still live the lifestyle he wants to live.

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Great TV spot.

That is a great TV spot. Now GM just needs to put that on our TV and get some cars in our dealership lots. They will sell.

As a BC resident I approve of this advert and hope they put some walk behind that talk.


+100 I live in a similar environment in the Pacific Northwest, USA. That video tugs at your very heart. To share the beauty with your family and to preserve it. Just think of the trouble, the expense …Drones, paying the folks, finding empty roads at 5am…That GM went to in making this short clip. I bet there’s a longer version too. But it’s on the Bolt facebook page, not being aired on TV. GM makes excellent promo vids. Those first person Volt owner ads rocked and would resonate with many car shoppers. BUT NOBODY SAW THEM! …But a few YouTube watchers and visitors to their website. It’s like ads for cars they really don’t want to sell. In fact, they’re sad because that is exactly what it is! We get that EVs are expensive to make when you only build 26,000 per year. SO BUILD 250,000! We get that you don’t compare your EV with your gas products because they make the gas ones look old fashioned and inferior…Because they are. So the road ICE marketers go to not do this is sell their EV or hybrid product as green and clean for the environment. It’s OK, do that then.… Read more »

Have you bought a Bolt yet?

Try searching dealer inventory on the Chevrolet Canada website. The Bolt isn’t in the list. Maybe next year…

From what I’ve heard from others online, those who put down a deposit this past September & October were told to expect to get their cars by next June or July.

I’m not sure why Chevrolet is bothering to advertise it at this point. They should instead focus on increasing simply supply. I think the reason that the Volt continues to outsell the Bolt in Canada by a very wide margin is mainly because there is a better supply of Volt cars.

…And when you ask for a Bolt, Chevy dealers lend you a Volt for 2 days.

Best place to buy a Bolt is at a remote dealership, far from plug-in stations. Give’em a call, as soon as they get their yearly allocation, they’ll call you back.

I put down a deposit in August and I should be getting my Bolt EV in January. The wait is even shorter now since the production increase.

Considering how poorly BEVs have traditionally sold in Canada… I’m not surprised that they underestimated demand.

They’re meeting Volt demand for sure though. Impressive to see that the Volt and Bolt are far outselling the Prius line in Canada.

Well, seems that just about all the major car companies have underestimated BEVs in Canada. Meanwhile, numbers continue to stay low with such little supply available. It’s a many month wait for just about any of the cheaper models ($45K and under). Hyundai have managed to double their sales of the Ioniq electric by just allocating more cars to Canada and so far hasn’t quite kept up with demand.

Hopefully, the supply situation will improve in 2018.

Yeah, Hyundai had a decent month in Canada for November! 190 Ioniqs In Canada.

This is not as impressive as GM of course. But still one of the best selling EVs for the month in Canada.

Of course, south of the border only 23 Ioniqs were sold in the US. Not cool, Hyundai! 😉

Hopefully both cars see increased production and soon!

New Zealand sold 83 Hyundai Ioniq BEV’s in October.

Canada is the #1 importer of crude oil to the USA, the #1 consumer of crude oil on the planet earth. Oil is big in Canada. Real big.

So it’s not too hard to understand how oil-burning car companies like GM who happen to have oil company executives on it’s board or directors (It’s true, look it up) don’t push their EV product very hard there. They don’t push them hard in the lower 48, either.

This video is ironic for many reasons. One of the largest being EV forums filled with Canadians who want Bolt EVs but can’t get one!

Tesla spend couple of million building a 40 stall charging station while GM spend it on 30 second commercial.

I wonder which one will have a lasting impression.



That is the best post I have read on an EV website all year!

You said so much in so few words!

Well said!I

Love this video! So relaxing.

Our love of camping is one of the main benefits of having a long range EV. My wife and I are taking our Bolt on a camping trip next spring for exactly that.

Gonna bring a Nema 14-50 adapter with us so we can just keep it charged up at the campground.

That car gives him access to a tiny portion of British Columbia (which is roughly twice the size of California, and bigger than large European countries like France), because there are hardly any places to charge outside of a few metropolitan areas.

So that commercial is a bit of a joke.

