Chevrolet Bolts Now On Dealer Lots In Canada, Deliveries Underway!


Chevrolet Bolts In Canada - Images Via WR Voltec

Chevrolet Bolts In Canada – Images Via WR Voltec

Some four months ago, General Motors announced Canadian pricing for the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt. Here’s a refresher:

Bolt Range In KM

Bolt Range In KM

  • Starting at $42,795 CAD ($32,500 USD) +DST
  • Fast charging standard

At the time, GM promised that Bolts would arrive in Canada in early 2017. Well…arrive it did and like clockwork, GM is once again on schedule (or maybe even ahead of schedule by completing sales this month).

Just days ago, the first Bolts landed at dealerships in Canada (see images above/below).

And thanks to InsideEVs reader (and Founder & Chair, Windsor-Essex Electric Vehicle Association – WEEVA) Sean H pointing it out, we believe the first delivery went to a Joe B. in Toronto on Wednesday at Dean Myers Chevy in Toronto.

Update: We should not that Joe says that his dealer asked him to keep the car over the weekend to demonstrate it to some prospective buyers (he has obliged thanks to getting a “great deal” on the car), and Joe will physically take it away on Monday. (via Canada Chevy Bolt EV Owners)

First Canadian Bolt EV delivered on ~Wednesday (image via Facebook/Canada Chevy Bolt EV Owners Group)

First Canadian Bolt EV delivered on ~Wednesday (image via Facebook/Canada Chevy Bolt EV Owners Group)

Though EV sales in Canada are relatively low (averaging about ~1,000 per month in 2016), it’s not for lack of  government support. Here’s a subsidy rundown for 3 Canadian provinces on the Bolt EV:

  • Ontario (details) – $12,839 rebate from the base pricing (up to $14,000 available on higher trims/options)
  • Quebec (details) – $8,000
  • British Columbia (details)- $5,000

Given the aggressive Bolt EV pricing by GM in Canada, and the regional rebates (especially in Ontario and Quebec), we expect the Bolt to be a hit in Canada, as its one of only a few long-range electrics available there (Canada’s extreme cold can really sap range in the winter), and certainly the least expensive.

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I’m still waiting for the Bolt to arrive in Alberta. No rebates here though, probably never, or at least not until hell freezes over.

I agree, you are more likely to get a rebate in Alberta for buying a Hummer. Burn that gas, help your neighbour…

Likely not much from the provincial government. However there is a possibility that the Feds might waive the GST in the near future. Plus some Federal money for charging infrastructure.

Hold on. The Alberta government is about to release details on how they will promote renewable energy using carbon tax monies. Might be something there.

In Alberta you don’t have to pay the PST on a new car correct? About $3500 off seems like a reasonable incentive. That’s only 1500 lower than what we get back in BC through our incentive program.

I wanted to order one in Manitoba. The dealership said Chevrolet would not permit them to take orders. I emailed Chevy to ask for a wait-list. No response yet.

I am not happy about the anti-Tesla moves, but wanted a car with a short front end. We have big snow banks in winter to peek around.

Funny how the compliance car that GM lose $9000 a pop on is available outside the CARB states, at a lower price to boot!

Yup. That’s the argument I was making about SparkEV as it was selling for less in Canada and Mexico than in CARB states. But that won’t stop some morons from claiming Bolt is a compliance car that should cost billion dollars each to make any profit.

kudos to GM they brought this very impressive EV to market after the disaster with EV1. I mean, they are really heroes in my eyes. Heartless Elon Musk saying they should build hundreds thousands of them immediatly.. he YET doesn’t know how hard it really is.

It does make for an un productive discussion when the GM trolls show up.

I’m commenting on anti-GM (and anti-Bolt) trolls. I’m not a huge fan of GM nor Bolt, but some anti comments are just ridiculous.

The Quebec parlement unanimously voted to enact a ZEV law. The exact details should be released soon.

I predict the Bolt EV will sell huge numbers in Canada relative to the population size.

In Ontario especially, the future charging infrastructure plus the government rebates make it a slam dunk.

You think I’d be able to buy one in Arizona before you could buy one in another country that’s pretty sad GM. not to slight the Canadiens but hey I’m right here in Arizona

Hey dan. I’m in az as well. You can pick up a used CPO tesla at just a tad more. Nice service center in scottsdale. Not too convenient for tucson folks though

@georges I’ll probably have to wait awhile for a CPO Model S. They seem to have a 45k floor presently.

Ontario, Quebec, BC are equivalent to California and Oregon. 90 percent of Hybrid and EV sales are in these three provinces and they are the only provinces with rebate programs.

Ontario is closer to where the Bolt is built and GM is also a manufacturer in Canada. Us Canadians are proud to be part of GM.

Hey can I buy one in Fort Erie, Ontario and drive it the 1km over the Peace Bridge to Buffalo for $USD 33,000? I understand the PST and GST can be refunded later.

Yay. “Market Adjustment Fees” for everyone!

These import fee are definitely going to hurt Art Vandeley’s import/ export business

They’re not “market adjustment fees”, they are “market adjustments”. You should probably remember this since you took credit for predicting them.

Hey ho way to go ontario. Interesting no incentive in Alberta.what about manitoba and saskatchewan?

Anyway, way to go GM.

Is refreshing to see an EV arrive on time.

B.C. and the Liberals who are the largest coal exporter in North America of course are at the bottom of the rebate list. Christie the Fracking Queen

how very mature of you to bring partisanship into this.

You (BC) may be at the bottom of the list, but at least you’re still are part of the only 3 canadian jurisductions that offer rebates. 7 other provinces and 3 territories are worst off than you (read nothing at all.)

Except that it’s mostly metallurgical coal, which is used in steel production.

No deliveries in BC yet. My GM order code still sits at 1100. Where are our Bolts?

At least you have your VIN – I’m still awaiting mine. Ordered through Dueck GM on Marine.

It’s really great to see this. Congratulations. I hope this spurs a lot more EV sales and infrastructure in Canada.

It also would be nice to hear how the cold weather affects overnight battery drain and range. That is, for selfish reasons, in case I ever take a cold weather trip in my car it’d be nice to know what to expect.

I have a Bolt EV ordered in Ontario (hopefully I’ll be getting it soon!) and would be happy to answer your questions when it arrives. Though I imagine others in cold climates will be able to answer your questions before me.

In our two car family, we’ve been driving a Volt and an i-MiEV since 2012, and I can tell you that I have never seen any overnight battery drain, even when parked overnight, outdoors at work.

As for winter range, we typically lose 35-45% range (not of the EPA number mind you, but of the higher than EPA figures we net the rest of the year… maybe 10-20% less than EPA). As always, YMMV, and it’s important to note that our current cars have small 16kwh batteries. I assume we will lose a smaller percentage of a 60kwh battery, but am excited to find out!

This is a video on a Tesla at -7Celsius (19 Farenheit) in Alberta.

That’s cool, but I’m not suggesting the car won’t work. I just want to get an idea of how much this particular car will lose.

For example, if I plan a trip where I can drive up to the mountains, park overnight and drive down all on 60kWh, am I going to fall short because the car is cold overnight and uses energy to keep itself warm?

I want to get a rough idea for this car so I can plan my trip somewhat comfortably.

Here is a good playlist.

It’s a road trip from Portland to Spokane in a Bolt EV through some mountains and some temperatures as low as -18C.

Seems the Bolt EV is still able scrounge nearly 300kms of range under those conditions.

Opps my conversions were wrong. Temperatures were between 7 and 15F. Which is -14 to -10C

That first delivery in Canada is now delayed till Monday as dealer wanted to show car to other prospective buyers.. Glad they arrived in Ontario.. Guess Quebec next with Bc any moment too

Possible that the first delivery will be done in Quebec.

Bourgeois Chevrolet in Rawdon has set a “first Bolt delivery” meeting at 9h30 ET on monday morning. It’s open to the public and they also invited some media people.

Edmunds is showing Bolt stock showing up on the east coast. 2 in VA, 1 in MA.

Chevrolet Rawdon already received their Bolt.

Youtube vidéo:

The reduction of the corporate tax rate in the parent company of Vandeley Industries will more than offset the import fees levied! The latex product line mightn’t be so easy, tho!

One of my friends in Michigan was all set to buy the Bolt when it was launched last fall. But upon learning that GM is an active lobbyist against Tesla and its no-dealer sales model, he changed his mind and now will never buy any GM product. He feels strongly that If GM wants to sell EVs, it should do it on the open market without resorting to sympathetic politicians to block Tesla, who is rightfully not going the traditional dealer route to sell a product like an EV. Instead, my friend will drive across the border to Canada and buy the Model 3, regardless of how long the wait might be.