Ironic when u can’t even buy one here in Canada.
Looks like you need to be a carb state to buy one. Thanks GM, guess I’ll wait for a Model 3.

Bolts are in Canada. We’ve had ours for over 9 months now – we live in Ottawa, it was simple to order, took 4 months to arrive. Had a Tesla 3 deposit but so glad we didn’t wait for that!

Jenner Chevrolet in Victoria has several on the lot, has supply and is selling them quickly. I test drove on last week (Dec 4). Jenner has advertised in Friday’s Times Colonist newspaper that they have inventory.

Hyundai in Victoria has several Ioniqs on the lot as well and is getting more all the time. They sell quickly here.

Yeah even before I clicked on the link I thought that most frustrated Canadians would say “I’m SOLD already! Now where’s the car???!!!”.

For Canada’s sake, hopefully GM either makes more equipment optional (as it is in the States, or slightly raises the MSRP) so that more Canadian Dealerships will offer the car for sale, and those that do will have more of them.

Ordered mine in feb, got it in November in Ontario. Best car I have owned, fun as hell! I drive around with that ev smile!

GM could sell as many Bolts as they could make if they really wanted too. Just by exporting the BEV hatchback to countries that want small hatchbacks. Precisely not the USA. Canada, Asia and Europe. I do forgive GM for not wanted to invest in right hand drive for Bolt at least this is easily understood. The Quebec ZEV law will be in full effect 2018. Watch the boatloads of bolts come into the province. Like California the will be Bolts a plentiful in QC come the new year. It will take the other Provinces not to long to catch on. I am looking at you Ontario and B.C.!

“I do forgive GM for not wanted to invest in right hand drive for Bolt at least this is easily understood.”
Can you please explain why you easily understand this reasoning, as someone who lives in a RHD country in which GM push their Gas/Ice cars in RHD form but not their EV’s which would fit more with what people want.

Funny you mention NA, I am in ontario, own SUV’s an Tundra and several Jeeps. I love my bolt, I enjoy not feeding the gas to my vehicles beholden to the oil industry!
Now I just need to get solar so I am not beholden to the power industry.

What’s encouraging is the fact that Chevy completely underestimated demand in every country. I understand people are howling about lack of inventory, but a year ago virtually everyone on this site was mocking the Bolt and saying what an awful vehicle it was and it would never sell. There was very little in the way of advance demand/pre-orders in the US. But as each month goes by, it would appear word of mouth is causing steady increase in popularity and with little to no marketing push, these things are flying off the shelves. Now GM’s CEO seems to be reacting to this with ‘hey we did something right! and putting more resources behind EVs long term. So yes Chevy is going to play catch up on production and that likely won’t change much until the new LG plant in Michigan gets completed late 2018, but the scenario that is playing out is several times better than most people here anticipated just 1 year ago. Congrats to the engineers who made a great car and congrats to Mary Barra for realizing it. As the billions in fundamental research and design have already been spent, future improvements should be less costly to… Read more »

I waited seven months on my Bolt my daughter waited seven weeks. It is an unbelievable car. Why is it sharing a production line with an ICE ? The demand is exponential. GM you can not build them quick enough for the demand but please try. We will buy everything you can produce. Stop building the ICEs that you can not sell and get all your cars into EV as quick as possible. If you want to wipe Ford off the map build a full EV pick up truck ! VIA can not build them quick enough.

You have news from VIA Motors?!? Please share! Haven’t heard about’em since like 1962.

1oo should be 100

Well done and well said, sir!

Great, another tree hugger video! Holy crap nothing like targeting the general population. I hate pandering to tree huggers. Heres the right video! ]

PS I own a Bolt, not a tree hugger.

From Ontario here. Put a deposit in October, ordered yesterday and will be here in 8-10 weeks. Still the only under $40k cad 200plus miles you will be able to get here for the next year or two. Total price is over $50k minus 14k incentives. I still love my 15’ leaf

Awesome vid clip. Glad to see that Bolt getting out there, now just needs a rack on it 😉

Also, big expansion of fast chargers is happening in the Koots right now, we will have a dozen more in short order linking our whole region to the Okanagan and Vancouver area. That will put BC with over 50 chargers throughout the southern half of the province. Come on up and explore!